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  1. Absolutely. * Active Roster 30 / Taxi Squad (rookie or 2nd year) 10 / IR 5 (increased to 8 due to COVID, opt outs permitted) * Start 19: 1 QB / 2 RB / 2 WR / 2 TE / 1 Superflex / 2 Flex / 2 DL / 2 LB / 2 DB / 2 IDP flex / 1 K * Weekly doubleheader * Big play & yardage bonuses, points per 1st down, fractional points for carries/receptions, negative points for turnovers (more for pick-6/fumble-6) * Biweekly waiver wire bidding * To discourage tanking & encourage active participation through entire season, winner of consolation bracket gets 1st overall rookie pick (runner up gets 2nd, etc.) Last owner took over as an orphan and started but quit on rebuild. At the very least, jumping on the waiver wire should give this team a chance to be competitive, but definitely needs someone willing to be active in trading. QB: D. Carr / S. Darnold / M. Mariota; RB: L. Bell / T. Coleman / D. Harris / Du. Johnson; WR: B. Aiyuk / D. Amendola / A. Cooper / N. Harry / C. Kirk / D. Parker / T. McLaurin / D. Mims / J. Lasley; TE: D. Njoku / W. Dissly; DL: J. Tillery / B. Burns / M. Garrett / J. Okwara / M. Sweat / M. Davenport / D. Taylor; LB: C.J. Moseley / C. Miller / T. Lewis / B. McKinney / J. Phillips / J. Schoebert / R. Evans / J. Jewell; DB: D. Baker / M. Lattimore / J. Okudah / K. Byard / T. Edmunds / C. Gardner-Johnson / J. Reid; K: J. Myers / D. Carlson / J. Sanders Let me know if you have more specific questions.
  2. Looking to replace two owners ASAP. Both took a 0 in week 1 because they failed to submit a lineup. It's a 12-team superflex/IDP league based in Dallas-Fort Worth (league champ gets the trophy, & next season free). Initial season cost is $20 with every year afterward costing only $10. This is generally a more casual league, but would love to bring in more active owners that will be more engaged & active, particularly in the offseason. Team 1) Roster needs active work to rebuild, but has a promising young WR core, solid at IDP, but needs help at QB, RB, & TE Team 2) Roster is a contender due to a top-heavy RB core (best in the league), but has holes at QB2 & WR. Hit me up with any questions.
  3. He did forfeit the deposit into the pool for 2021 to protect against having to make a deeper discount in year 2, and taking away from the value of the prize pool. The 2020 season is free, the deposit toward the 2021 season is intended to ensure some level of commitment to not just the current year but the next year as well, and thus making a concerted effort to improve the team.
  4. At this point, I'm willing to give it to the first person interested that is willing to pay the $25 deposit, no charge for this season.
  5. Had an owner leave after the startup auction and need a replacement for tomorrow's rookie draft! League starts 11 offense & 11 defense, is only $50 per year plus 50% deposit toward year 2. Due to short notice and unique auction strategy employed, willing to discount year 1. Link to league below.
  6. This startup is intended only for highly engaged, committed, and competitive players! * Hosted on MFL / Paid via LeagueSafe / Communications via GroupMe * Active rosters 40 players in-season, expanding to 52 for off-season; 12-player taxi squad (up to 2 years’ experience); 5-player injured reserve * Start 13 on offense & 11 on defense: 1 QB / 2 RB / 2 WR / 2 TE / 1 Superflex / 5 Flex / 3 DL / 3 LB / 3 DB / 2 IDP Flex * 12 teams across 2 divisions, weekly doubleheaders, standings ordered by scoring w/ win percentages used as tiebreakers * Position-specific scoring rules, which include IDP scoring influenced by the Pro Football Focus IDP Scoring System (06/27/2013) * Start-up auction, with separate rookie draft order determined by lottery pick (based on average auction $ spent per player) * Year-round trading with no trade deadline – can trade picks up to 4 years in the future (if league fees prepaid) & blind bidding funds * Free agent blind bidding – biweekly from start of league year through preseason, biweekly plus first-come first-served in-season * $50 per year, with 50% deposit toward second season due up front; Cash payout to include majority to first, $50 to runner-up, and 3 additional $25 prizes * Unique playoff structure to feature 4-team championship bracket, 4-team consolation bracket ($25 to winner), and a 4-team premium pick bracket that awards the 1.01 rookie pick to the winner (1.02 to runner-up, etc.) Home page: Rules & bylaws: Auction is set to start 6/1/2020 @ 7:00 PM ET. Will send the invite to the first person responding with their email address that is ready to pay in and go. Do yourself a favor though and make sure you understand the rules & bylaws. This is a league with a highly active group of owners.
  7. Thanks Albert. You should have an email from me with next steps.
  8. Had an owner back out, so there is still one opening available. Also, league fees are paid via LeagueSafe.
  9. Thanks to everyone for their interest but it looks like we have our 12.