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  1. I like Albert Wilson as a sleeper this season
  2. This tracks and honestly is something worth learning from preseason games. He just doesn't seem to be comfortable after his injury.
  3. Does anyone but me loath the kicker spot? It's a pointless position with enough weekly variability to swing a close game, but there's absolutely no skill in deciding between two players and only one or two display and kind of year to year consistency. Hell, even offensive sceme doesn't seem to matter as to a kickers usefulness. In my family bragging rights league I've just gotten rid of the spot entirely. Nobody's missed it.
  4. Call me crazy but I think Payton wants Hill to be his qb of the future. He sets sees mobile qbs like Mayfield and Murray and wants to put a similar weapon on the field.
  5. We're just going to have to agree to disagree on Jones.
  6. Slot has belonged to Edelman since Welker left. No idea why that would change now.
  7. With Gordon back he's no best than 4th in line for targets, and that's not counting Harry.
  8. You're missing the Manning sized elephant in the room. Jones + Barkley + Elis contact Vs Darnold + Yeldon + 1.6 defense + single big fa addition or multiple small fa additions Darnold or whoever would have allowed the giants to move past Eli at the end of last season when he clearly had no juice left, instead of them pretending he's got three years left to play. The giants are a team with multiple holes. All that said, I'm biased as I still don't think Jones will hold up when he's tasked with a full playbook against a 1st team defense. Does he look great playing a dumbed down offense against 2nd and 3rd stringers? Yes. If he didn't that would be a pretty big problem. Otherwise his preseason line hasn't shown much to me we didn't already know.
  9. My argument isn't that it's Darnold and a Rando rb VS Barkley and Jones. It's Darnold, the 2019 6th overall pick, and a Rando rb VS Barkley and Jones. Basically picking Barkley put them a year behind on qb development and they're still on the hook for Eli. And hey man, don't need to thank me for talking football! Best of luck to you too!
  10. The over reactions on this board are crazy. It's week two of preseason. Take a deep breath.
  11. He played through a shoulder injury before getting benched. Rotoworld
  12. It doesn't matter if Barkley is Barry Sanders 2.0 (or better - which he may just end up being). With the rookie pay scale a top ten qb is worth so much more to a team than a top ten rb it's not comparable.
  13. People who say this obviously didn't watch him play. He wasnt the world beater Harbaugh scemed him to be, but he was more than competent. At no time was anyone planning to cut him lose for Blaine gabbert.