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  1. So a first round pick last year that hit for two seconds? That's a steal.
  2. I already admitted that I had overblown Hynes contributions to the offense. No need to go further until that. I was never a fan of Williams going back to the end of the '18 season. Everything about his end of the year break out seemed like luck and as the 19 season wore on it showed. That being said, he went into the season being drafted as a high rb2 despite a career of backing up a list of future nobodies and Drake (who's put together a number of multiple string games, but never a season) for Miami on the strength of the kc offense. He's less than a JAG in my book. KC's offense should be money as long as patty mayonnaise is able to play at 90% of his current level. Having a generational qb is a boon for any offense no matter who comes and goes around him. Indy doesn't have that yet, which is not saying they don't have a solid system in place with one of the best olines in the league and a defense that should keep the game on the ground late. But if I'm making a bet as to who scores the most in the next five years I go kc every time
  3. Best part of the show. Unintentional comedy factor is off the charts.
  4. You're right, Hynes is probably much less of a threat than I'm making him out to be.
  5. You're telling me that Hynes is less of a threat than d Williams is when one is going to get all the 3rd down and receiving work while the other made his team pick up an 80 year old Mccoy? I don't understand this narrative. Taylor is a better player five years ago, not today. Swift may be the best of the three but considering how terrible det has been for years now I'm not sure a coaching change (again) is going to change that. As for Akers, I know he was stuck in a terrible situation in college but he never /overcame/ the situation, making me question if he's not more than a workout warrior.
  6. If pass catching is valued so highly how can Taylor be ranked above CEH?
  7. Hunt ran a 4.66 and we all saw how terrible he was in the kc offense. 40 times don't matter.
  8. 40 dash times have almost nothing to do with play speed. Considering this is the basis for almost the entire negative review, I'll stay high on the player who had his best games against the biggest opponents.
  9. And that's the end of Very Cavallari. He was the only part of the show worth watching... Or so I'm told.
  10. I feel the same. He needs to spend 24/7 focusing on his addiction issues.
  11. He's a good guy to have in a pinch for a bye week fill in. Always the chance of a rogue touchdown and a handful of splash plays.
  12. I don't remember - could Abdullah catch the ball? Because that's a huge selling point for CEH
  13. I specifically made a point to call your ideology and not you a racist. Don't want to get banned. But if you want to call yourself racist, I'm not stopping you. But nearly everything you said was wrong. This post said it better than I did.