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  1. This was literally one of the selling points of the xfl. Do these people even read the big bold print on their contracts?
  2. I feel like butler was always way overhyped. He was a strictly jump ball guy with bad hands. Worked in college because of his size, wasn't going to work in the NFL.
  3. "Ronald Jones isn't a bad back, seriously you have to believe me this time" the article
  4. Butler and both your backup qbs (if a one qb league) are super easy cuts to me. You should be trying to move one of Evans or Godwin, having players competing for the same stats on one team doesn't help you.
  5. Why not move them to NYC? Then we can start calling the new jersey the giants and new jersey Jets their real names.
  6. He produced less than he did last year when his qb was Mariota/Gabbert. I don't think you can even use the qb excuse anymore when brown did so well with tannehill.
  7. Betting team Ruff in the puppy bowl. Don't @ me.
  8. And Pete Buttigieg held a fundraiser at chic-fil-a while they continue to donate to virulently anti gay groups. Brees is a good guy.
  9. Just want to throw in that during the draft last year we didn't know if Gurley was going to be playing at all let alone the whole season, and Henderson was some people's top rb in the draft. Him slipping to the 8-10th pick was considered a steal.
  10. You guys are the biggest squares in the world. Everyone I've known in my entire life who's over the age of 18 has ingested weed in some form at one point. For an NFL player it's both a pain reliever and a stress reducer, and it's incredibly easy to mask that you use it when you're extremely active and drink a ton of water, as long as your use is sparing. Only people with legitimate problems (Josh Gordon) or idiots (that guy who was moving pounds of it years ago, his name escapes me) get caught. My point is, again, this is a huge nothing and is in no way connected to his earlier issues; which were actual issues.