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  1. So wait, he's got healthy Cook upside now? Third rb in the 2017 draft, after Fournette who was supposed to be the next big thing and CMC the ppr monster, that Cook? Who's been great when he was healthy? Damn hate to have him.
  2. I totally don't understand the "lack of ceiling" talk. Is Kamara not a high ceiling? What am I missing? You can sell me on low floor as a cop back...
  3. In a draft with 3 starting rbs (if you want to call Sanders starting) Henderson has Kamara upside in one of the NFLs best offenses behind a great rb who spent the playoffs on the sidelines with a mysterious injury and a potential arthritic knee. If you want a safe pick wait on him. If you want the chance to hit a home run grab him early. Personally I'm buying at 7.
  4. So you gave an rb who struggled with injuries, a guy who'll be the second wr on his team and the second pick in a weak draft for the best player in fantasy football and picks. And you're complaining. Some people can't ever be happy I guess.
  5. I have Isabella on the teir above them, basically him being the last of the Campbell Samuels group remaining.
  6. Disagree greatly with the value on those wr. Hardman and Butler aren't going anywhere near any of my squads.
  7. Personally, since each league is only 6-7 picks in I feel like multiple posts clutter the page. Just my opinion.
  8. You mean how the Patriots have drafted for years right?
  9. That wasn't the offer. 2018 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th and 2019 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th.
  10. I think he got knocked out in the semis the year he made the trade, but yeah rookie draft fever.
  11. He's been "my guy" since before the draft. Actually traded back from 4 and picked up a 2nd and a DT with 7th.
  12. The guy with 1.1 had a terrible roster. The guy who wanted Barkley needed one player to make it over the top (he won last year so it worked). Traded his whole 2018 and 2019 draft for 1.1, pretty much a godfather offer.