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  1. How is staying at home valuable in the election process?
  2. Meh, at least not for presidential elections in non-swing states. Regardless, it’s probably more important you pay your taxes and obey the law, among other duties you have as a citizen.
  3. Can’t recall ever going anywhere nice by myself, especially if we’re excluding business trips. Maybe $20? Amazing how much more you’ll spend as a couple.
  4. That’s a standard physician excuse to end a conversation, as it’s nearly impossible to call them on what is likely BS.
  5. I think it already exists Here Last time I looked into it, the only potential health consequence that is weakly linked to GMO is an uptick in food allergies. What are your concern(s)?
  6. Has there ever been ~90% voter turnout for any candidate? Looks like the election of Rutherford Hayes tops the list at 82% overall voter turnout.
  7. They aren't exactly the most health conscious group to begin with, and rationalize recent safety concerns in two main ways: 1. It's only black market cannabis products that are really risky 2. Vaping is still safer than smoking regular cigarettes Alternatively, some think stamping out the e-cig industry is all a ploy of big tobacco.
  8. You're right. My perspective is skewed living on an island populated by Asian women, whose BMIs are seldom in Otis' zip code.
  9. While it's true women are stereotypically less superficial about their partner's looks, I still think they care. It might not be purely for maintaining physical attraction, rather health (and earning potential?).
  10. Maybe I'm not understanding the technique, but adding plates to you back while in a partial plank seems like a recipe for injury.
  11. Obviously he was trying to be silly, but I really don't understand how some guys (much more so than women IMO) are completely unapologetic about letting themselves go. It's one thing if you were big-BMI'ed during courtship, or if she's packed on the pounds as well, but how does one reconcile expecting their wife to look healthy while simultaneously ignoring personal heft?
  12. No. Visitors get a free place to stay, vehicle, meals and a tour guide. They can pony up for the flight. Once or twice a year is plenty family interaction for my liking.