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  1. For whatever reason, Blue Sky tends to hold fresh snow a bit longer than other areas. The locals rave about the Champagne glades as well.
  2. That’s not entirely accurate. If the virus replicates enough to spread to other hosts before the original one dies, it’s done its job. Only if the virus killed the host so quickly it hindered its own propagation, or it was 100% fatal, would natural selection favor less virulent versions. Since viral replication occurs quickly, multiple generations of viruses are generated and disseminated way before anyone is dying of coronavirus weeks later.
  3. If you end up at Vail, check out the tree runs just beyond heavy metal/little Ollie in blue sky basin. We probably did 7 laps of mostly untracked powder through the nicely spaced glades there today.
  4. My favorite mountain! And they’ve been getting hammered with snow this season. Don’t miss the Hobacks if there is fresh snow. And Corbet’s, of course.
  5. I agree, but the security procedures are inconsistent. Sometimes they want shoes in a separate bin, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes I ca wear a hat and/or watch, others I must remove them. Sometimes they want all food in a separate bin, etc. I’ll add to you list: Seatmates who can’t take the hint you’re not interested in conversation. Actually, anyone within earshot who talks too much is annoying. People who prop their legs on seat backs or lay their heads on tray tables. People who congest the boarding area before their zone is called. Using overhead bins for small items or jackets. Not allowing rows to deboard sequentially. Not being prepared to deboard sequentially. ETA I see El Floppo linked the other thread.
  6. Tomorrow. Gonna try and sneak another week in at Park City next month.
  7. Still snowing in Vail. Over 3 feet since I got here ten days ago.
  8. Bachelor was decent, but I’ve been spoiled by the light powder in the Rockies. There was enough snow and good visibility to open the summit, which apparently is a rarity. We skied the backside, which was untracked deep snow that felt a bit like imagine quicksand.
  9. This guy gets it. All the self-righteous indignation over reclining is too much. And 6 foot 2 is the 96th percentile for male height in this country. Despite all the giants in this thread, I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect airplanes to be configured for outliers.
  10. I don’t think so. Let me reread the posts. ETA It wasn’t meant to be a debate, but my response was as intended.
  11. I’ve switched seats, and I recline. Where does that place me on the airline morality scale?
  12. And getting bumped/crop dusted by the flight attendant multiple times, or run over by their cart.