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  1. Again, I’m not advocating banning anything. But does high capacity/semi automatic rifle not make sense? In simple terms, a firearm which readily holds and/or fires a bunch of bullets quickly? While I’m sure that can apply to a lot of guns in the hands of a skilled marksman, I think the intent is to limit access to guns any Joe Shooter can use to kill many people rapidly.
  2. My apologies. The back slash was supposed to come between capacity and semi. But you already knew that.
  3. Notice I never said I believed in banning any firearms. I was replying somebody else’s post. Or keep on high-fiving each other when a gun isn’t identified to your liking, as per the usual in these fruitless “discussions”.
  4. Holy carp, you guys can’t get over semantics. How both you substitute the language used in the last assault weapon ban? Also, did you miss the back slash in my post?
  5. Suicide is, in general, an impulsive act. Decreasing access to the tool most likely to lead to a rapid, successful suicide is helpful, as most failed attempts don’t result in a future, completed suicide. Can one kill the selves in other ways? Sure. But the data suggest widespread gun availability in the US results in many more completed suicides. This guy summarizes the data pretty well.
  6. While I’m not convinced banning assault style rifles will do much, these stats aren’t particularly useful without the denominator for each type of firearm. In other words, you need to know how many times the gun in question was used in a shooting relative to the total number in circulation. I’m too lazy to look at the numbers, but how many high capacity semi/auto rifles are out there compared to handguns?
  7. Do you really believe the majority of people saying semiautomatic weapons should be banned are talking about pistols? They aren’t. It’s fine to educate them, but please don’t use their ignorance as proof that many people want most firearms banned. Also, do you have an opinion about any weapons that should be restricted?
  8. I feel like this is always the *gotcha* point from gun aficionados when discussing weapon bans. Or telling the uninformed what AR stands for. Almost nobody is advocating banning pistols. Instead of arguing semantics, what firearms, if any, do you think should be restricted? What do you think of the guns included under the prior assault weapons ban? Wikilink
  9. I am a person who doesn’t worry about mass shootings. I agree they are sensationalized and inconsequential in the grand scheme of the gun control debate. Urban violence and suicide are the most relevant gun issues IMO. Surely you understand why a heavily armed dude killing multiple people in a public place grabs the headlines though? Most people never imagine they’ll be so despondent they’ll want to end their lives, or spend much time amongst inner city gangs. But we’ve all been to school, the movies, concerts and *shudder* Wal-mart. Even though the numbers say it’s a statistical lightening strike, it’s much easier to relate to the victims of mass shootings. As far as the type of gun, you also must understand why assault-style rifles seem more of a threat than run-of-the-mill handguns? Heck, it’s right in the name of the gun. Again FTR, even though I think they’re silly, I don’t care one way or the other regarding assault weapon bans. I think we should focus on universal background checks and increase ID requirements for every firearm and ammunition purchase, including those between private parties. People with history of violent crime and substance abuse should probably relinquish their gun privileges as well.
  10. I think you’re throwing out the baby with the bath water wrt that study, but regardless, I’m glad we’re basically on the same page.
  11. Can you expound upon this? Might be a topic for another thread, but I’m really interested in individual’s experience with defensive gun use. Would be good alongside one detailing bad gun stories. I’ve never used a gun defensively, nor known anyone who has. But my friend almost accidentally shot his sister with his dad’s gun, and I had a girlfriend almost commit suicide with one, FWIW.