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  1. The bolded is inaccurate. Check out the gun section of this link: Do you think widespread availability of guns doesn't contribute to mass shootings?
  2. I think relaxation is overrated. I'd rather do something stimulating, whether physical or mental. But I tend not to be under much stress or anxious.
  3. What evidence do you have that any catharsis is needed to prevent gun violence?
  4. Suicidal ideation is a mental health issue. But guns make completion of the act far more likely. There's plenty of data which show this. Agree that mass shootings are statistically inconsequential. That being said, we have far more than other developed countries, and I believe our society's fascination with violence promotes them.
  5. Homicide is decreasing just about everywhere in the developed world. What about all gun related deaths? I don’t think there is a direct link between violent media and run-of-the-mill gun murders, but our glorification of firearms probably contributes to mass shootings, and gun availability makes gun suicides far more likely.
  6. I’m sure they are, but having so many guns around just increases the chances they’ll eventually be misused.
  7. Typical purchases: Broccoli Brussel Sprouts Almond Butter Eggplant Parm Almond milk Quinoa Garlic Brown Rice Blueberries Bananas Raspberries Tasty Bites Lentils Non-meat Ravioli Salmon Perfect Bars Frozen Acai
  8. I’m cordial to my neighbors, but don’t interact with them often. Privacy is one of the main benefits of home ownership IMO, and I prefer to share my private life with actual friends.
  9. Yes, I acknowledged as much already. But one person’s naturally occurring conversation may be another’s odd topic.
  10. I meant discussing firearms with friends and neighbors was odd. But I guess it isn’t in your neck of the woods. If you don’t hunt, what constitutes fun with your guns? Target practice? Sporting clays? Why don’t you carry a gun?
  11. Yep, that what it sounds like. But I don’t know about all my neighbors appliances, tools and sporting equipment either.
  12. Just seems like an odd topic to discuss, and kind of a private matter. Why do you have multiple firearms?
  13. Not sure how you know so much about your neighbors’ arsenal, but I think many (most?) gun owners have multiple firearms. Then again, TX may be a bit of an outlier. To my knowledge, none of my local friends have guns. This article suggests less than a third of homes do:
  14. Aside from the assault weapons ban expiring, what else has changed to expand access to firearms? Household gun ownership has been relatively static during my lifetime - are you aware of stats which show increased ownership of semiautomatic or assault-style weapons?