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  1. If you were to look back to before the Derby was raced, and had to list your top 2 speed horses, 2 stalkers, and 2 closers, who would you list? Battle of Midway and State of Honor would be my speed horses, Always Dreaming and Classic Empire would be my stalkers, and Gunny and Looking at Lee would have been my closers. A $1 super box with those 6 horses would have been a great payday. Just trying to figure out how I could have bet this differently and given myself a better shot.
  2. Missed Harry Connick Jr singing the National Anthem. Decided to place my Derby bets before the 11th race so that I wouldn't miss it before the Derby. Apparently he sang before the 11th while I was placing everyone in my groups bets. Beyond pissed.
  3. Won the tri in race 9 for $800. I bet a $1 super box with 1,8,10,14,15,17. Good luck to everyone!
  4. I want to bet paradise woods to win, miss sky Warrior to place, and wheel the field for the superfecta. How much would that cost and how do I bet it?
  5. Really like the 11 horse Emphatically here in the 10th. Last 3 races has ran 78,87,94 speed ratings, while moving up in class each time. Also a front runner. No idea why he's still at 23-1.
  6. I've been placing $2 tri boxes with 4 horses ($48) each race. I've hit 2 out of 3 on each race except one. Still haven't hit a tri. Got the 1,4,6, 11 on this one. Still not sure how to play the Oaks
  7. $20 across the board on McCracken , $10 atb on Gunnevera , $10 to win Hence or J Boys Echo or lookin at Lee I'm new to all of this though so who knows.
  8. For the Oaks I really like Paradise Woods followed by Miss Sky Warrior. Would it be a decent bet to do a tri with PW 1st, MSW 2nd, and bet the field 3rd and hope for one of the longshot to hit the board?
  9. It's looking like rain this week and chilly. How does this affect the race. Any slop horses that I should be looking at? Any locals with a better forecast? Hopefully the weather is nice for our trip. Packing up now.
  10. I'm heading down to the Derby tomorrow. This will be my 1st time to the Derby and am extremely excited. We'll be at the Oaks as well. I'm fairly new to horse betting. I am not interested in doubling my money, or even making a few grand. I am willing to take a chance and go for the super and the 6 figure payday that could potentially be life changing. I have narrowed it down to 10 horses that I like and will try to eliminate 2 more based on post position. Here are my favorites ranked in order of my confidence in them hitting the top 4. Classic Empire McCraken Gunnevera Always Dreaming Irish War Cry Hence Lookin at Lee J Boys Echo Sonneteer Patch I will plan on picking 2 from the bottom 4 horses to get down to 8 total horses. If I want to make a $500 bet, what is the best way to get the most for my money betting the super?