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  1. Yep, considering some of the hate posted in this forum. What alias are you?
  2. Who teaches cops they are warriors? And you call them a clan. Wow
  3. We’re you there? Or is it the biased info you get from Twitter and MSNBC!
  4. You are actually trying to call out someone for how much they post here? LMAO
  5. It’s amazing he was even watching tv. He’s on Twitter 24/7.
  6. It’s amazing to see all these alias posters over the last several days.
  7. He didn’t mention anything about staff members.
  8. Have a drink. Relax. Cherish life. Not attacks.
  9. You are not board cop, source cop or anything. You instigate, get called out for it and deny it. Have a drink tonight with your wife and relax.