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  1. I guessed you missed all the non Trump supporters here and in the media telling us the market would tank if he was elected.
  2. Waiting for you to tell us what posters here are racists as you claimed.
  3. He was in 8th grade and it was over 30 years ago....calling him ignorant is not cool.
  4. Do you have a financial advisor? That’s part of their profession to know the political landscape and how that could impact someone’s portfolio.
  5. Chicago schools also allowed their students to attend. Strike... Also from Tim’s link... Students march in the US Though billed as a walkout, many public schools backed the effort as a civic exercise and learning exercise.
  6. You saying these posts are wasting time is laughable....dude...this place is your life. Getting excused from school is not “striking”.
  7. No it isn’t, from your link.. In the U.S., New York City's 1.1 million school students were excused from class to participate in the strike protests. Do you see the word “excused”?
  8. No, he didn’t actually write that.