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  1. It says there was a long slide in the 80s and early 90s. You said there was wage growth.
  2. I understand that. But as I keep saying....for many people when they hear the term concentration camp they think of Nazi Germany. And one made the claim they are concentration camps when people were dying in detention centers while Obama was President. It was a poor choice of words by AOC. That is my final comment on this.
  3. It's because of the terrible things that went on in concentration camps during Nazi Germany. And, these detention centers are not something that started with Trump. As I have said it has been a terrible situation and it is getting worse.
  4. In my opinion it is wrong to call the detention centers "concentration camps".
  5. That is just it Joe. My guess is for most people when they hear concentration camps they think of Nazi Germany.
  6. You referenced wage growth in the 80s and 90s . That article disputes that.
  8. You have your beliefs and nothing will change them about this. But don't blanket someone like myself or other Republicans that we don't care about this issue.
  9. I posted a link yesterday about the detention centers.
  10. I never said Obama started it and I have expressed my views.
  11. It's a huge issue the right cares about and wants fixed including myself. Don't make blanket statements again that you have been told not to do.
  12. It's terrible about the kids dying. There were also many adult deaths under Obama. Hopefully it can get addressed but don't try and spin this that the right doesn't care. This was bad under Obama too.
  13. Agreed, it is a crisis that needs addressed and one of those is trying to slow down the flow of illegals coming into the country.
  14. The fact he think he doesn't instigate anything here is astounding.
  15. Children were taken under Obama as well. I also posted a link that unfortunately the deaths at these facilities are about the same under Trump and Obama. It's a terrible situation but now it's ok to call them concentration camps but we never heard anything like that when Obama was President.