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  1. If getting paid millions of dollars to play a game doesn't make them happy, nothing will. As a millennial, I understand the mindset. They're entitled. It's a generational thing. Abolish the draft and cut all rookie contracts in half. See how quickly their priorities will change.
  2. I'm so stoked to have this guy eat up a roster space for the next 2-3 years.
  3. I won't get into too much detail, but pretty much I recently started a new job on May 6th and my new boss is not much of a talker. She'll pass by my desk in the morning and say hello, but then I literally don't hear from her the rest of the day. She's very busy as this is a CPA office she owns that specializes in International Taxation, I'm just used to being buddy - buddy with the boss. I'm thinking it might be a disconnect of being the opposite gender and 30 years younger than her. As it's easy to make small talk with your male boss about his favorite sports team. I almost think she has some kind of small crush on me she avoids eye contact and almost comes across as nervous or awkward at times. Every indication I get tells me that everyone is content with the job I'm doing, I think I'd just feel better if I had the boss in my back pocket. My 90 days before becoming salary is on August 6th. If I make it past then, I'm just going to assume everything is fine and my boss is just somewhat introverted or too busy to care. Anyone have any advice, stories, or words of wisdom? I'm having a terrible time reading this rich woman in her late 50s, early 60s.
  4. I think he can be good. You gotta hope he really catches onto the passing game and adds some burst to his game. For comparison, I like Kalen Ballage much more as a prospect. That guy is built like a workhorse. Coach sees a guy like that and gets excited about running the ball.
  5. I am officially 100% on board with Josh Jacobs. I can see 1,200 yards / 9 touchdowns if healthy.
  6. Option 1 will guarantee a playoff birth. Option 2 may lead to a Super Bowl or disaster.
  7. Every other pick was a defensive lineman, lol.
  8. Dis he ever make a Conference Championship? I mean, the Heisman was a good start and he was putting up big numbers before it became passé. I have a hard time finding a spot for Rivers. Gotta be a no go on Palmer.
  9. Tony Romo planted the seed at the end of the SB. Unfortunately for Edelman, unless he does something crazy this year I think he falls just short. Welker was the better player, imo.
  10. It's funny because predraft, I had him Top 5. Post draft, guy was nuclear. Nobody wanted him. Grabbed him at 2.5. A few blurbs and suddenly he's a Top 5 pick again? We knew Gurley had a bum knee. We assumed they would bring in a back to compete. It's almost like the late majority (laggards) slept on this guy and then when their favorite websites (Rotoworld, ESPN, etc) told them they're supposed to like him and he shot back up. I'd be willing to sell Henderson if the price was right. RBs come and go so quickly. If I could lock in a future 1st or a decent WR, why not? Until Gurley retires, gets injured, or gets traded. Henderson won't be winning me any titles. With that said, I'm not actively shopping him. But I would certainly let someone overpay.
  11. He could still play in them NFL. He is easily a Top 10 XFL talent. His position just happens to be over saturated.
  12. I like Freeman in Year 2. He's the same exact player as last year, except now he can be had for pennies for some reason. God forbid if Lindsay were to get hurt.