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  1. He is a retiree. He only needs 4% gains. In reality, he doesn't need any gains. He is set. He doesn't want the risk that comes with swinging for the fences. April and May have been amazing for those invested in the market. But April and May could have just as easily gone down instead of up. People in the stock market right now have recency bias. It feels easy to get 5% gains in one day instead of 1 year. The next few months will likely bring people back down to earth.
  2. Floyd and Chauvin worked at the same bar at the same time. But it was a huge bar and one worked outside and one worked inside. My guess is that Chauvin didn't recognize Floyd. But even if he did, the rest of the conclusions are completely insane. I had fun reading this guy's posts for a couple of years. But now it aggravates me. But I can't stop.
  3. I have a lot of people on my Facebook feed who are complete wingnuts. I think Wisconsin might have a disproportionate amount of them. They truly believe that they are enlightened and can see truths that are invisible to the rest of us. I might even ask a couple of them to block me because, like passing a gruesome car accident, I cannot stop myself from looking at their posts. But it's infuriating. Here are a couple of posts from the last couple of days from a particularly vocal nutjob on my feed. And I like the guy a lot in person.
  4. Progenics wanted to concentrate on their cancer drugs and PRO 140 was an HIV drug. Ironically, leronlimab's best indication might be cancer.
  5. Someone on a message board said that the video was posted today but the video is from last fall. It would explain the worse video quality.
  6. New Nader video: EDIT: video was posted today but might be from last fall
  7. CYDY briefly popped up to $2.98. It's at $2.95 right now.
  8. Anyone have a phone number for Bossman? He might appreciate a heads up. If you're in a fantasy league with him, his number will likely be listed.
  9. The justaflu bros have been pushing the narrative that the number of cases is exaggerated since the beginning of the pandemic. I have trouble believing that a hospital administrator would tell their doctors to lie. That would be an awfully risky maneuver on their part. Conspiracies that involve more than 2-3 people are very difficult to keep secret. I guess that some doctors might be doing it in a lonewolf manner in order to try to bring more funds to their hospital. But most doctors are very straight-laced and not likely to be corrupt. In the case of the families of the deceased at the funeral home, it might be psychologically easier for them to believe their parent died from something other than a contagious disease that could have been prevented if they had taken it more seriously.
  10. I've used Yahoo for news for a long time. Sometime about 10 years ago I started getting stone crusher ads on a daily basis. It's a machine that you put big rocks into and it crushes them into smaller stones or gravel. These are big industrial machines they are advertising. I have no idea how they determined that I'd want an stone crusher. I must have accidentally clicked on an ad one time. I wonder if I'll still be getting these ads when I'm 80 years old.
  11. They probably feel like the mask wearer is silently judging them. Which is probably true.
  12. I didn't listen to Tuesday's call. But people on the message boards are quoting Nader as saying that no one at Cytodyn is irreplaceable. Only leronlimab is irreplaceable. I wonder if he said that because Patterson is done? I can sympathize with Patterson if he did decide to end his relationship with Cytodyn. Nader's missteps are infuriating. Another thing I just thought of is about the timing of the insider's selling of CYDY stock. Remdesivir was declared the Standard of Care on April 29th. Nader, Patterson, and Kelly sold their stock on April 30th. They maybe knew what an uphill battle it was going to be to make any progress with Covid after that.
  13. No one on my Facebook feed has said that they've had it. Actually, that's not totally true. I have a few friends who are conspiracy theorists who are pretty sure they got it back in January. They live in Wisconsin.
  14. Right now I'm all about Covid as far as CYDY is concerned. I'll probably keep some money in CYDY for the long haul because of HIV and cancer but that is a decision I'll make down the road.