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  1. I had a Jamaican girlfriend who worked for a German guy who was a major doosh. She always called him Hikler behind his back when she was mad about something. I always thought that was funny.
  2. Putting up big stats will help him get a big contract next year.
  3. Burrow's complexion looks so unhealthy. Maybe it's diet related but he looks like an opiate addict.
  4. One exception is if the person sitting on the aisle refuses to stand up and sits sidesaddle instead so that you have to squeeze past them. Holding onto the seat in front of them is necessary. Happens 75% of the time in Asia, 50% of the time in Latin America. Sometimes both the middle seat and the aisle seat don't stand up and expect you to squeeze past both of them. If you're lucky, you were just going to the bathroom to be polite because you have major gas and you can assbomb the sidesaddler.
  5. He's probably looking to get a large injury settlement. He is due $8.5 million in 2020 and $9 million in 2021. Those amounts dwarf anything he'll get in future contracts if he chooses to keep playing. Personally, I think teams should be able to cut any player in the offseason without penalty regardless of injury status. The current system gives incentive to fake an injury.
  6. You can get a rug and tub at the same time.
  7. Frida Kahlo's house, La Casa Azul, is great. It is the house that she grew up in and lived in as an adult with Diego Rivera. It is a museum now. It has a lot of her paintings but it also has a lot of homemade art other than paintings. It is in the neighborhood of Coyoacan which is a really nice area to walk around in with colonial architecture. It is a far more attractive and relaxed area than central Mexico City.
  8. One thing I read is that people will still allowed to walk around the deck. They were advised to stay 6 feet from other guests. So it wasn't a complete quarantine. Also, the staff delivering stuff to them could have had the virus. If they were going to quarantine the ship, they should have tested everyone instead of waiting for a fever.
  9. The irony is how much more salt BK french fries have than McDonald's french fries. A small McDonald's french fries has 220 calories and 180mg of sodium which is 7% of the RDA. So 2,000 calories of McDonalds french fries has 1,636mg of sodium or 71% of the RDA. You'd have to eat 2,800 calories of McDonalds french fries to get 100% of the RDA of 2,300mg of sodium. So McDonalds french fries are basically a salt neutral food. On the other hand, a BK value menu french fry has 220 calories and 330mg of sodium. Almost twice as much sodium. Both McDonalds and BK have significantly lowered the amount of salt on their fries. At one time, BK fries had almost 3 times the sodium as McDonald's fries. It is because BK brines their fries before they freeze them and McDonalds only adds salt after they are fried.
  10. McDonalds would be smart to start frying their fries in beef tallow again. Nutritionists are now saying that saturated fat isn't the devil. A beef tallow promotional campaign would be a massive success.
  11. In Wisconsin, we have a bunch of different frozen pizzas that are pretty good. They're mostly Mom and Pop shops distributing regionally. When seeking a good one out, remember that the quality of the pizza is inversely proportional to the quality of the packaging. The good ones do not have flashy or professional looking printing. Other parts of the country probably have a lot fewer selections but there must be some half way decent options. Lottza Mozza looks like it'd be distributed more widely and is pretty good. The cheese is definitely higher quality than fast food pizza cheese. I would never buy a Jack's, Tombstone, or even a DiGiorno.
  12. My local Pizza Hut had an arcade game called Jailbreak. They kept it for at least 5 years. And Pizza Hut's cheese is definitely lower quality now than in the 80's. Domino's, Little Caesars, and Papa Johns have also lowered the quality of their cheese. I'd rather have a high quality frozen pizza than any of them.
  13. Fast food restaurants that existed in the 80's definitely lowered their food quality to attain cheaper prices. A lot of people prefer cheap prices over quality and food science has given them the ability to serve low quality food at very cheap prices. In about 1990, Taco Bell overhauled their menu, lowered their prices, and switched their restaurants from the brown southwesterny looking buildings to the brightly colored restaurants you see now. A bean burrito had cost 79 cents and the price was lowered to 59 cents. That is when they stopped making their beans from scratch. They had been made with lard and made from dry beans. One bright spot is that while the old school fast food restaurants almost all have lowered their quality, the fast food restaurants that have been popping up over the last decade or two are almost all high quality.