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  1. Sell. Paying short term capital gains tax is cheap compared to the losses from the stock plummeting.
  2. Maybe CytoDyn will start a trial using leronlimab as a prophylaxis. They have enough product. And vaccines will likely only be 50% effective.
  3. I'm not sure. I think you need product to make more product so I don't think they can shut down production completely.
  4. There is now controversy whether RLF-100 has been accepted to Operation Warp Speed. Some are claiming the pdf has been updated to say "Corona Virus Tech Watch Program" instead of Operation Warp Speed. No bueno.
  5. Hopefully, this news gets covered by a big news outlet.
  6. RLFTF is up 7% due to being selected to be a part of Operation Warp Speed. Since the news came from a hard-to-find paper, the stock price could keep rising as more find out.
  7. Any person that owns CYDY stock right now is delusional. If you are a long-term owner, you are delusional. If you are a short-term holder, you are delusional. How could any person be so dumb to still be holding CYDY stock right now?
  8. That makes zero sense. I've bought on the dips and sold on the peaks. I have bought and sold over 30 times and sold 100% of my holdings every time I sold. I made money on every sale except one. How in the world could I be projecting?
  9. I think there are two camps. The first camp are the people who bought at $.29-$1.00 last December-February. They want to keep it for a year so they don't pay short term capital gains tax. Psychologically, they aren't too bothered by the drops because they have still made a lot of money. Seems foolish to me. People in this camp tend to have the weakest grip on the reality of CYDY. They also get upset when legitimate arguments are made against CYDY because they view it as hurting their investment. The second camp are those who bought between $5 and $10 aka the bagholders. These people are pretty depressed about their situation and cynical about CytoDyn. But many can't stomach taking a loss. So they are going to ride it out. These are emotional investors who jumped on the bandwagon too late. They are the type that buy at peaks. If the stock did miraculously rise back to the point where they could break even, they wouldn't sell because they would be so excited.
  10. Likely because of the remdesivir approval
  11. 99.99% chance he sold. O.01% chance he didn't sell. When the press reports that an insider sold their stock, it is because they filed to sell it.