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  1. This makes a lot of sense for Kaepernick. He can show the teams that are interested what condition he is in. He won't have to travel around to individual teams just for them to kick the tires and say they are not interested. He is a mobile quarterback and teams are coveting mobile quarterbacks right now. He has probably had suitors all along if he had been willing to play for a low wage.
  2. None of the backups are going to come even close to Hooper or Sanu when it comes to garnering targets. Jones and Ridley are going to be targeted a ton. They could be targeted as much or more than Godwin and Evans.
  3. With Sanu gone and Hooper out, Calvin Ridley could be massive.
  4. I'd rather whoever is on your waiver wire who has a juicy matchup this week.
  5. If you're a Hooper owner, pray that the Falcons go on a winning streak. Hooper will probably be put on IR as soon as the Falcons are mathematically eliminated from playoff contention.
  6. Mike Davis' base salary is only $411,000 so the Panthers are on the hook for a little less than $200,000. This signing could be entirely a depth move by the Panthers.
  7. Mostert's stats are very slanted toward the end of games: Att Yds Avg 1st Quarter 4 14 3.5 2nd Quarter 8 37 4.6 3rd Quarter 15 78 5.2 4th Quarter 30 193 6.4
  8. The Panthers signing Mike Davis just made Bonnafon's murky situation even murkier. If CMC is out, the Panthers will mostly likely split snaps between 3 running backs. I'm cutting Bonnafon for a running back with a clearer role if the starter is out.
  9. Freeman is averaging 13.5 points per game this season in PPR. That might be a bit disappointing for a high third round pick but getting 13.5 points a week from of a waiver wire pickup is aces.
  10. I think so. Devonta is a prime candidate to get shut down for the season even with a minor injury. He could even be put on IR on Friday. Brian Hill has every down back potential. He is easily worth 100% of FAAB.
  11. Terry has a nice rest of season schedule. Here are his remaining games with each defense's rank for most points given up to opposing wide receivers: Week 11 Jets 6th Week 12 Lions 11th Week 13 Panthers 7th Week 14 Packers 25th Week 15 Eagles 8th Week 16 Giants 3rd
  12. You're asking someone if their opinion about Jaylen Samuels has changed since October 1st? Ya gotta get up pretty early in the morning to get one past Chad in Indy. He'll come stalking ya 6 weeks later if you're mistaken. No holds barred. No job too small.
  13. It's like pregnancy. It only takes one snap.
  14. It's probably not a coincidence that LeSean got benched the same game Mahomes came back. With Mahomes knee at risk of reinjury, blocking is more important than normal. Last year PFF gave McCoy a pass blocking grade of 51.3. Damien Williams received a pass blocking grade of 78.4. Darrel Williams received a pass blocking grade of 78.0.