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  1. My point stands.
  2. You are a dumb SOB
  3. To who? Iowa State? Indiana? Washington State?
  4. Nothing's perfect. Bad outcomes are going to happen. But laws should not be changed drastically because of one unpopular outcome. Judges should still have a lot of leeway in sentencing. The way to get judges to think more is to allow to happen what's happened in this case.
  5. Some people don't give a #### about their conference.
  6. Agree
  7. OG to the D rather than the GK since it was "on target"?
  8. He said dress shoes.
  9. Those three would make one hell of a MF.
  10. Silly Scousers
  11. Is Nolito Joey Barton's Spanish doppelganger?
  12. They already have a guy to run into the post then limp around for a while.
  13. Kane took all of those corner kicks.
  14. And I have no idea why Kane didn't