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  1. And the FIRE!
  2. If 3# were from CONCACAF, that'd been a free kick in BD's half of the field.
  3. Florida man killed girlfriend’s son, then pawned her stuff, police say
  4. Between those 2, jelly. But I'm an apple fritter guy.
  5. this
  6. Yeah, now that I've done a little research he just looks like one of those guys I'd like to punch in the face just for being themselves.
  7. We'll hear no crying from Chelski fans.
  8. From what I've heard, kids love to eat mac 'n' cheese and pizza.
  9. No ####. A guy with no PR experience is thrust into the spotlight in the worst mass shooting in modern US history and the cops and press will jump all over him if he shows the slightest weakness. He's smart to keep his mouth shut.
  10. They said their stuff first. So? How can they be responding to something that hasn't happened? WTF are you talking about?
  11. They said their stuff first. So?
  12. I don't think they're responding to you leaving; it's more to do with your response.