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  1. Come on you other bastards, roll!
  2. Seven in so far: Christo - 940 Drunken Slob - 845 Gator - 589 FreeBaGel - 556 Brady Marino - 527 Bonzai - 274 Poke4Life - 64
  3. 1d1000, rolled once. Roll set 1 Die rolls: 940 Roll subtotal: 940 Roll total: 940
  4. Ward: Just don't lose sight of whose rights are being violated! Anderson: Don't put me on your perch, Mr. Ward. Ward: Don't drag me into your gutter, Mr. Anderson! Anderson: These people are crawling out of the SEWER, MR. WARD! Maybe the gutter's where we outta be!
  5. Of course you did:
  6. Technically, you implied your wife think she owns it.
  7. Okay, are we going with these 12? Adding 2 more? WTF ARE WE DOING? I'm in the middle of a GD trial and feel like I'm the only one paying any attention to this.
  8. F'em. If they want to go, they go. All-in or all-out.
  9. Billy Sims/Kenny King/Elvis Peacock
  10. Shouldn't we be figuring out who's in and a start date?
  11. The only analytic that matters.