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  1. Gareth Bale's Real Madrid exit looks close - does he deserve more respect?
  2. Received. So we're set at 12: 1. @Sinn Fein 2. @Christo 3. @TLEF316 4. @JMon348 5. @Getzlaf15 6. @Bonzai 7. @Poke_4_Life 8. @drunken slob 9. @McBokonon 10. @cheese 11. @Slapdash 12> @Moe.
  3. RPG Library Secure Dice generated the following rolls for mrl171 at live dot com. 1d1000, rolled once. Roll set 1 Die rolls: 88 Roll subtotal: 88 Roll total: 88
  4. Roll for position. Same rules as last year. Except lowest roll goes first: Go to Role 1 ..........1000-sided die Put your email address in, and my email address seanconley1 @ gmail PUT YOUR USER NAME IN THE SUBJECT BOX Step 1: Select "1" in first box - marked "roll" Step 2: Select "1000" in 2nd box - marked "d" Step 3: Select "1" in box marked "Roll this set of dice ____ times" Step 4: enter your email address Step 5: enter my email address Step 6: Enter your User Name Step 7: Click "Roll the Dice" Step 8: Profit Highest Lowest number drafts first If you roll more than 1 die, I will take the first roll - unless 2 or more of you do that, in which case, I will take the lowest of your rolls for making me do extra work.....
  5. So, were at 11. @gianmarco get your ### back in and let's get this thing rolling.
  6. @Sinn Fein is on vacation till tomorrow. 9 have paid and I'm expecting @JMon348 to pay soon. With that we have 10 and can roll for position.
  7. He's nailed MLS: When I asked Zlatan what it will take for MLS to achieve parity with Europe and South America, he responds with a question. “Do they want to make it?” “Who is ‘they’?” “They that control it. The owners. Do they want it to be big?” “Yeah. Of course.” “You think?” “You don’t?” “I don’t.” “Why?” “Because you don’t make money in soccer,” he tells me. “In Europe, I can pick two clubs that make money. The rest don’t; they do it out of passion. Here, with the sports, you make money. That’s it. And I think with all the rules you have here, you are not boosting up the soccer.” What rules? “The budget things. The salary cap. You cannot bring in players you want. They have more rules here than I have in my home.” -------------------------------------- Here, you can lose five games and it’s still, ‘Don’t worry, we are in the playoffs.’ So why even play first eight months of season? No, I don’t accept. To be best, you have to be best every day. You know, in Euro, if you come in last, you go down to Division 2. That is pressure. ... So last year, we fight for six position to go to playoff, but came in seven. If we had made sixth position, people would have said we had a ‘good season.’ I say, ‘Fighting for the sixth position? That means we had s—- season!” We need to fight for No. 1, not 6.
  8. It's one of the few things that feels right around here lately.