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  1. I'd rather go the opposite way. All's fair in love and war if you meet the minimum lineup requirements--1 G, 3 D, 2 M, 1 F. Don't think we should get into the "Did he start that guy knowing he wouldn't play?" stuff. If you're leading, all of your opponents players have played, and you sit a defender who could only hurt you, have at it IMO. Most points is the first tie-breaker, maybe your D scores a goal and that wins the league for you.
  2. I understand "playing to the whistle." But OU drives to the TCU 10, picks up a first down, and starts to kneel up 30-14. But TCU takes its TOs so OU can't run the clock out and has to either take another knee on 4th down or kick a FG. So they kick the FG. Also making the players go thru another KO. WTF does that accomplish Patterson?
  3. Blueberry Pecan Chocolate Pecan Cherry Apple
  4. You're trying to drill depths of knowledge I lost a while ago. All I'm sure about is that Texas sucks.
  5. About the same as the vuvuzelas at the World Cup in South Africa. I want to murder someone when I hear them.
  6. Who authorized these horrible jerseys?
  7. Bought my jersey today. Christo loves a good sash.
  8. Bad decision. But it went against Liverpool, so I'll allow it.
  9. Same thing happened to me last week. I just dropped the player after I saw what happened.