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  1. I'm looking for the EXACT same thing (except the specific teams part)
  2. Prefer Start up but OK with adopting an orphan. Auction or draft doesn't matter. Must be at least 28 teams and a money league (can pay immediately) Have loads of experience in this format. NO superflex, real team names and rosters that look like NFL rosters w/ contracts please. Prefer Fantrax
  3. No, not interested in less than 30 teams and no interest in Super flex leagues.
  4. Have lots of experience in deep salary cap dynasty leagues. Rosters must have full D Prefer leagues with NFL team names. Can do Fantrax or MFL. Can pay immediately .
  5. This is a salary cap league with contracts, Free Agency, annual Rookie Draft If you are looking for a point and shoot Yahoo or MFL auto pilot league, you can stop reading here. Defense is as important as offense, with active rosters that mimic the NFL. Both Defense and Offense scoring is VERY realistic, as can be proven with the list of top fantasy point producers on Fantrax mimics consensus player rankings. The league is in its third year: NFL Countdown League Page on Dynasty Sports Head Quarters: The Rookie draft will be on June 8th. (its untimed with pics made on DSHQ) Trading is open already . Free Agency will start July 1. $50 annual league fee, with scoring and money handled by Fantrax. Treasurer This team has been pre-paid 2019 fee~ so first year is FREE~! NFL Countdown has a three commissioner team who are also site moderators that help with Fantrax roster adjustments. Contracts are kept on league googledoxc pages, Rules and transactions and RC Draft have their own sub forums, all transactions are transparent. Each transaction is posted on the League Transaction Forum. All transactions are negotiated using DSHQs personal messaging, and then posted on the league site. Proven system that works for the site's many MLB, NBA and NFL contract dynasty leagues for the last 4 years This is a VERY active community with a global chat, tho several league's have their own dedicated chat site. Orphaned team: Atlanta Falcons: (Breida, Vance McDonald, Robby Anderson and a STUD D along with some criminals) ... =695523168
  6. Dallas is claimed. Atlanta and Baltimore still available~!
  7. Dallas is in great shape~!: 2019 Draft pics: 1-13 (13), 2-13 (41), 3-13 (69), 4-13 (97), 5-13 (125), 6-13 (153)
  8. All three teams should have potential to make the playoffs. The RC draft is a week away~!