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  1. This thing is filling Slowly but dont miss out, could be the most fun league you play this year!
  2. 25 player Rosters 12 Starters 1 QB 2 Running backs 3 Wide Receivers 1 TE 1 offensive flex (RB, WR, TE) 1 DT/DE 1 LB 1 CB/S 1 Defensive flex
  3. $20 League fee. $200 1st $86 for 2nd. Every week a team gets eliminated andbthe remaining teams bid for their players! Lets fill this thing, just hope to not be knocked out week 1
  4. Check out this web page:
  5. Lowest scoring team is eliminated each week and their players go to waiver wire. Final two teams square off in week 16. Slow auction format, 25 roster spots per team 12 Starters. Message for more info Check out this web page:
  6. Need 4 teams to fill league. $30 startup Salary Cap, Contracts, IDP, PPR, Superflex. Auction for startup and yearly free agents Super fun if you like a little complexity  Check out this web page: 
  7. 4 spots open for a 10 team Salary Cap/ Contract league, $30 entry. PPR, IDP, Superflex on MFL Check out this web page: