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  1. I wouldn’t mind drafting Devin in a trade down situation. I’m hoping someone feels the need to move up a few spots for a QB. An extra day 2 pick would be great.
  2. I was a FOH manager for a restaurant and this is bringing it all back. Not in a good way.. heh
  3. I recall that we learned a few different dances in a couple of weeks or so in gym class. I don’t remember the others. Michigan middle school.
  4. This. I have no issues whatsoever with black pants. Of course jersey colors & design play big factors in overall look. White pants are closer to hideous than any color choice.
  5. Quinn interested in trading down If Lions can trade down a few spots and collect another 2nd day pick, I’d be very happy. Still in position to select a very nice player, hopefully on the defensive side.
  6. Michigan. Middle school in the mid/late 80’s. I believe it took place in gym class.
  7. It was between Primal Fear and Fargo for me. Went with the latter though.
  8. Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter Le’Veon Bell’s four-year deal with the New York Jets has a max value of $61 million and includes $35 million guaranteed, per source.
  9. Former Steelers’ RB Le’Veon Bell plans to sign with…the New York Jets, a league source tells ESPN. (Schefter)
  10. Just read that Browns are feeling confident about acquiring him. Huge.
  11. Oh yeah! Browns are my AFC team and the future was already looking pretty good even before this move.. Stay healthy OBJ!
  12. It’s finally over! Ridiculous if they gave up a 1st or 2nd. If the reports of 3rd & 5th are accurate then that’s acceptable.