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  1. I don’t think I’ve had a Blow Pop in over 30 years, so I’ll say they are the worst.
  2. What’s the play on Mallo Cups here?
  3. Speaking of m&ms.. I’m a fan of the coffee nut. Perhaps this is getting off topic. Room temp!
  4. I don’t get into the Christmas season until after Thanksgiving. Just feels like you’d get Santa burnout by the time the holiday actually arrives. Ehh.
  5. My wife empties larger bags of m&ms into a bowl, but not the little packages. They don’t touch the refrigerator.
  6. I noticed several stores already began putting up Christmas stuff last week. Sad.
  7. Tosses bag of acorns in fire and walks away...
  8. Happened all the time at my last residence. Really Mom/Dad? Also when a parent takes candy for a baby. If they aren’t old enough to walk up to the door they aren’t eating that candy. 👎🏻
  9. This. We’ve been fortunate that my wife’s employer covers almost all relo fees. It’s nice having people box and label all your household items & furniture on one day and load it into a truck on the following. It goes into storage in or near the new city we’re moving to and then when we find a new home they bring it all into the house where we want it. They even reassemble furniture. If the cost wasn’t covered, we would absolutely pay for it.
  10. Detroit Tigers (1) Detroit Lions (0) Yeah right Detroit Red Wings (4) Detroit Pistons (3)
  11. The bigger question is whether she donated the money to her favorite charity.
  12. Has there ever been any update on WhatsAppGate?