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  1. That’s not encouraging. 😷 I suppose it’s a trade-off for living in a nice city like Austin.
  2. Ahh. Probably just regular allergies then. I don’t get affected by stuff like she does. I know she does own a Neti pot.
  3. Celebrating my soon to be 3 year old’s birthday Saturday, but thanks for the invite. Perhaps another time if/when we can get a babysitter. Virus free here so far. Although I think my wife had a bit of the cedar allergy thing not too long ago. 👎🏻
  4. Shady Hollow near Baranoff Elementary. What area north are you headed to?
  5. SW. Purchased a home about 1/2 hour commute to my wife’s hotel downtown. Looked north & north burbs, but travel time would have been too much.
  6. I’ll be avoiding downtown during SXSW. Granted I’d avoid it regardless of the virus.
  7. This is my exact experience as well. I still primarily use Cinema, because Kodi is so slooooooooow.
  8. I think it’s the motorcycle’s fault, but not entirely sure. Also I never recline my seat in an airplane. Window is my preferred option. I don’t sleep while flying typically, but it’s nice to lean against side. I also don’t use lavatory while flying. No thank you.
  9. When I moved to California from the Midwest, back in the day, I was required to take a written drivers test for a new license. This rule was my only incorrect answer. Dumb.
  10. Born and raised in a small city in Michigan. After college moved to Chicago. Spent about 8-9 years there. Wife and I then moved to Huntington Beach, CA for a couple years & then Oceanside, CA for a couple more. Moved back to Chicago for 6-7 years. Now we’re in Austin, TX since August. Not sure if this is our forever stop yet. My parents are no longer living, but we do visit siblings and her parents in Michigan on holidays and maybe 1-2 other times a year. Probably would never really move back, but it’ll always be home. Edit: Seems to be a few Michiganders around here.
  11. Just purchased a home a couple months ago and previous owners left a Ring doorbell. I reset it and obviously created a new password. Works great for me. I don’t answer the door anyway, but I can see who is at the door via phone or TV.
  12. An anonymous colleague at The Post who has dined on a stir-fried fat innkeeper worm in Shanghai, China, describes the taste as “like a Livestrong band mated with a clam.” So he ate a d*ck..
  13. We received a box of chocolate covered fruit from a Muslim family neighbor that was observing Ramadan. It was unexpected, but definitely not offensive. I don’t think they would be offended to receive a similar type gift during one of our holidays.