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  1. Anyone remember “party lines”. Sometimes you’d pick up your phone and you could listen and speak to others having a conversation.
  2. I think it’s creepy in general unless you’re young and/or there as part of a bachelor party. There are plenty of places to hang with friends. Maybe it’s just me though.
  3. I have always pronounced it Jif as it was intended. It seems odd to me to hear anyone pronounce it any other way.
  4. That’s the reason we moved back to the Midwest from California a few years back. It’s time to move again though. Everything I’ve been told or read looks real positive for Austin. And avoiding I35 was always the plan!
  5. It’s going to be odd to see Christmas lights and/or lawn decorations out while it’s in the 70s-80s.
  6. Offer on house was accepted and we officially head to Texas on the 21st! We ended up choosing a home in the Shady Hollow area of Austin. It’s near some great schools and the commute for my wife’s job is reasonable. I know we could have got more house in the burbs, but happy nonetheless. During my house hunting visit I had some good BBQ, TexMex, and a Gourdoughs donut. The city, albeit hot, was great. I’m ready for more!
  7. Shopping for a new home loan as we speak. Offer on house was just accepted. Excellent credit and it seems like the best time as far as interest rates are concerned. Any particular lender recommended?
  8. Nice! I sent a note about it, but it may have been destroyed in the beertastrophe. Koval had good reviews and I actually learned a lot about bourbon in the bourbon thread and my search online . Glad you’re enjoying it!
  9. I’d try it! I’ve had some odd ice cream flavors already. Recently went to a Salt & Straw in Portland that has some interesting combos.
  10. I don’t really pay attention either, but anytime we go somewhere she always asks me if I’m wearing mine.
  11. You don’t want to throw yourself in the middle of it, but if it was my sister I guess I would let her know what happened and leave it to her if she wants to talk about it.
  12. Perhaps it was sent to your address so that the husband wouldn’t get to it before your sister had a chance to read it. Can you just put it in a new envelope, put her name on it but your address again, send it to yourself, and then tell her that you received mail with her name on it?
  13. Ouch. No beuno. My wife had to give her own shots in her thigh and I gave her what I think was the trigger shot. It was a thicker needle. She had a reaction to I believe the progesterone, but I’m not sure. Been awhile. Good luck and I hope she can find something to comfort her pain.