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  1. Grilled some portobello burgers tonight using The Station Grill Secret Spice sent by @playin4beer. Delicious! Also used it a couple of days ago on regular burgers. Enjoyed The Pigeon Hill “Beach Please” in the new coozie as well! Shirts are already in rotation. Thanks again.
  2. I received a notification that there was movement on my porch. I sent the toddler to peek out the window, because I’m lazy, and he came running back saying “There’s a delivery, dad!” Boom! Thank you so much @playin4beer! Awesome package! All 3 shirts will be worn regularly. I always like to represent my home State and these are great. Shirt 1 Shirt 2 Shirt 3 Beer is already in the refrigerator! 👍🏻 Beer The spices smell so good and I just got my grill working again. Especially excited to try Station Grill Secret Spice. Spices 2 out of 3 Coozies will be used by me. The other will find its way to my sister-in-law. Go Blue! 😉 Coozies Thanks again! Even though I’m originally from Michigan and my twin lives in the same city as you, I have never sampled any of the local craft beers or been to nearby bar pubs. Love everything in the package. Worth the wait!
  3. My package is out for delivery and will arrive between 4p-6p! I’ll set my lawn chair in the driveway and wait. 😂
  4. I just now read this thread and am invested. My guess is oldest daughter.
  5. Awesome! Glad you like the shirts. I’ve had Franklins BBQ, but not The Salt Lick yet. Best part of moving to Texas has been the BBQ. I got a notification that I have a delivery from your location so I thought that it might be headed my way. Can’t wait!
  6. Sounds good. It doesn’t bother me at all. Didn’t want people thinking they had to go above and beyond the typical exchange amount. 👍🏻
  7. I may have to watch that video a couple times just to see if surfing interests me.
  8. About 13 years in with my Weber Spirit E-310 and going strong. I’m a casual griller. Burgers, brats, hotdogs, etc.
  9. My Mom would heat it up when we were not feeling well. I don’t make it back to Michigan that often, but I’d still drink Vernors if offered. Now back to the t-shirts & swag..
  10. Never had it, but I don't see anything wrong with it! I think maybe some Faygo & a coney to complete the Michigan experience.