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  1. Google Fiber here too (1GB). Almost went with the Google mesh system, but opted for the eero. Works great! Not a problem in 9 months.
  2. I received a “warning” about a patch of burned grass. I lived in my home less than two weeks and this area had been in that condition for at least 6 weeks prior, if not more. Welcome to the neighborhood!
  3. I can eat mashed potatoes straight from the refrigerator. Good stuff. Never tried a cold baked potato though. I think I’d need the extras
  4. I’d be ok with Blacklock, Epenesa, or Gross-Matos. Go!
  5. There have been at least a couple before. Ruiz & Ruggs.
  6. Has a single selection shown any emotion when drafted?
  7. There is about a minute delay between my espn stream and abc on tv.
  8. I’m just hoping for a trade to acquire an extra late first or early 2nd without dropping too far. Is that too much to ask?
  9. Miami & New York Trading Up? “The Detroit Lions, who hold the No. 3 overall pick in Thursday’s NFL draft, have made plans to actually draft at either No. 4 or No. 5 overall, according to an NFL source familiar with the team’s thinking. The Lions have a degree of confidence they will be able to trade their pick to either the New York Giants or Miami Dolphins at some point either before the draft or while they’re on the clock.” Just trying to make the pick more enticing?