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  1. They actually have a lot of room in 2021. They would have room this year if it weren't for dead cap Can you imagine Rodgers changing plays for BB and McDaniels...
  2. There's a good time to be in the Philly thread?
  3. It must be painful for eagle fans to watch the eagles trade a pick to Dallas... and then for them to make a great pick with it...
  4. While I love the Taylor pick, one could have said that they invested enough at RB over the last 3 drafts, and that Taylor wasn't needed. It's not much different than GB spending a 2nd rounder on a RB with Jones... Not defending GB's draft, just the difference between Eason and Love is pretty big... much bigger than your OP made it out to be (IND did not get a round 1 talent in round 4...) Although I do agree IND is setting themselves up to win this year much better than GB...
  5. I liked him as a later round WR. I think he has a good role in that offense, and helps protect Diggs. He won't be a fantasy target, but of all the WRs left he was my favorite.
  6. Seattle doing it's best Chicago Bears impression with the TEs I see...
  7. 7 months ago I would have said Fromm was a 2nd round QB. 3 months ago I'd say 4th or 5th. He fell pretty badly. A year ago I recall seeing a "too early" mock on WalterFootball that had Fromm as one of the top QBs in the class. Tua obviously #1, Herbert #2. I think Fromm was considered #3 at the time... He certainly fell pretty badly, but he did have a pretty horrible senior season. If his landing spot is pretty good he may be an UDFA target for me (maybe TB?)