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  1. Alternate Universe 451b: Austin doesn't fair catch it, strip fumble, Vikings recover. Joe Bryant posts a thread next morning and commenters go nuts at why he wouldn't have been told to fair catch the ball.
  2. I hear there's a 12 team ppr league with an opening to start immediately. Can PM me if you haven't hears about this
  3. We have a team open in a MFL dynasty league. You can take over the team now and get your rebuild started before the trade deadline. Projected 1.1. Team isn't terrible, but has depth issues. Has enough capital to fuel a rebuild. PM me if you are interested and I can get you a link to the team. 12 teams, ppr, no negative points, 1QB all TDs 6
  4. I see someone killed kupp during the bye week
  5. they cant review the last play of the game for DPI?
  6. There are a lot of good teams this year. Obviously the cream on the hot chocolate is SF & NE , but all good teams have warts So who’s the least talented of the bunch? The most likely to crash and burn in 2020? And how would you avoid it?
  7. Lighten up. It was a joke. Have some thicker skin I won by the way.
  8. sutton and kupp had great games. im up by 40 with mixon yet and he has no one. Im getting greedy now, wishing i had those points; I am behind 1st in the divison by points only but he might lose. I will be chearing for CIN for you
  9. this. he has been efficient and has a few tds which are not predictable same people saying brown will be great are saying corey davis is a bust... yet davis has 1 more target on the season