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  1. Would not be surprised but then again at age 43, would be as really can't tell ya.
  2. Look at countries everywere that are taken it seriously. But sadly the USA as really we need to do the same. But there are those that just sadly do not care and come as they please. Not fair for those with underlying conditions and elderly. As I have parents that have underlying conditions and in their late 60's and early 70's.
  3. Really both do not appeal to me at all. As really wished I could vote independently there.
  4. Well we shall see if he gets a second term. Depending on the virus thing.
  5. Well if Biden can overcome his gaffes and blasting of people, he could be a challenge to the Presidnet!
  6. Should not be about politics. When you have lives on the line and not just in China but all around the world. Washington State is ground zero.
  7. Sadly that PI call cost them the game there. Just saying!
  8. Well wonder when the next Star Wars movie will be out?! Saying hey are going to be in the going on a pretty long hiatus from what I hear.
  9. Should never had cut Dan Bailey in the first place!
  10. That is chump change over in the $1,200 over on it for rich people.