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  1. Read this:
  2. I would tend to agree with this. My league is 6 points per passing touchdown, so QB's are valued more highly than in a 4 point per passing touchdown league. Several QB's are selected in the first couple of rounds, which you wouldn't normally see, pushing RB's/WR's down several picks. Pick by position is far more important than overall with so many formats out there.
  3. There are like 20 guys that will have their suspensions/bans lifted if this passes, it's not just Gordon & Welker, they are just the most prominent ones. So it's not like it's just "a few teams" being affected by this decision, it's the majority.
  4. I agree with you, but playin devils advocate, players can try to drag out the legal process (Lynch) or plead down (Rice) to avoid being found guilty, or delay it, for an indeterminate amount of time.If Goodell was busted for DUI even he would be dragging out the legal process to try and get it pleaded down. Any reasonable person that could afford it would do that.
  5. It'll be 4 - 8 games, go ahead and grab him late, I sure did. The longer it drags out the better the outcome will be for Gordon.
  6. Why not? 2008: 67 rushes - 5.3 per 2009: 190 rushes - 5.9 per 2010: 230 rushes - 6.4 per 2011: 12 rushes - 6.9 per 2012: 285 rushes - 5.3 per He's only 26 with probably the best passing game we've had since he's been the guy (2009).
  7. Jamaal really doesn't have that much mileage on him either. A lot of people forget that Carl Peterson continued to give LJ the big money and all of the carries while the real talent waited on the bench. In football terms, Jamaal is actually a couple years younger than his real age.
  8. I know it seems like he's been around forever, but let's not forget he is only 24! Look at the ages of the other top QB's in the league and you can see how much more experienced they are. Rodgers 28 Brady 35 Brees 33 Eli 31 Peyton 36 Ben 30 Romo 32 Rivers 30 Ryan 27 How many of these guys were doing what Stafford did last year when they were 23? If he's not great already, he's going to be. Edit: Typo
  9. I didn't get this game so I couldn't see what was happening. Vincent Jackson: 10 targets, 4 catches. Were these drops or bad throws?
  10. Can you guys that have done this post a link to what you have done? Thanks!