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  1. The Fuller pick should not have been wistled dead either, that was a pick 6, i don't think his knee ever hit the ground..
  2. There were so many bad calls in this game on both sides of the ball...Horrible officiating, they should be held accountable...
  3. Big win, big big win...Something not right with this offense though, they showed one play and no one was f'ing open. Not sure this is all a Trubisky problem. Nagy might be the bigger problem.
  4. Thanks for answering my post, I like Thompson...
  5. No thread for Carr? He looked legit last week against Denver. He has some weapons, wondering if it can continue.
  6. After losing Luck I am only rostering Kyler Murray. It is a 12-team .5 PPR league and I am thinking of picking up Carr. In order to do so I would need to drop James Washington, DeDe Westrook or Mecole. Roll with Murray against the Ravens or make a move and play Carr against the Chiefs? WHIR
  7. Carr vs Chiefs or Murray vs Ravens?
  8. Fair but who is dumb enough to get the flu before a game?
  9. My thinking was to go higher on Terry too. I just cant get excited about Crowder, I like to swing for the fences.