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  1. Simply solution: Tell the commish to kick him or you’ll create your own league with the exact same settings. Hell, you can even transfer your rosters over and find a few replacement owners to take over the rest of the teams.
  2. Seattle is a match made in heaven.
  3. I, too, would like to tell the Cardinals coaches to go #### themselves
  4. My bad, haven’t even seen the injury.
  5. If Mahomes is out next week this really blows. Means Tyreek would only been useful once in the first 8 weeks.
  6. Not sure why they’d risk playing him if he’s still feeling pain on Sunday. It’s not like he’s a WR who can avoid contact or be used as a decoy for some snaps.
  7. It’s been terrible this year, constant maintenance, randomly logs you out and the new player profiles are the worst. When I click on a player, I don’t want to see Matthew Berry’s latest video or IBM Watson projections, I just want to see his gamelog, schedule and latest news. I’m switching to Yahoo next year.
  8. He’s in a much pass-happier offense which gives him a higher floor/ceiling every week
  9. Same. You can even split 1 or both of them outside if it’s a spacing issue.
  10. Would love to see Parris Campbell given an extended role. He’s a playmaker and that offense without Hilton would desperately lack a playmaker.
  11. Nice. I think I’d side with Jacobs/Lamar though, Lamar can carry teams