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  1. I was a new sub last year, mainly subbed for the contest. But as someone who’s probably on the younger side of this message board (I just finished college a couple of years ago), I’d like to add a few things. 1. From what I understand FBG’s built their rep back in the day by providing more coverage than most sites did, sadly that advantage is now gone. Getting daily reports back in the day was likely a massive advantage, that’s what made Rotoworld a powerhouse too. Now there’s twitter, free sites, podcasts, etc. So this isn’t really FBG’s fault, it was just inevitable. 2. I think people enjoy subbing to a FF website when they feel that it truly gives them a unique advantage. Now in 2020 this no longer means just providing breaking news, coach’s quotes, updates from camp/practice and generic sleeper/bust articles. Any semi-invested FF player will get the important news. These days you probably need something more tangible like an amazing tool(draft dominator is decent, I’d focus on improving it and dedicating as much time as possible to make it easier to use for personal rankings and perhaps merge it with an algorithm or simulator to provide projections, sometime in the future). Then there’s more out of the box things like developing a simulator/algorithm that provides player projections for weekly lineups and rest of season value, I subscribe to a couple of sites that uses these and it’s something that definitely separates a site from the group. It makes the subscriber truly feel like they have a leg up on their league mates and not just paying for a few people’s eye-test based opinions. 3) Just more out of the box thinking in general is something that sparks interest in an audience. More based on exploiting market deficiencies. For me this is more strategic based rather than “sleeper/bust” talk. Which positions are being valued too highly this year and what contrarian strategy could someone apply to take advantage of a market deficiency . Are younger or older players overvalued in dynasty leagues, how to read when to strike and sit back during auction drafts(auction dominator should be more research based and less customizable for studs/scrubs and depth strategies imo), and so on. Maybe even deep dive into coaching hires, see which positions and formations a head coach/OC ran during previous jobs in the NFL/College. I just feel like younger fans/players across all sports tend to be more interested in analytics, algorithms, outside of the box thinking and less of the eye test-based opinions and generic (sleepers, value picks, busts that tend to just follow the trends). I realize a lot of this is easier said than done and doesn’t necessarily line up with everyone on FBG’s staff’s strengths.
  2. I've shot you all an email. Thanks for the interest!
  3. EDIT: FILLED Thanks for the interest! Starting up a dynasty league that will be drafting asap. - Hosted on MFL - 12 Teams - $70 Buy-In via Leaguesafe - Full PPR - Start QB/2RB/3WR/TE/FLX/D - 23 Man Rosters - Blind Bidding Waivers - Draft will have a 4 hour clock that's turned off overnight Homepage: Rules: Scoring: Settings: 3-4 spots are reserved for people in the other 2 leagues that I'm in that are interested in joining. If interested please leave your email or PM me here. Not first come, first serve since I like to get people to provide a link or two to current/past dynasty teams that they run for proof of experience and activity. ' Thanks!
  4. Simply solution: Tell the commish to kick him or you’ll create your own league with the exact same settings. Hell, you can even transfer your rosters over and find a few replacement owners to take over the rest of the teams.
  5. I, too, would like to tell the Cardinals coaches to go #### themselves
  6. My bad, haven’t even seen the injury.
  7. If Mahomes is out next week this really blows. Means Tyreek would only been useful once in the first 8 weeks.
  8. Not sure why they’d risk playing him if he’s still feeling pain on Sunday. It’s not like he’s a WR who can avoid contact or be used as a decoy for some snaps.
  9. It’s been terrible this year, constant maintenance, randomly logs you out and the new player profiles are the worst. When I click on a player, I don’t want to see Matthew Berry’s latest video or IBM Watson projections, I just want to see his gamelog, schedule and latest news. I’m switching to Yahoo next year.
  10. He’s in a much pass-happier offense which gives him a higher floor/ceiling every week
  11. Same. You can even split 1 or both of them outside if it’s a spacing issue.
  12. Would love to see Parris Campbell given an extended role. He’s a playmaker and that offense without Hilton would desperately lack a playmaker.
  13. Nice. I think I’d side with Jacobs/Lamar though, Lamar can carry teams
  14. Depends on who the Giants sign, I could see a vet like CJ Anderson turning this into a RBBC in below average offense which would bake it difficult to start Gallman with any confidence even as a RB3