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  1. Simply solution: Tell the commish to kick him or you’ll create your own league with the exact same settings. Hell, you can even transfer your rosters over and find a few replacement owners to take over the rest of the teams.
  2. Seattle is a match made in heaven.
  3. I, too, would like to tell the Cardinals coaches to go #### themselves
  4. My bad, haven’t even seen the injury.
  5. If Mahomes is out next week this really blows. Means Tyreek would only been useful once in the first 8 weeks.
  6. Not sure why they’d risk playing him if he’s still feeling pain on Sunday. It’s not like he’s a WR who can avoid contact or be used as a decoy for some snaps.
  7. It’s been terrible this year, constant maintenance, randomly logs you out and the new player profiles are the worst. When I click on a player, I don’t want to see Matthew Berry’s latest video or IBM Watson projections, I just want to see his gamelog, schedule and latest news. I’m switching to Yahoo next year.
  8. He’s in a much pass-happier offense which gives him a higher floor/ceiling every week
  9. Same. You can even split 1 or both of them outside if it’s a spacing issue.
  10. Would love to see Parris Campbell given an extended role. He’s a playmaker and that offense without Hilton would desperately lack a playmaker.
  11. Nice. I think I’d side with Jacobs/Lamar though, Lamar can carry teams
  12. Depends on who the Giants sign, I could see a vet like CJ Anderson turning this into a RBBC in below average offense which would bake it difficult to start Gallman with any confidence even as a RB3
  13. Not expecting too many snaps, but all it’s going to take is one long bomb and he’ll earn more playing time.
  14. Had 2 of my 21 lineups go off for 201 and 197 points, kicking myself for only entering them in 100 player tournaments lol
  15. I believe he’s referring to Johnson being open a few times after running good routes, including once in the red zone, and not even getting a target. Also, he’s #2 on the depth chart right now, only Juju is ahead of him
  16. Everyone chased Dede but the Sharks jumped on Chark
  17. Horrible timing. He could have really taken off with the injuries at WR piling up
  18. Have a feeling his ADP next year will be much higher, even in 4pt passing td leagues.
  19. Yeah, at this point it’s clear that he’s not comfortable running in the NFL. Maybe down the stretch or next year he’ll start to rush a bit more but his FF ceiling right now definitely takes a hit. Luckily he’s a damn good passer in a pass-happy offense.