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  1. 10 sick days/yr and they roll over, been with the company a few months over 15 years and have 799.50 sick hours. This made me curious, so I average ~27 hours of sick time per year and that average is skewed by a ~3 week recovery from ankle surgery one year, otherwise it'd be ~2 days per year.
  2. Registered republican in CA (who feels like the republican party has moved so far in the wrong direction that they're not really my party anymore), voted Johnson. If I was forced to choose between Clinton and Trump, I would've chose Clinton (but wouldn't have felt good about it). My vote was never going to make a difference in California and my only hope was that if enough people showed their dissatisfaction with both the Dems and Repubs, we might see some change like when Perot forced Bill Clinton to actually balance the budget in the 90s. I'm not sure my vote had the desired effect, but I'm proud of my vote, which is more than I could say than if I voted for either Hillary or Trump.
  3. I used to drink a lot (100oz or more on a typical day) of Coke Zero. I quit in September. I now only drink water or unsweetened iced tea (or beer, as an infrequent treat). Even though Coke Zero is calorie free, I've lost about 10lbs without much other lifestyle change. It took some effort at first, but I don't think it's been that tough overall. I tried a bit of soda a few weeks ago and didn't really seem to enjoy the taste anymore, so there's really no cravings and it's fully engrained as a habit now.
  4. I had stretches of both, though I wouldn't classify it as rich. I imagine we were middle class when I was first born (but obviously don't remember), my dad had decent jobs in the car industry. He left my Mom, and we immediately became pretty poor even with child support. Living in rented rooms of other people's houses, we were super excited to upgrade to our own mobile home (but there were times we'd go to bed a bit hungry in the mobile home, not like we didn't always have a meal but sometimes it just wasn't enough ... kraft mac n' cheese most nights), eventually my Dad came back in the picture and we upgraded to what I'd consider an upper-middle-class house, he was earning near 100k in the late 80s and early 90s so it felt like we were doing really well and not really wanting for any basics and had access to a lot of luxuries (video game systems, big christmases, etc.). I live in a place where I truly appreciate the poor part of my life, I believe it gives me a perspective and motivation to work as hard as I do, but I don't want to go back or inflict that on my family (though I often wonder how to impart the lessons I learned in that situation to my 2 daughters, who will never go to bed wishing they had just a little more mac n' cheese to fill them up). I tend to save really well, manage to do without better than most, and tend to be really fiscally conservative and risk averse with my savings (the last 2 aren't necessarily great traits, but they've worked well for me).
  5. No. The regret from giving up a 1.4 billion dollar lotto ticket (if my number were drawn) would be devastating, your life would turn into a constant "what if" as you realize the order of magnitude of what you gave up. Much more so than the much-more-likely-but-much-less-severe disappointment of going from getting the 1.5M tax free offer to the 1M taxed prize that you get for the 5 numbers and you could always use EV to justify that decision. 1.5M isn't enough for me to retire risk free, so it'd take something in that "retire risk free" range to pull the trigger. The website shows 868M lump sum right now, I'm figuring that ends up being ~$600M after-tax and based on the scenario you described you have a 1/26 shot of winning, so the EV is a hair over 23M. I'd definitely do 23M without much thought but I suspect my sweet spot is between 10-15M based on the numbers we know right now.
  6. What you describe sounds sort of like the 9 year old dog I adopted when I bought my first house. I lived alone (but did have a girlfriend who visited often) so it was just Bailey and I a lot of the time. She was the first dog I had that was an indoor dog (all our family dogs growing up slept out in the back yard) and we formed a very tight bond. An amazing dog who was far better behaved than I could ever take credit for. When she died at 16 (on Christmas eve no less) I was devastated, but by then my girlfriend had turned into my wife and we had a 2nd dog who was really young at the time, so you couldn't stay mopey too long. I've owned 3 dogs since Bailey died (and 1 of the 3 I had to put down in 2014) and none of them really compare to her but we have just as tight of a bond in our own way. It hasn't taken anything away from that very special first relationship with a dog. I would absolutely recommend getting another one, it won't be a replacement, but you'll form your own special new bond with this one too. When the next one dies, it'll be just as painful but there's no question that the joy each dog has brought to me over the years was very much worth the few days of mourning when they passed.
  7. I'd also like to point out that my league once had an IR that was based on injury reports that caused a bunch of drama because of the games some coaches play (avoiding putting players there to hide injuries or putting players with minor stuff on there). We ultimately did away with the IR and added 1 extra bench slot to compensate. I could see basing the sub off the IR report causing similar issues.
  8. This seems to be a problem with two logical end points. One end point being "set your lineup" (traditional Fantasy Football) and the other being "no lineups, we just use your highest scoring players" (like the FBG contest). What if we take it to the other extreme? Your suggestion is part of the way there, to prevent against people who are game time decisions, but there are other frustrating scenarios as well. What if your stud WR plays but is a decoy? (it doesn't help out your other WR, like it might in real football) What if your stud gets injured on the 2nd play? (real teams can put in their backup mid-game). Why not just take lineup decisions out all together? I think some might feel like the lineup decisions are a fun or important part of the game and I'd respect that opinion, but I think it might be just as fun to turn fantasy football into a GM type role with the perfect coach, the draft, waiver, and bench makeup become the important focus points. it changes strategy up a little bit too. Your bench matters, someone like Woodhead this year could be a super valuable Boom/Bust bench player. Maybe rostering 2 defenses is an acceptable strategy? I've contemplated approaching this with my league because it solves another problem (people who get disinterested and don't set their lineups late in the season).
  9. It's from a vegetarian book called "Thug Kitchen" (Great shtick by the way), they're pretty good: A chilli that's not going to win any competitions, but it's good enough and very healthy (except when you put it over cornbread and fritos like I do): 1 small onion 1 28 oz can of diced tomato with juice 3 15 oz can of beans (whatever you like, I use 1 can white, 2 cans pinto) 1 pack of reduced sodium taco seasoning 1 pack of ranch dressing mix (sounds very odd, but it works, trust me) 1 package of Smart Ground (ground beef replacement, been hard to find lately, we've replaced with trader joes ground beef replacement which isn't quite as good as the Smart Ground was, but okay). 1. sautee the onions in a large pan for about 5 min or till translucent 2. add diced tomato, beans, taco seasoning and ranch dresing mix 3. bring to a boil and simmer for about 10 or so min 4. Add smart ground and simmer for 5 min. You won't win any awards with that chilli, but it's been a staple at my house because it's good enough and very healthy. I am not a vegetarian or anything, but I had a good friend go with a plant-based diet and he came up with that Chilli recipe based on something else he found, we try to do 1 vegetarian type meal a week in our house and the 2 above are ones that have become staples in our household.
  10. QB: M. Stafford (QBBC all year, Stafford happens to start this week and has the best matchup) RB: D. Martin WR: J. Jones, B. Marshall, M.Evans I also drafted Kelce, who started most of the year but is benched in favor of Reed and Denver DST who I rode 80% of this year except their bye and the last few weeks where I've started KC.
  11. Really sweating out the Woodhead vs. Martin decision this week (PPR). My gut says Martin (he has a higher floor and similar ceiling), but CBS's projections and 2/3 FBG projections disagree with me (and they project Woodhead to score 20-50% more than Martin, which is why I'm questioning myself).
  12. PPR League RB: D. Williams D. Martin L. Miller C. West J. Allen E. Lacy WR: M. Evans I've got 2RB slots and 1 flex available. Really worried about Evans vs a tough D on a short week, but he's capable of big games and could see regretting it. Most of my top RBs have tough matchups or are inconsistent. Going up against the last seed, favored on CBS by a fair margin, so I guess I value high floors this week.
  13. I've got good depth at WR, incredibly deep at RB, comfortable with Kelce/Reed at TE (wish I had Gronk, but don't we all), Denver D, and McManus. For QB, I've got Tannehill & Stafford. Ugh. The trade deadline has passed in my league, so my only option is to improve via the waiver wire. Here's the best names on that list: R. Fitzpatrick I was leaning this way last week but couldn't pick him up due to by week coverage. The the thumb injury worries me. I could postpone this decision a week and see how he looks. J. Cutler He's been steady lately but I owned him last year. I see him as very similar to Tannehill & Stafford and I'm worried about the loss of Forte too. B. Hoyer He's quietly averaged 30pts for the last 4 weeks. Good points include a lot of garbage time, a stud receiver in Hopkins, and no more Mallet to compete with. Bad points include that he's done this against defenses with issues (MIA was good against them, but garbage time madness in that game). He does get IND/TEN in 15/16, which he recently put up good games against. I think I'm leaning here, even though it doesn't help me this week. J. Winston Talented guy with good receiver(s) and running game that has to sling it a lot. Put up decent numbers. I also own M. Evans and D. Martin, so I'm very hesitant to put too many eggs in the TB basket and have a bad game wipe me out. Bridgewater/Mariotta Meh! I probably end up dropping O. Darkwa to make this work if that matters. I think I lean: Hoyer Winston Fitz (next week, if he looks healthy this week) Cutler What would you do?
  14. Out of that group, Ivory for sure.