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  1. more or less, but some of the political sites and FB groups themselves are fake from the get go
  2. putin is going to move on ukraine very shortly. we need to remove this traitor from the WH immediately
  3. seems fairly obvious trump had him removed from our state media outlet
  4. turkey has bombed US troops?
  5. the conways are playing some sort of game. may just be a hedge bet of some sort that allows them to remain "relevant" after trump flames out or, alternatively, becomes god emperor for eternity.
  6. 7 years ago to the day
  7. tweet thread with speculation on which russian oligarch is Foreign National 1 in the indictment
  8. transgender people literally feel in their core they are the opposite gender and there may be an underlying biological reason that is the case. i don't think that is true for all transvestites (though it may be for some)
  9. i feel like trump quitting (or being "managed out" with some type of arranged deal where he skates on certain crimes) is a huge possibility at this point and is tantamount to him being removed by the senate in terms of this poll. it's an outcome the senate would vastly prefer to actually having to stand up and vote on (see, for example, nixon)