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  1. their massive failure will be imputed to all democrats by both the trumpists and bernie bros. "see, the system is rigged" not helpful at all
  2. the democrats sure are terrible at this whole politics thing. just shoot me into the sun right now.
  3. GOP may have enough votes now to block witnesses
  4. so lev parnas is basically wandering into the senate, with a throng of photogs following him, claiming he wants to tell senators that trump knew about everything... but he may be prevented from entering due to his ankle bracelet? what fresh hell is this? eta: twitter thread of the circus
  5. it's dribbling out that mcconnell may not have enough votes (yet) to block witnesses
  6. dems making a play for release of mueller GJ materials in connection with impeachment proceedings:
  7. he was never going to sell the GOP on removal. he is trying to sell the american public on trump's perfidy and the GOP complicity. my sense is he's doing a good job of that.