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  1. the senate passed bipartisan immigration reform in 2012. what stopped the bill? the tea party, natch
  2. -30 years of antifascist activity in the US: 1 confirmed fatality (a nazi who was shot during an altercation in 1993). -20 years of far-right extremist activity (1990-2012) in the US: 670 fatalities, 3,053 nonfatal injuries, & 4,420 attacks. antifa is not really a thing in the way you seem to think it is. right wing extremism on the other hand...
  3. DOJ can also just shut this thing down, correct?
  4. i can't find it now, but i read this week that the reason acosta cut this sweetheart deal with epstein was that epstein "belonged" to "intelligence" and acosta was told by his superiors to lay off him. can anyone confirm / unpack this?
  5. i recall a post election article about hunter s. thompson's hells angels expose that explains the dynamic at play here pretty well:
  6. Hillary was not too far off with "deplorables" in reference to this portion of Trump's base
  7. i absolutely think this is the case for a large portion of Trump's base, but not for all Republicans. when trump policies are cruel it feeds into the notion that trump is a "tough" leader tackling a "crisis" that useless politicians have failed to deal with, which is the aura he has cultivated to great effect. eta: cruelty helps trump with his base, but there are a large number of Republicans who support trump just because he's a Republican and not because he is cruel. they hold their noses and vote for their team no matter what.
  8. the bannon / trump worldview is that we are in danger of being overtaken by a brown horde. trump won in large part by capitalizing on fear of this brown horde. the more this feels like a "crisis" the more those fears are stoked, resulting in increased devotion to trump from his base.
  9. nothing will be done because the worse it gets the more it helps trump and the GOP
  10. forgot to mention it's a crisis of their own making