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  1. I'll be that guy.......... We give @drunken slob a timeout. What say you commish........... @Stinkin Ref
  2. @drunken slob Bender last night? You are up in refs top gun also! You had two picks in a row last night, and only made one.
  3. Let me bow out! I am heading back to work and will have much to catch up on. Good luck men!
  4. Number of weeks Defense/special teams had a double digit score: 12: Steelers, Ravans 11: Patriots 10: Niners, Bills 9: Rams, Saints, 8: Jets 7: Chiefs, Colts, Eagles, Bucs, Bears, Chargers, Falcons, 6: Cowboys, Redskins, Vikings 5: Broncos, Titans, Jags, Browns, Texans, 4: Packers, Bengals, Lions 3: Seahawks, Panthers, Giants, Dolphins 2: Cardinals
  5. Number of weeks DST had a negative score: /total neg points none: Patriots/Broncos one: Titans -2, Bears-3, Bills-3, Saints-5, Niners-8, Steelers-9, Colts-10 Two: Vikings-3, Jets-4, Cowboys-4, Chiefs-6, Bucs-13, Ravens-16, Falcons-18 Three: Chargers-7, Seahawks-8, Eagles-15, Rams-19, Jags-24 Four: Packers-13, Texans-26, Five: Panthers-22, Bengals-25 Six: Giants-29, Browns-30, Lions-36 Seven: Redskins-42, Cardinals-42 Eight: Miami-38
  6. Old Milwaukee QB’s: Josh Allen, Kirk Cousins, Joe Burrow, Dwayne Haskins. Four at the position. Allen was a pick, but still good value. With Danny Dime going just a pick before, it came down to Cousins vs. Rivers. With the unknowns of the coming season, I went with Cousins as there may be less time for River to acclimate with his new team. Regret the Burrow pick, not too familiar with the superflex format (and having had a few too many) I panicked and took another. I like Tua much more but I don’t think he will see the field this year. Really pissed off that I could have waited two to three more rounds to make this pick. Hopefully it won't kill me. RB’s: Aaron Jones, Marlon Mack, Ronald Jones, Phillip Lindsay, Lataviaus Murray, Malcomb Brown, Ryquell Armstead. Seven at the position. Jones was the #10 scorer regardless of position in this format last year. I grabbed Mack as the 23th RB off the board, exactly how he performed in this format last year. He has a ton of upside with the addition of Rivers, who loves to throw to running backs. Additionally the Colts added a good fullback in free agency and plan to use him. Lastly he missed a couple games last year (here's to good health Marlon!). Ronald Jones might end up being the lead dog...a good risk/reward for the 13th round. Linsday also has a good risk/reward for the 14th round...Gordon injury? Pitch count? Murray is the clear back up RB in a potent offense and an injury away from a starting role. Brown was ahead of Henderson last year on the Rams depth chart. Most expect that to change. I am thinking perhaps it might not. Ryquell Armstead was grabbed upon hearing the trade rumors of Fournette. Who know? Fournette could also get hurt or suspended (recent history). WR: Micheal Thomas, Cooper Kupp, AJ Brown, AJ Green, Hunter Renfrow, Parris Campbell, DeDe Westbrook, Antonio Brown. Eight at the position. Thomas was the fourth highest scorer in this format. Kupp….many will see as a reach, but he was WR5 in this format last year. With Cooks gone he might see more opportunities. I wanted him and made sure I got him. AJ Brown should improve on his rookie season. AJ Green should be back. Let’s see what he has left. Renfrow had a great finish to the season. And is going to be a great slot receiver for Las Vegas. Campbell has no were to go but up. Or, he could be a second round bust. Worth the risk at WR62. Westbrook was a desperate pick...things were getting thin. Brown was my power ball ticket? TE: Darren Waller, Dallas Goedert, Chris Herndon Three at the position. Waller was TE#3 in this format. Could benefit from a rookie WR that can take the top off the defense, Goedert is productive and an injury away from a top finish. Herndon was all the rage in Jets camp last year. Perhaps he will get healthy and will excel in his third year. DEF: Steelers, Bills, Colts. Three at the position. Must have three good ones. Check K: Steven Haushka, Randy Bullock. Two at the position. Almost went with one.
  7. Like your squad very much except for the hole on defense/special teams. You should have grabbed at least three. The way you have set up scoring, there will be times when defense can get you very little and even lose you points! In fact last year your two team combo would have lost you 1 point in week 3, and 5 in week 8. I think you have enough to overcome it!
  8. Would like to take Joe Burrow here at the 6.05 but I am unable to. If someone could assign him to my team the draft may continue.
  9. OLD MILWAUKEE from the 12th. QB Russel Willson 5.12 QB DeSean Watson 6.01 Having gone with BPA for the first four rounds, I was looking at my RB2 to fill in the top five. WIth both of my targets, Ingram and Mack gone it was time for plane C (plan B was Waller taken a few picks before) . Plan C was to lock down the QB spot and free up my draft to focus on other positions. An additional hope was to put pressure on other teams and dictate the draft. Willson and Watson should provide team Old Milwaukee with a 25pt per week scoring in this format, and a guaranteed top five finish at this position. RB Devin Singletary 3.12 RB Darrius Guice 10.01 RB Sony Michel 11.12 RB Latavius Murray 13.12 RB Malcomb Brown 14.01 RB Duke Johnson 20.01 RB Ryquell Armstead 24.01 RB Christian Wade 25.12 (Mr Irrelevant) Singletary...BPA…...check. As a Bills fan I am very excited to see Thurman Thomas 2.0!!!! I see his touches increasing dramatically this season!. Get ready! After ignoring the position for what felt like forever(it was so hard), I was fortunate to have it fall my way.. Guice in the 10th …..potential starter if stays healthy! Michel in the 11th…..potential starter….Pats will have to run! Murry in the 13? He could be in the flexed a couple times and is the back up to Kamara (Holloway sleeping) in I high octane offense. Malcomb Brown….this was a reaction to missing out on Henderson a couple picks before...oh….. well.... he does have a chance to be the starter in LA. Duke Johnson in the 20th. OK pick in PPR. Houston is going to look quite different (who really knows), and he would have scored a couple of weeks in this format. Armstead in the 24th! One head case from a starting gig (Duckboy sleeping). Wade as Mr Irrelevant…...guys a baller in a mans game of rugby. Most think he will remain on the practice squad, I think he makes the final roster. WR Davante Adams 1.12 WR Tyreek Hill 2.01 WR AJ Brown 4.12 WR Preston Williams 15.12 WR Breshard Perriman 17.12 WR Hunter Renfrow 18.01 WR Mohamed Sanu 23.12 Adams was IMO the BPA. Ditto for Hill, although it was a coin flip with Hopkins. The Brown pick in the 4th was the turning point in the draft for me. Really wasn’t seeing any value in the remaining RB’s, to many question marks for a fourth round pick. Expecting his game to improve in his sophomore season. Looked at Theilan here as well. BPA was Brown IMO. Preston Williams in the 15th has a ton of upside if he can stay healthy. Wanted D. Jackson here but was snipped. Let's see what Miami does in the draft. I think they are comfortable with him as a two. Perriman goes to the Jets! Will this be the year he lives up to his first round status? I am betting It could be and for a 17th round pick the price was right. Followed up the Perriman pick with Renfrow in the 18th. 13 for 209 and two TD’s in the last two games hooked me. Sanu in the 23 seemed like a good value. I don’t think he was quite himself last season. Who knows what is going on in NE. TE Dallas Goedert 9.12 TE Blake Jarwin 12.01 TE Dawsin Knox 16.01 TE Gerald Everret 21.12 Was doing a happy dance in my living room when I got Goedert. A TE1 in the 9th! Jarwin in the 12th I might like to have back. Should have went with I. Thomas. Knox in the 16th was a homer pick. Should have paid more attention to TE’s. After putting some time in studying the TE position, I think Everrett in the 21st was a value pick. Higbee produced big time when Everrett was hurt but I am not convince he will force Everrett into playing second fiddle behind him. We will see. DEF Bills 7.12 DEF Saints 8.01 Went early in this format! Anyone see that coming? Looking to average 20pts a week from this position and have an occasional flex usage! K Stephen Hauschka 19.12 K Dustin Hopkins Yes I took two kickers. I believe their jobs are safe. In summary I like the team….with the exception of the TE’s. If I can get a solid 8pts out of them the title is mine!
  10. Just saying........ Rules are Rules.....! Carry on..... we now return you to your regularly scheduled program