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  1. I have one pick left to get my QB1 (11.10g) I might have to trade you Rashard Jennings for him??
  2. all set Rene Thanks for the trade SRBB!
  3. Rene to the white phone please. I have appealed an intra.
  4. book it
  5. FT I'd be interested in RG3?
  6. Rene can you fix this please!!!! /neveragian/
  7. BTSWB- got your offer, but my 9.6 is gone............... I have been waiting for TWO days for clash to accept the trade on MFL!
  8. Forte,Hyde, Decker, Mathews and Olsen
  9. I have stated before that the team communication sucks for team FootballyGuys. There is no reason this should be this so poor. We need need to hire a communication coordinator. I nominate stinking ref. Can I get a second ?
  10. Clash about to time out in C (30 min)

    I'll take Barnidge there and give him the same pick in F

  11. Rookie Jonathan Williams screws his chance: DWI
  12. Shows up out off shape! http://blogs.buffalobills.com/2016/06/14/the-plan-for-karlos/ Might not be the handcuff for McCoy? Rookie Jonathan Williams running with first team at mini camps (McCoy nursing injury)
  14. Sorry guys.....Had a guy get seriously hurt on the job today. Been very busy. If someone could put in Melvin Gordon that would be appreciated. Gotta run.....
  15. Created a poll..........please vote.