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  1. Thats why I don't watch this game much any more.
  2. I use the light blue phone Icon on the top left, as it is more (my) phone friendly.
  3. you guys are way ahead of my streaming!!
  4. Traded him for Russel Wilson
  5. You needn't be so defensive, just poking a little fun at ya! Mainly because you took Fitz.
  6. Practice what you preach..........
  7. QB stable depleted! Claim Alex Smith?
  8. What............................??????????? Quit prodding me with that sword, you bastard! I'll jump when I am good and ready!
  9. Bad news/good news Snead was on my bench / he wont be next week
  10. Sorry can't get to it now......if someone would make a couple of picks (flyers) for me that would be appreciated.
  11. Sorry for the TO, local 24 team draft last night took forever. No MFL at work, if someone could grab me two kickers it would be appreciated!
  12. I have pre-drafted again at the turn! just saying................
  13. Will jump in if needed.
  14. Well perusing the rosters at FFLW, I found this: Draft is at 14.9 currently. ETA: He was last on these boards Wed. the 24th. Hope everything is alright!
  15. I have one pick left to get my QB1 (11.10g) I might have to trade you Rashard Jennings for him??