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  1. Charles Clay TE Buf Great game yesterday, Jordon Mathews now out a month. Now the No. 1 Option for Tyrod Taylor
  2. 125.26 and done. 3-4 W's Had Howard on the bench...............
  3. Set the lineup just about perfect. 6-1 (high scorer Millwork)
  4. Just posted this message on the leagues message board:
  5. QB Matt Ryan ATL RB Jordan Howard CHI RB Lamar Miller HOU RB Spencer Ware KCC RB Frank Gore IND RB Dion Lewis NEP RB Jonathan Williams BUF WR Sammy Watkins BUF WR Stefon Diggs MIN WR Emmanuel Sanders DEN WR Randall Cobb GBP WR Ted Ginn Jr. NOS WR Rishard Matthews TEN WR Breshad Perriman BAL TE Travis Kelce KCC TE Austin Hooper ATL PK Adam Vinatieri IND DEF - Def New York Giants NYG ugh.......... Initial strategy: Trade into every draft, post a manifesto, quit. After being talked off the ledge: BPA I will have to stay active to clean this up a bit......
  6. I thought it was all about abuse of the clock rule.
  7. Not sure if it would get approved,...... but would give you my 8.06G and 11.08g for your 7.04h and 14.09h?
  8. Bass, You running out of time.................lol I also like Woodhead there.....
  9. somehow we ended up stack together in F. What are you thinking?
  10. Yes..........takes a bit. And
  11. You still have to accept the trade offer in draft F........... Your five picks away!!!
  12. later round QB's I like: Carson Wentz Tydrod Taylor If you guys in the early drafts get a chance to grab one......it would be appreciated.
  13. link to your team leave password blank
  14. I got the 7.10C coming up Saturday that I won't be able to pay enough attention to... 5% you favor for a later draft?