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  1. An * mark will appear in the forum for those topics you posted in. Go back to the forum listing and look at this topic. See it now?
  2. of course you are up next, so make sure he doesn't take your guy.....
  3. We could skip the first week and make it total points week 2-17?
  4. Hum.....must be my membership in the mafia.
  5. Per Mike Florio ..... "the NFL likely will move games from Sundays to Saturday, if college football doesn’t proceed this season". I love it! Maybe it would generate more revenue to help next years cap reduction? Will owners and players be for it? Are you for it? PFT link
  6. I'll be that guy.......... We give @drunken slob a timeout. What say you commish........... @Stinkin Ref