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  1. timed out so can't pick through mfl. D. Adams please
  2. @by_the_sea_wannabe I got a text from MFL saying I was on the clock? 😆 You might want to update the settings..... Of course if you want me to make the pick ......
  3. As I am posting this, Dodds/Nortons projections were updated Sun Sep 15 11:33 AM. Trembley's were last updated Fri Sep 13 5:01 PM. And Blooms apparently have not been updated.
  4. beat writer Sal Capaccio needs a better copy.............. Beasley name is spelled wrong ......twice. Interesting break down.... I think he is being under valued.
  5. Sorry for the delay........I have logged in and made a replacement pick. Will be ready to roll now.
  6. Four WR in first five rounds? A. Brown A. Thielen C. Sutton K. Coutee