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    Chubb is an upgrade over Carson and that’s what i’m seeking. Their playoff schedule is good as well. I have Boyd, Hill, Gallup, Sutton, and Deebo as well as WR. I will play all. 3 backs and 3 WR weekly.
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    Not collusion whatsoever. I’m the receipient of Chubb and know the risk of Hunt week 10. I will call him up this week just in case. Selling DJ high of course and he was a call-up anyways.
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    Would you guys approve of a trade of me sending Chark and Carson and acquiring Chubb? I’m trying to upgrade my RB situation. I have Barkley and Jones and would have Chubb as well. Just worried that Hunt will cut into time Wk.10.
  4. Where is a good place to get a depth chart or news as to who will get time in pre season games?