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  1. I guess I was the last post in here.... "Circe" was great. Pretty well-written book with a compelling story. I think it is likely to end up on my favorite of the year list. I'm going to go with Fatima Farheen Mirza's A Place for Us as my next fiction read. Another one getting pretty good reviews. I stayed about the same opinion on Dean's Harding book (he makes mention to the forthcoming release of the letters, but says it is doubtful that we will learn anything new from them -- oops). I read Amity Shlaes' biography on Calvin Coolidge when it came out, so I decided that I was okay on Coolidge. I also read Herbert Hoover in the White House last year, so I decided I was good on Hoover. I've read a few things on FDR, such as Jean Edward Smith's bio and Arthur Schlesinger's three volume, but never completed the rest, The Age of Roosevelt series. I had never read Doris Kearns Goodwin's No Ordinary Time, so I gave that one a read. That one was great -- a bit more on Eleanor than the other FDR books that I had read, so it felt fresh. For Truman, I listened to David McCullough's book on audio book over a decade ago. May see if I can get the dust off that and listen to it again instead of my usual podcasts.
  2. I've still never explained this to my wife. She probably thinks I'm constantly up late watching porn after she goes to bed. I, for some reason, find that preferable to explaining what I'm actually doing.
  3. From that link: “The sarcophagus has been opened, but we have not been hit by a curse," said Waziri, dismissing claims made by some UK media outlets about "possible curse" could be cast on the world in case the tomb was opened.
  4. Being opened today. Live updates here.
  5. No help on name, but as I think you are not far from the Lancaster, PA area, one site you could take a look at is Been There Done That With Kids. A lot of it is activities with kids in that area. They followed me on Instagram after I took a trip to Lancaster with my son last year.
  6. If the show is too popular, worst case scenario is you end up with people throwing pizza on the roof of your house for eternity. Seems like this show is in the sweet spot where you won't have that kind of a cult following, but just have the potential upside of being able to tell people that some famous, hot woman was in your house.
  7. No experience with the Ecobee, but I've been happy with my Nest. I found installation and customer service pretty good. I sent them a picture of the wiring for my existing thermostat, and they e-mailed me a diagram of how to connect the wires.
  8. Mason’s Liquid Rapture, based out of Brewer, ME. Picked some up when I was in NH for the 4th. Also brought back some Concord Craft Safe Space NEIPA (already finished those up).
  9. I was just researching that one myself. I haven’t seen it, and not one that I had set to look for, but the streaming options aren’t great for this year among movies that I haven’t seen that intrigue me. Not really seeing a whole lot that I want to watch available streaming or with upcoming TV times.
  10. Different charges based on different theories, such as felony murder or aggravated murder.
  11. Don't turn this into a political thread!
  12. I can't think of "Stop Making Sense" without thinking of the Documentary Now! episode satirizing it. The whole Documentary Now! series is one of the best things on TV.
  13. I've been trying to order an ILIFE robotic vacuum for the past 20 minutes. I slowly keep seeing the number claimed increase close to 100%, so I'm probably out. ETA: Finally got it to work and was able to order.
  14. That one has been on my watch list, but I haven't gotten around to it yet for some reason. I don't think I've ever come across it On Demand or on TV. I was thinking about it recently when Forman passed away, and looking forward to this one.
  15. 2012, maybe? I think that had a lot.