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  1. I think she should have. Not sure how they gave “Lebbenon” credit. I don’t think I’d pronounce that the same way.
  2. I'm not sure if he's into Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime, but I think it was Tom Clancy for me when I was teen. Clancy's books got a bit longer, but could start off with something shorter like Cardinal in the Kremlin, Hunt for Red October, or Patriot Games. Some good action and suspense.
  3. Insert gif of Homer Simpson disappearing into bushes.
  4. Since you were interested in the Bush compound, is history a bit of a draw, or not really? If you are not sold on driving all the way up to Burlington and Ben & Jerry's in Waterbury, you could spend the night further south in Manchester, VT (which will give you plenty of a VT vibe), then hit up the Calvin Coolidge birthplace and homestead in Plymouth Notch (he was a bit of a boring President, but Plymouth Notch is a pretty awesome spot for a history buff). Then make your way over to Mount Washington in NH from there. Saves you a bit of driving time.
  5. Yes. It's easily visible from the road. It's not advertised but it becomes pretty obvious which property is theirs. Yeah. There's a place to pull off the road, and a big anchor across the cove from the house. Nice place to get out and take a picture.
  6. Really good apple cider donut place in Waterbury, VT (location of Ben & Jerry's) called Cold Hollow. While in Waterbury, if you like IPAs, pick up some Heady Topper. Near Mount Washington, I love the town of North Conway, NH; it's a bit south of Mt. Washington. It may not be ideal from the direction that you are coming from. The Bretton Woods Omni might be most convenient for that, but also the more expensive option. I think the drive up to the top of the mountain can be a bit scary (but I'm a bit of a wuss); Cog Railway is a pretty good way to go if you are similar. In Portland, ME, harbor cruise is pretty nice. The Portland Headlight is a pretty good stopping point too. There's some good town/cities driving down the coast of Maine from Portland, like Kennebunkport (Bush compound) and Portsmouth, NH. But I'm not sure if you will have time for those.
  7. The ratio refers to the number of replies to the tweet compared to the number the likes or retweets. If the replies outnumber the other two, it commonly treated as getting "ratio'ed" and viewed as a quantitative measure of a "bad take" (because the replies are usually people who took the time to tell the tweeter how dumb their tweet was). Yesterday, Heyman tweeted something critical of the Giants for excluding Huff from their anniversary celebration, and he got beat up pretty heavily on that one.
  8. Heyman about to get ratio'ed for the second time in two days.
  9. Ghani Is Named Afghan Election Winner. His Opponent Also Claims Victory. After a five-month dispute, President Ashraf Ghani was announced as the winner. But a parallel declaration by his main rival threatens another crisis ahead of a potential U.S.-Taliban peace deal.
  10. Set out a slice of pizza and record video when motion. Post video on YouTube. Collect money when get a million views or something.
  11. Eh, maybe he feels bad for kicking him off The Apprentice for not knowing some Harry Potter trivia. What's that compared to shaking down a children's hospital?