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  1. Yeah, Killarney was great. I did a jaunting car ride. Ross Castle is as photogenic as they come -- maybe the prettiest pictures I took on the trip (Cliffs of Moher and Ring of Kerry were too foggy).
  2. I know that I'm probably the lone one in here that cares about GW basketball, but Deadspin with some great reporting here on what happened that forced Mike Lonergan out right after winning the NIT championship. I remember getting some pushback in here from the 1-2 people who probably care in here when I defended Lonergan and blamed the AD. Story seems to confirm everything that I've thought about what happened (Longeran complained about some of the AD's activities, AD retaliated by leaking stuff to WaPo that made Lonergan sound worse than he was). Pretty sad to see what has happened to the program since -- as we begin the year with home losses to Stony Brook and Siena (road loss to UVA more forgivable), and with no young recruiting talent in sight.
  3. Good thing they had a bone saw on hand in case persuasion and force was not enough for a 15-member special forces team to get Khashoggi to Saudi Arabia.
  4. Don Quixote

    Wealthiest Fictional Character

    Hugh Hefner - Robe. Howard Hughes - Naked recluse. ...Seems to check out.
  5. That is a pretty solid itinerary. I'd try to find a way to fit Glendalough in there too if you could (ancient monastic site about an hour south of Dublin). I'm not sure what I'd cut out though, as it's not really on the way to the other sites.
  6. Don Quixote

    Wealthiest Fictional Character

    It did not seem close to me either, but the Twitter poll that I saw on this question was pretty close -- Scrooge McDuck is currently tied with Tony Stark there at around 35% each. Maybe it's just that those millenials are unfamiliar with Scrooge McDuck.
  7. Jake Tapper had this as a Twitter poll earlier today, and it seemed like worthy FFA debate content. I went for Scrooge McDuck.
  8. Don Quixote

    2019 Baseball Hall of Fame Thread

    Jay Jaffe had a good breakdown of the Today's Game nominees. He mentioned David Cone and Bret Saberhagen as a couple left off. I don't think either are HOFers, but I'd have put them above some of the nominees (including Hershiser). Cone in particular. But maybe Saberhagen too, since it's an odd-numbered year.
  9. I don't really see why they are even similar. Part of the way Disney makes money is by people buying their PhotoPass/Memory Maker stuff. If I paid the exorbitant fee that Disney charges for that, I'd be displeased if I got back to look at my picture, and some jackhole was holding up an obnoxious sign (no matter what it said). I'm not sure what Kaepernick would be obstructing my view of.
  10. My wife has a Vitamix that she enjoyed using for, like, two weeks.
  11. Don Quixote

    A discussion on WAR

    He did remind me of Immanuel Kant.
  12. Don Quixote

    What Song Title Best Describes Your Last Fart?

    This thread just got me googling the video of Mr. Methane farting The Blue Danube. What song your last fart sounds like may be a different thread though.
  13. Don Quixote

    What Song Title Best Describes Your Last Fart?

    Blowin’ in the Wind.
  14. Don Quixote

    Will Trump face a serious primary challenge?

    Going against a sitting President in a primary is almost always never going anywhere, but if I was a serious candidate, I still think there's an outside shot Trump just takes his ball and goes home, and run on the chance that he'll give up rather than fight for the nomination again. He clearly hates the job (which was clear even before the LA Times story today). His principal motivation for running seemed to be to get the like of Seth Meyers to stop making fun of him, but he's just a bigger laughingstock to everybody. His ego can't really handle defeat -- why risk going out with a crushing loss, when he can go out "on top" and say that he would have won re-election, but wants to spend more time with his family (or whatever his make-believe excuse is). It would not be the most predictable thing that Trump has done, but not the most unpredictable thing either.