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  1. Manhattan tonight with High West Double Rye.
  2. I haven’t heard of this one. I enjoy a good tracking shot. Will have to give it a look.
  3. Former Auburn coach Pat Dye. Pat Dye, who was head coach of the Auburn football team from the 1981 season through the 1992 season, died on Monday at the age of 80. Dye has been hospitalized in recent weeks for complications regarding his kidney functions. The coach had also tested positive for Covid-19.
  4. Watched Hustlers this weekend. It was okay, but I think a bit over-hyped given the J-Lo Oscar buzz (or the Scorsese with strippers comparison). Plot just seemed kind of predictable and derivative. Women using sex for money was done better pre-Code — I’d rather watch something like Barbara Stanwyck in Baby Face or Jean Harlow in Red-Headed Woman.
  5. I need to figure out something to reduce my costs. I’ve got the Comcast-Xfinity Digital Preferred Plan through cable company that I signed up for a long time ago, which includes HBO, Showtime, and The Movie Channel. I’ve also now got Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Disney+. Maybe I do the HBO Max and then drop the HBO, Showtime, and The Movie Channel tier (I can’t remember last time I watched Showtime or The Movie Channel anyway). I did like when everything was in one place on cable. Now my son asks for a train show/videos, and I have to go three different app/inputs until I find what he wants (which lately, and I’m sure you’d appreciate, has often been videos of the New Mexico Rail Runner on YouTube).
  6. It looks like it is available to stream on Chromecast, but not Fire Stick. I think I have a Chromecast in the closet somewhere (found the Fire Stick easier, and the remote makes it easier for my wife and I to tag team my 4 year old’s video of the moment while trying to work and show him different options on the screen versus just casting).
  7. I need to look into. I have HBO and HBO Go through my cable provider. Maybe I’ll switch if they get it through the Fire Stick.
  8. I would agree. It has some major flaws but the dogfighting scenes still hold up and the overall production value is tremendous. There is one camera shot that zooms in through like 7 different tables at a nightclub and right to a close up of the protagonist that is one of the best shots I’ve ever seen. I watched Wings this weekend, and agree with the takes here. Some incredible shots and scenes. Effects are amazing for a 1927 movie. Story is a bit weak though. I'd probably put The Big Parade above it, as far as American WWI silent movies go (if that's a narrow enough criteria of films to rank).
  9. That sounds good. But I guess will need some grapefruit juice. I’ve got lemon juice on hand, so may do the Bee’s Knees or a Gold Rush tonight unless something else strikes me.
  10. Debating making some honey simple syrup. I have some good local honey that I bought when I was in NM last year that I could use. What are the suggested cocktails for it? I do like a Bee’s Knees. I use plain simple syrup for stuff like old fashioneds and Sazeracs. Honey syrup work just as well/better?
  11. Definitely a lot of outside stuff going. Here’s a video of a black protestor yelling at a couple of whites spray painting “BLM” on a building.
  12. I was just joking about my own lack of a sweet swing when I was a kid, despite being a lefty.
  13. Washington, DC had a 20 year drought between a conference finals appearance from any of the four major sports teams (ended during the Caps run to the Cup a couple of years ago). There were some plenty lean years across all four in the early to mid 2000s pre-Ovechkin.