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  1. My wife told me that she wants a shirt that says “I have had sex and Jesus still loves me”. Next episode is what I watched, and the guy went total nutso.
  2. I ended up getting on the Criterion thing. Ordered Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights and Modern Times. Interested to see the restoration that Criterion has done on those. I think the 4K transfer is what I watched of “The Kid” on TCM not too long ago, and that was pretty incredible. I’m continuing the silent theme, currently watching “Metropolis.” ...Agree with love of Ghost World. I remember getting on the Scarlett Johansson bandwagon pretty early (talking about her acting skills) when that movie came out.
  3. Left on ABC after Jeopardy and Bachelorette came on. The start of this episode was pretty wild. This guy that just came back on with a ring in his pocket after being eliminated, and refusing to leave after she told him repeatedly to go away, is a freaking psycho. I hope for her safety that she does not need to get a restraining order some day.
  4. My Detroit trip was about 10 years ago for a wedding, and I'm sure has changed a lot since then. I did not get a whole of time to explore. I spent a day at the Henry Ford, and did a bit of the riverwalk (which I think was still under development back then) from the hotel. Stayed downtown next to GM headquarters.
  5. Traverse City does look pretty nice. The only place in MI that I've been to is Detroit. I'd love to get over to TC and Mackinac some day.
  6. No <10,000 requirement. I said, "These are all under 10,000 in population, but no set rules here." So, feel free to keep Brunswick, ME on the list. As I mentioned in the OP, big fan of Maine coastal towns. Brunswick and Boothbay Harbor in the mid-coast region are places that I'd like to stop at in my next Maine trip.
  7. Cool, thanks. I'll check into adding that to the itinerary. I was just looking at the church and town; it looks like it would be a good place to stop. I'm going to see if I can find that bar with darts. I think we are spending two nights in Chama, and it looks like a pretty dead place besides the train.
  8. What's good in Chimayo? Looks like I'm driving to/from ABQ and Chama for the Cumbres & Toltec Railroad in the fall (my wife hails from ABQ, and my son loves trains). I've spent a lot of time in Santa Fe and Los Alamos close to the route, and could use a new spot to see.
  9. Yeah, we were looking this past weekend because had the day care from 4:30-8:30. Ended up just picking up some carryout and watching a movie On Demand because at least it was free to watch. Poorly timed as I'm looking forward to "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood," but that will probably have to wait for awhile now.
  10. I enjoyed GM's thread, but as it seemed to focus more on big cities to visit, I thought I'd start a companion thread for smaller ones. I'm more personally drawn to smaller towns/cities (maybe living in a city has me interested in vacationing outside one), particularly ones in the mountains or on the coast. The ungodly heat on the east coast has me wishing I was in a mountain town right now, and thought I'd start a thread so I can dream of places to go. My list is mostly east coast because that is mostly what I have explored. These are all under 10,000 in population, but no set rules here. Deadwood, SD - Deadwood itself has pretty good history going back to the Black Hills Gold Rush. The Black Hills is rich in activities to drive around and see -- Mount Rushmore, Badlands National Park, Custer State Park, Devils Tower, Needles Highway, Crazy Horse Memorial, and Wind Cave come to mind as all places that are under a 2 hour drive away. Deadwood is pretty good base, but other places to stay in the area (e.g., Custer, SD and Rapid City, SD for a bit of a larger city). I spent a week in that area, and could have stayed longer. Stowe, VT - A winter ski destination, but lots of hiking and other activities in the summer. Some good breweries in the vicinity (Alchemist is in Stowe), and other places to see. You can drive to the top of Mount Mansfield in Stowe. Ben & Jerry's not far in Waterbury (I grabbed some cider donuts at Cold Hollow when I driving through Waterbury on my way to a wedding in Rutland last month). Chester Arthur's birthplace is a bit outside town, but worth the drive for any fellow history nerds. But I really just loved sitting outside with a book, a beer, and a great view of the mountains. Camden, ME - Camden probably has the most beautiful harbor that I've ever seen, with Mount Battie providing either a picturesque backdrop or a great place to take pictures from. Good place to set sail on a cruise on a windjammer. I could name any number of towns while driving up and down the Maine coast; lots of great small towns to visit there. North Conway, NH - Pretty good base to explore the White Mountains, and drive or take the cog railway up to the top of Mount Washington. Conway Scenic Railroad is another good way to see the White Mountains. "Story Land" is a solid amusement park nearby for little kids. Laurel Highlands, PA - More of a region than a town. I stayed at Nemacolin resort in Farmington, and loved it and the area. Activities around include Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater and Kentuck Knob homes, Ohiopyle State Park (with hiking and white water rafting), and Fort Necessity Battlefield. A bit of a longer drive, but the Flight 93 Memorial is pretty moving to see while in the area as well. I had a lot of good stops in on my Alaskan cruise a few years ago, but I didn't really spend enough time in any town to form a complete picture. I'll put down Ketchikan as an honorable mention (considering Juneau too big).
  11. I have little interest in remakes/sequels/franchise movies. I'm a bit frustrated with what is at the movie theatres these days. My kid's daycare sponsors a "parents night out" on Saturday nights once a month ($20 for about 4 hours, which is pretty nice deal). The 4 hours would work perfect with a movie (and we want something with A/C given the weather), but, the last couple of months, we have found nothing of interest to even bother going to the theatre for. We usually find some good options around November and December (and then we need to decide which of 4-5 movies to see that weekend), but the summer seems to be a dead zone. It seems like they hold the more critically acclaimed stuff to closer to awards season. I think a studio could make some pretty good money by being the only game in town for that in the summer. But I'm sure their models say otherwise. (Get off my lawn.)
  12. A couple of films this weekend... A Star is Born (2018) - It was pretty solid, but I think I had too much spoiled for me. If I watched it in the theatre, the concert performance of "Shallow" probably would have had a bit more impact, but, as is, I think I've seen it about 1,000 times before watching the movie, so it loses a bit of its luster. And, while I haven't seen any of the predecessor films, the plot is pretty familiar. I enjoyed it enough for a not too deep weekend movie to watch with a bottle of wine, but just nothing eye-opening. Pandora's Box (1929) - I thought I had seen this movie before (I went through a Weimar silent movie phase back in college), but, as I watching it, I felt less confidence in that. Louise Brooks is so great and seductive in it, and you can see influences in cinema all the way down to Uma Thurman's character in Pulp Fiction. It holds up to its reputation as one of the great films from the silent film era. I was out Saturday night in DC for the moon landing celebration on the Mall. I recorded First Man on HBO and Apollo 11 on CNN that night. Going to have to watch both off the DVR.