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  1. He had 2 touches in the 1st half with #7 throwing 50 yard picks in this last game. He wasn't gassed last week and could easily have carried more that 7 times. He may not get quite that much as he did in the first month, but he could handle a McCaffrey type load and score 400+ easily.
  2. Kamara #1 in PPR if no Ingram. He's the best RB per touch. How quickly we forget how the first month of the season went with no Ingram on the team. Barkley/Elliot/Gurley/McCaffrey are all on the same tier after that. You could make a case all 5 of them are in the same tier, but they all scored about the same this season, Kamara having a significantly smaller amount of touches. THis last game a is a perfect example. Kamara scored 26 in ppr this week with 11 touches. Without Ingram on the team Kamara was on pace for 500+ points. None of the other guys could score like this with so few touches and he's bigger than McCaffrey. ETA you could throw Chubb in there too.
  3. Because its the NFL and this is a RB. THis is why they dont pay guys like Bell the big bux. A guy can come in off the street at RB and kill it.
  4. Wow this was almost a disaster. Thank God for last minute heroics.
  5. Welp he hit his floor again at 15 points. Better than my alternative of Gronk who got the fat zero this week. Thanks Yahoo! (and Samuels)
  6. RIP. So glad Samuels worked out at TE or I woulda been toast this week.
  7. Seems like C.J. Anderson, a guy off the street kinda proved my point for me. Throw anyone in there. However, Ingram is no Kamara. Kamara had so few touches this last game and still somehow produced. Hes back to scoring 40ppg if Ingram isn't on this team next year.
  8. He had 2 touches in the first half. Amazing he had as many points as he did. Peyton set him up to fail this game. Gonna be glad when Ingram is gone and its just Kamara as the main guy next season (hope). ETA Peyton will probably find a way to get number 7 all the carries. He's too smart for his own good.
  9. Josh Allen is my only other QB which i picked up in case of emergency. I'd be hard pressed to start him over Luck any week, certainly this one. Last week was brutal though. Still 99% sure I start luck unless someone can talk me out of it.
  10. There's really only one thing left to say on this situation ...
  11. Risky if Conner starts. Now Conner could start, but then re-aggrivate the injury in which case Samuels will do fine most likely, plus even if Conner plays he will not be in football shape and most likely need help this week. It would then be TD dependent so just like almost all the other TEs. I would place him behind the big 5 TEs. IF he starts he is TE1 based on his floor more than his ceiling. Ugh the TE floor is brutal this year.
  12. All this logical "evidence" of so and so won me my game this week and he beat the team with so and so is rather meaningless. My only knock is Kamara dissapointed on that 1 on 1 with the corner in the open field early in the game. He needs to work that out on grass and improve his grass game. I feel like at home on the fast track he jukes that guy out of his shoes and scores a 2nd TD. In my mind I would rather have Kamara. Gurley has more miles and the mileage is much more punishing per touch than Kamara's, and is showing wear. When Kamara was used like a bellcow for the 1st 4 games of the season he handily outscored Gurley with less touches (PPR). Ingram will be gone next season (I think) and we could be returning to the Kamara we all knew and loved in the first month of the season with Ingram on suspension. If Kamara carries the load like that Gurley will not keep pace. Bottom line on a per touch basis Kamara has shown more and has not had a slump type season (like Gurley who needs system support for his style of rushing more than Kamara does) and next year should have more opps similar to the 1st month of the season this year. If Kamara who has a similar build to McCaffrey can get McCaffrey type touch volume I have no doubt he will outscore Gurley.
  13. He handily outscored Luck this week (who would have cost me the game had I not also played vs Brees) and has a nice floor it seems. What are the chances Brees/Luck both give single digit performances in the same week while this guy outscores both? 1 in a zillion I suspect.
  14. Welp, had Gronk and Cook on my bench getting 3 points this week. They both outscored Samuels last week but its all about the floor baby. I must also mention that he outscored Kittle, Kelce and Ertz and every other TE for that matter. I'm sure I am not the only one that enjoyed this week for a variety of reasons. Cheat code delivered. ETA: Honestly I consider this another floor type game from him. Imagine when the mutli TD games come. Conner should take another week off.