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  1. I hear that there is a QB workout scheduled this weekend. Pitt should be interested.
  2. Favored to win by 41 points last week over an ownerless team who was drawing dead at two positions (Thielen, McCoy). Still managed to lose by 0.6 points. I blame Kupp.
  3. Be wary of the 1st round pick with an early bye week. It will put you at an immediate disadvantage against a divisional opponent when that player sits.
  4. Missed reads and patience with play development can be coached and improve as a player becomes more familiar with the offense. I am much more concerned about the accuracy on downfield passes (thrown behind the receiver). I think I read that he has average/below-average arm strength, and we might be seeing evidence of that. I’m still willing to wait it out and see how he progresses. He is moving the chains and making some plays when he needs to. It’s too early to write him off.
  5. I'm confused. As a Steeler fan, should I be rooting for the Patriots tonight? I can't remember the last time I did that.
  6. I expect that we'll get Miami's very best effort. The Dolphin players have been savoring this chance to win a game against a beatable opponent on a national stage. It would provide a reprieve from the tanking jokes (at least for a little while). Steelers better not be looking past the Dolphins. All that being considered, I think Diontae Johnson makes a name for himself tonight.
  7. I'm contemplating dropping Edmonds (in redraft) now. Not willing to hold on to him through this injury only to split time with DJ and Drake.
  8. How does this impact Julio’s value on the Falcons? No change?
  9. Snell would not be interesting if you watched the preseason. He was a huge disappointment.
  10. You were not impressed by the computer graphic of boats representing QB starts for the Steelers?
  11. This. The unexpected Watkins and Pats surge dismantled me in weeks 1 & 2. You can’t spot your opponent 35 easy points and hope to win. I would be 0-3 also if not for Wilson and Ingram helping me out in week 3.
  12. If the Giants are smart, they should pick up a RB that excels at pass protection to protect their new QB investment.
  13. Who are the best rage-drop candidates? Moncrief? Ballage? Reed? Doyle? Rudolph? Coutee? I’m not sure I would want any of these potential drops.