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  1. After everything, weren’t he, Marianne & Gravel the only ones to endorse Bernie? I think his was just a ‘#### you’ to Mike Bloomberg too, lol.
  2. She ran out of money because her campaign did not connect with voters. It wasn’t a great finish for someone with considerable hype going in.
  3. The reason society has gotten this way, is because Republicans and Democrats sold us out. We went from a solid democratic state to corporate oligarchy in a very short time. The Bush administration really catalyzed all of this after 9/11. This was the pretext that made President Trump possible, unlike other instances where he was basically laughed out of the election cycle. This was decades in the making, it didn’t just fall from the sky. There will not be peace and levity again until this state of mass suffering is addressed in a serious way. Unfortunately, what people call “centrist, moderate” policies are actually extremely warped (endless wars, mass govt spying, bank bailouts, regulatory capture, drone killings, torture, CIA coups around the world, 700B military budgets- this is “bipartisan” now) and ultimately led to this point.
  4. They are running out of pro-Israel Democrats that supported the Iraq War and subsist off the bones of the poor. Lieberman?
  5. LETTER FROM LONDON: The Surreal US Case Against Assange
  6. His name was Christopher Wallace- which certainly isn’t made less confusing by the fact that Christopher Wallace is tomorrow’s debate moderator. Edited for clarity ^
  7. Kamala sends her condolences to Notorious BIG
  8. Pro-war Democrats moving on up Hawkish Dem Sherman is Next in Line to Replace Engel as Foreign Affairs Chairman Rep. Brad Sherman, the California Democrat who is next in line based on seniority to replace Engel and is one of the candidates jockeying for the position, doesn’t promise a radical departure from the norm on international issues—and his positions are backed up with cash from the defense industry and backers of Israel. The Foreign Affairs Committee jurisdiction covers war powers and the deployment and use of United States Armed Forces, arms controls and exports, national security developments affecting foreign policy, and more, according to its website. Beth Miller, government affairs manager at Jewish Voice for Peace Action, was highly critical of Sherman’s record on the conflict in a statement to Sludge. “Rep. Sherman, like Rep. Engel, doesn’t believe Palestinians should be granted full human and equal rights,” said Miller. “This kind of racism is simply unacceptable in any Democratic leadership position. A Sherman chairmanship would put the House Foreign Affairs Committee directly at odds with rapidly growing progressive movements across the U.S. that are embracing demands for Palestinian freedom and to divest U.S. money from Israel’s violent oppression of Palestinians.” In 2017, Sherman co-sponsored a Republican resolution expressing opposing a United Nation’s resolution that said Israel’s settlements in Palestinian territories constitute a “flagrant violation” of international law. That same year he co-sponsored a bill from Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Ill.) to prohibit U.S. companies from joining boycotts against Israel. Sherman also voted for the Iraq War and opposed former President Barack Obama’s Iran nuclear deal.
  9. I'd like to see Biden on the record about Russiagate. He's not really had to weigh in on it but it made a lot of Democrats look like conspiracy kooks. I know Kamala Harris thinks the Colin Kaepernick controversy "wasn't a thing" until "the Russians started taking that on". It was pretty moronic to center this issue for 3 years, advance a warlike mentality against Russia, and ignore kitchen table issues that actually affect people's lives. Now everyone acts like it never happened.
  10. Day 14. This Sydney journalist has been doing good reporting on the hearings, too.
  11. Stephen Oldfield @PhiSteveO Replying to @kgosztola Kevin Gosztola has reported more on the Julian Assange extradition trial than the NY Times, WaPo, BBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, MSNBC have combined.
  12. Wow. Guess this guy doesn't know #### about politics either. Shame because it seems like he means well, even as he endorses a corporate ghoul with words like "truth, honesty, decency". I'd like to see this pitch get made to kids in Yemen that were blown up by Saudi weapons that Obama/Biden sold them, what their response would be. How meaningless and empty this crap must be to people that are invisible to "the rock" and Joe Biden supporters.