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  1. Mueller said he had “ties” to Russian intelligence, and “maintained those ties” in 2016, but didn’t elaborate beyond that. When asked why he didn’t charge Mifsud for lying to the FBI, after throwing the book at every other individual in the Trump orbit, Mueller stonewalled and obfuscated. The framing of George P’s relationship with Mifsud, the report is very careful to note, was that George had been operating under the impression Mifsud was somehow affiliated with Russian govt, not that Mifsud was an actual Russian agent. In testimony, Mueller didn’t even know what Fusion GPS was. There needs to be a real investigation of how this moronic conspiracy theory cane to dominate the news cycle for years. I’m doubtful that Barr/Durham will deliver.
  2. The whole point of US troops being in Syria, and the CIA's war against the Syrian people- with no declaration of war or congressional authorization of course- was to pave the way for a pipeline.
  3. People are allowed to question the pretext for unnecessary wars without being painted as "apologists". Even you must see how uncritical and powerserving that is.
  4. There was an interesting piece back in 2018, after AOC tweeted effusive praise for John McCain. The instant media superstardom always struck me as a little odd. The suspicions are not entirely without merit. While everyone else was going berserk about a socialist offering high praise for a man who famously bombed the living daylights out of socialist Vietnam, my eye was caught by that middle sentence. As a lifelong Rhode Islander, I have always had a front-row seat at the political circus known as the Kennedy family. For several terms, one of Teddy’s sons, the ne’er-do-well Patrick, was one of our Congressional representatives. The Kennedy machine blended backroom compromises, cigars, and premium scotch (a tradition since Grandpa Joe imported it during Prohibition). The family brand is generally seen as progressive – i.e. anti-poverty, pro-choice – but Ted was an avid promoter of neoliberal favorites like deregulating aviation, telecom and trucking. An internship in Ted’s office was a great career booster in government agencies and/or the Democratic Party. And it would seem from her Tweet about McCain that Ocasio-Cortez was well acquainted with the sausage-making procedurals of Washington lawmaking. This has all the markers of a Kennedy production. Ocasio-Cortez worked in Kennedy’s office from early 2008, when she was 19, until his death in the summer of 2009. Prior to that, she was active in the National Hispanic Institute’s Lorenzo de Zalvala Youth Legislative Session. In the press she’s seen as someone who was radicalized by the Bernie Sanders campaign, but this is the resumé of someone who wanted to run for public office as a teenager. I’d even have to wonder if she joined DSA because she saw a wellspring for free interns and staff for a campaign she has been planning since the Dubya administration. Certainly the “miracle primary victory” narrative is partly mythological horse ####. AOC had connections within the Democratic Party and would have been able to target a vulnerable but liberal district like Joe Crowley’s. (Yes, no matter what, he’s obviously way worse.) That’s the MO of a Kennedy operation top-to-bottom, I’ve watched them do it forever. That’s not to say she has been pretending to be a poor bartender this whole time just to co-opt the progressive movement as a trojan horse for the corporate wing of the Dem party. But it does raise questions about whether she’s more of a political creature than she’s been billed as on the surface. She has certainly been a disappointment to people that were hoping for an actual leftist.
  5. Don’t really care about her position on abortion, don’t care about her beliefs growing up under a homophobic dad, agreed on her current ties to far right figures. Anyone who thinks the US’ reasoning for being over there has ####all to do with human rights or protecting people from genocide (while Obama and Trump actively supported the Saudi genocide in Yemen, and sat on their dead asses while Israel genocides Palestinians) needs to read a news article or something. We supported Al Qaeda in Syria. Al Qaeda! Honestly, what a truly ignorant understanding of the world that is.
  6. Come on now. I dig up dirt on all the neoliberal shills, not just the frontrunners.
  7. Tulsi was right about DC regime-changers ❤️ Al Qaeda. Memories aren’t just short here, they’re zapped MiB-style on a regular basis.
  8. Thanks Maurile. I disagree with your premise but appreciate the response. Tulsi wasn't the only one who didn't understand why Assad would cross the 'red line' when he was already winning the war and had everything to lose- a former British ambassador to Syria did also, as well as an Admiral of the Royal Navy and many others. ‘If Assad is removed and overthrown, ISIS, al Qaeda, Al Nusra, these Islamic extremist groups will walk straight in and take over all of Syria ... they will be even stronger,’- wasn't she correct? That's exactly what would have happened. Thinking a Syria regime change overthrow is a disaster waiting to happen isn't the same thing as thinking Assad is great. She's clearly saying she doesn't see it as favorable to the US to turn another country into an ISIS/AQ wasteland, like we did in Iraq and Libya.
  9. Most of the links in here aren't to the network or article itself, but a user commenting on them in a 'fair use' sense. I just flipped through the thread, the only MSM links I saw were Saints linking to an Atlantic piece, Saints linking to a Chuck Ross tweet which linked to a DC article which linked to a NYT piece, and a post I made linking to WaPo (which was them criticizing MSNBC). Not seeing your argument where people hear why CNN sucks and then feel driven to go check out CNN. Now, if you want to talk about viewers feeding MSM, you might talk about @timschochet. I'm pretty sure he watches Fox News everyday, just to come here and complain about how awful Fox News is.
  10. Yeah- there's like this tv entertainer intangible Trump has that 99% of politicians don't. They like that he's an insult comic. They like that he's flippant about white house decorum. They like that he rails against the media and his political enemies. He's not a Rhodes scholar, and they're ok with that. Dems underestimate him at their own risk.
  11. Wonder if Tapper will find a way to #### on Palestinians tonight
  12. Who's going to CNN/FOX/MSNBC etc. on account of us talking about it? Who are these people that are becoming MSM viewers off of these posts? I don't think we're feeding anything.