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  1. Time's Person of the Year thing on journalists in danger includes the Ukrainian reporter who faked his own death but not the two Palestinian journalists who were killed by Israeli snipers while wearing press vests "Murtaja was one of five Palestinian journalists who were shot last Friday, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists"
  2. I don’t really buy that. How hard can it be to get a regular cell and treat her like a human being? I don’t see what she’s done to warrant that sort of treatment. I see it with Manafort maybe but not her. I’ve posted a lot about this sort of stuff in the ‘another killing’ police thread and more recently the justice system thread. I think it’s one of the few places where we actually agree.
  3. Dear Secretary General António Guterres, Dear President Lenin Moreno, Dear Prime Minister Theresa May, More than six years after the beginning of Julian Assange's arbitrary detention after having sought asylum in the Embassy and in view of the International Human Rights Day on December 10th, we are urging for the unceasing protection of the publisher and founder of Wikileaks, which has reported on war crimes and other serious abuses committed by governments. • We are concerned about Mr Assange's state of health and call on the governments of Britain and Ecuador to find a speedy solution. • We condemn the threat by the Ecuadorian government to deprive Assange of the asylum protection he received in the Embassy, while in the U.S., a sealed indictment has been issued against the Australian and Ecuadorian citizen. • We underscore the importance of the advisory opinion given by the Inter- American Court of Human Rights which commits the Ecuadorian state to work for the well-being of those who have sought protection in diplomatic missions. • We point out that the independent UN working group on arbitrary detention, the UNWGAD, has condemned the prosecution of Mr Assange as an arbitrary prosecution. Should Mr Assange be put on the street by Ecuador without legal protection and clarification of his situation, an extradition to an unpredictable government in the USA that seeks to prosecute him and potentially sentence him for life could probably no longer be prevented. The constant and unwonted threat from Britain and the United States, the years of arbitrary detention, the ongoing separation from his family, friends and loved ones, the lack of proper medical care, the most recent isolation of Mr Assange since March of this year; these are indeed very serious and egregious violations of Human Rights, in the heart of Europe. We therefore call for his immediate release, together with his safe passage to a safe country. Thank you in advance for your reply. Sincerely, Eva Joly, MdE, Member of the European Parliament, France Stelios Kouloglou, Member of the European Parliament, Greece Patrick LeHyaric, Member of the European Parliament, France Sahra Wagenknecht, Member of Parliament, Germany Gökay Akbulut, Member of Parliament, Germany Christine Buchholz, Member of Parliament, Germany Jörg Cezanne, Member of Parliament, Germany Javier Couso, Member of the European Parliament, Spain Sevim Dagdelen, Member of Parliament, Germany Diether Dehm, Member of Parliament, Germany Jose Inacio Faria, Member of the European Parliament, Portugal Takis Hadjigeorgiou, Member of the European Parliament, Cyprus Heike Hänsel, Member of Parliament, Germany Andrej Hunko, Member of Parliament, Germany Ulla Jelpke, Member of Parliament, Germany Sadet Karabulut, Member of the Dutch Parliament, Netherlands Kostadinka Kuneva, Member of the European Parliament, Greece Paloma Lopez Bermejo, Member of the European Parliament, Spain Gesine Lötzsch, Member of Parliament, Germany António Marinho e Pinto, Member of the European Parliament, Spain Fabio de Masi, Member of Parliament, Germany Marisa Matías, Member of the European Parliament, Portugal Ana Miranda, Member of the European Parliament, Spain Dimitrios Papadimoulis, Member of the European Parliament, Greece Helmut Scholz, Member of the European Parliament, Germany Eva-Maria Schreiber, Member of Parliament, Germany Maria Lidia Serna Rodríguez, Member of the European Parliament, Spain Barbara Spinelli, Member of the European Parliament, Italy Bart Staes, Member of the European Parliament, Belgium Alexander Ulrich, Member of Parliament, Germany Miguel Urbán, Member of the European Parliament, Spain Marie-Christine Vergiat, Member of the European Parliament, France Kathrin Vogler, Member of Parliament, Germany
  4. Straight from putin's mouth, wow you've really cracked the case dude. I wish other people on this board would call out this bull####. Ridiculous that this sort of smear tactic has been normalized now.
  5. A conspiracy to do what? What did she actually do that was wrong?
  6. If there's some inordinate crime against the US she committed that wouldn't have otherwise been permissible had she simply notified the AG of it, that warrants being held in solitary confinement and having her life destroyed in Western media, as if Jeff Sessions was a reliable last line of defense against inappropriate lobbying in this country, I'd sure love to know what it was. Just the latest casualty in order that people may continue holding on to a conspiracy theory.
  7. If they were doing what Butina apparently did, I'd call that person a lobbyist. If they were running reconnaissance or trying to weaponize intelligence in some way, I'd call them spies. It really hinges on the nature of the work they're doing, which is why I brought it up.
  8. I don't know. Espionage? I don't usually associate spycraft with gun rights advocacy and prayer breakfasts.
  9. Unfortunately, most of the figures who decide policy happen to be older men. It would really depend on what the agency was lobbying on behalf of. Is it to install a torture facility in the third world or to denuclearize the planet? How insidious it is really depends on the nature of the lobbying imo.
  10. That's what lobbying is though, when you explain it in the most patronizing and terse way possible. They network with people ("establish influence") to achieve their political aims ("further ______'s agenda"). So fine her, or deport her even. But don't lock her up in solitary confinement for several months because she didn't properly inform the AG of what she was doing. Part of the problem with overzealous prosecution is ascribing tall tale crimes and malicious intent to otherwise routine activities that happen literally all of the time in Washington, and not always for a bad reason. Look I'm not here to defend the practice of lobbying or something. But this character assassination and neoMcCarthyist take on Butina just seems really uncalled for and draconian to me.
  11. Fun fact: once upon a time, Maria Butina was endorsed by board hero Alexei Navalny. Yasha Levine ‏@yashalevine "Maria Butina lobbies for gun rights and is practically the only candidate running a good election campaign...[she's] worthy of your support." — Alexei Navalny, the liberal anti-Putin politician much admired by progressive American journalists. (He's a gun rights nut, too.)
  12. I don't think Butina was much more than a gun industry lobbyist. Think it's kind of shameful the way she's been locked up in solitary confinement, accused of trading sex for power etc. It's gross really. There is no evidence to indicate she was working as a spy. Seems like the extent of her crimes was not notifying the AG of her lobbying activities and being Russian.
  13. Obviously I don't really believe in electoral politics. But if I did, I'd wish for the end of office terms as we know them. If a politician sucks and goes back on their campaign promises, voters should be able to change their preference immediately. They should be held accountable to voter preference every waking second of every day, not once every 2/4 years.
  14. David Axelrod‏ @davidaxelrod @RahmEmanuel: "I don't think you can make it to the Oval Office without being a good politician. And whatever you want to say-and I am in violent disagreement with this president-he was a better politician than Hillary." #AxeFiles on @CNN