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  1. ren hoek

    The Car Guy Thread

    Hey carguys My 2000 bmw’s ‘EMI’ light came on while I was changing lanes and all of a sudden I couldn’t accelerate. I was flooring the pedal and just sort of stuck at like 40mph in highway traffic. The oil indicator came on too but I don’t think I’m due for that yet, and that light seems to go off and on anyway. 212k miles. The engine temperature gauge was normal. I just had the battery replaced 2 days ago. I pulled over, turned on my emergency blinkers and sat on the side of the road for a few minutes. I decided to drive it to a bmw service center and drop it off. Now that it’s there, and I’m getting diagnostics on the car for $135, should I just move forward with the repairs at the bmw service center or is there a better option I should look at? I feel like the dealerships always try to ring people up but I didn’t really know where else I could take it. I could ostensibly drive it elsewhere and have a good grip on what kind of service I’ll need to fix it. What do? Just go through with it? I’m leaning towards it, just wanted to make sure I’m not missing something here.
  2. ren hoek

    I’m with Pelosi

    Pelosi and her failed brand of politics is how we got Trump. Oh well, time to double down!
  3. ren hoek

    I’m with Pelosi

    Pelosi is completely bought and oversaw the Dems losing a gazillion seats to the worst GOP of all time. Another Israel-first neoliberal drenched in corporate cash. She's worth a hundred million dollars. This country doesn't need more out of touch millionaires. Get her out of there
  4. ren hoek

    Board Software Upgrade

    Did someone choose these reaction icons or are they an invision preset? Granny tier emojis
  5. ren hoek

    I LOVE Elizabeth Warren: All aboard - WOO WOO!!!

    I'm not even that hung up on it to be honest. Squistion brought it up to split hairs over the broader point I was making about 'claiming her heritage,' then turning her back on actual Native Americans at DAPL.
  6. ren hoek

    I LOVE Elizabeth Warren: All aboard - WOO WOO!!!

    "Warren changed her listed ethnicity to Native American in December 1989, nearly three years after she was hired as a white woman by the University of Pennsylvania Law School." It appears Warren did, in fact, claim to be Native American. edit: @squistion
  7. ren hoek

    I LOVE Elizabeth Warren: All aboard - WOO WOO!!!

    here ya go:
  8. ren hoek

    I LOVE Elizabeth Warren: All aboard - WOO WOO!!!

    In doing so, she demonstrates a toxic Democratic mindset—one that believes you can Change Minds among moderate Republicans if only you can toe that fine line between “tough” and “civil.” That you can appeal to the better angels of conservative nature, and that, in fact, the masculine center-right is the group most worthy of your attention, rather than the great numbers of non-voters, progressives, and working poor that are yearning for representation from a party that long ago left them behind. This is the cardinal sin of Warren's whole gambit: She engaged with a group of people who are acting in bad faith. The voters who support them are acting in bad faith. They don't care about the truth of her Native American ancestry—they only want to make her defensive, they only want to rattle her, and they only want power. You cannot “out-fact” them, because the fundamental drive behind their bad faith is not based in logic or reason, but in a visceral urge to abuse, humiliate, and dominate. Make no mistake: Republicans are gleeful that Warren was dumb enough to engage with them. She just ensured that a marginal story is going to dog her for every step of her national political life. Elizabeth Warren Is Done
  9. ren hoek

    I LOVE Elizabeth Warren: All aboard - WOO WOO!!!

    Wouldn't be so bad if she'd taken a stand on the Dakota Access Pipeline. You know, being Native American and all. She went out super weak
  10. ren hoek

    Board Upgrade - First after upgrade

    Sure. The load time on pages kind of blows but it's smooth sailing after that.
  11. ren hoek

    Board Upgrade - First after upgrade

    Yeah, that was the joke No I agree. Having to go to the actual post to see what the reaction was (even if it's simply a like) is annoying
  12. ren hoek

    Board Upgrade - First after upgrade

    I like the upgrade so far other than the blinding default theme. I notice I don't have to log in over and over again switching between PC/phone anymore, which is good. Think things will be cool once it gets fleshed out. 🎷
  13. ren hoek

    Board Upgrade - First after upgrade

    Here's a chrome extension that allows different dark themes. Real clean, simple. I like the retro one You can also exclude websites that you don't want it active on
  14. ren hoek

    Board Upgrade - First after upgrade
  15. ren hoek

    Board Upgrade - First after upgrade

    Basketball forum is fine