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  1. Blackouts in Venezuela. The blackout occurred a day before the mass protests the failing Juan Guaido called for - “Everyone to Caracas!”
  2. I think the Democrats would be stronger on net if he stuck around. His resignation was a huge win for Republicans.
  3. He told me that his therapist had likened his experience to “what happens when primates are shunned and humiliated by the rest of the other primates.” Their reaction, Franken said, with a mirthless laugh, “is ‘I’m going to die alone in the jungle.’ ” In this news cycle, he probably would have been fine if he’d held out for a few weeks. But I respect that he was sensitive to it and let his political career go.
  5. You know, I really don’t object to most of this. The thing is, the progressive left is in the limelight right now; the right/libertarian circles like Ron Paul, Daniel McAdams, Justin Raimondo (RIP), Scott Horton, The American Conservative folks have fallen out of favor. Trump co-opted this segment of the population in much the same way Obama co-opted Democrats who opposed war when Bush was in office. The libertarians don’t have a compelling figure in US politics right now, while leftists have Bernie. I think that’s why it’s a lot more subdued than it used to be. Most of them are critical of Russia hysteria and Mueller worship, and rightly discard it for the security state trash that it is. Most of them are critical of the US/Israel relationship. Most of them are critical of the War Party. There’s a lot of common ground there. So I look Chomsky-adjacent, which I guess I am, but I don’t agree with collectivist economics at all. I’m just an independent anarchist who thinks markets work.
  6. Isn't Bernie overwhelmingly popular with the youths? Most popular politician in America still? I think people get excited more by ideas than whatever identity mold the person fits into.
  7. So here's Vicky Ward, author of the "I Tried to Warn You About Sleazy Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein in 2003" piece on the Daily Beast, writing about Epstein & Maxwell in 2011.
  8. I'm not on the right. People post tweets on here all the time. The problem isn't posting tweets, it's the substance. I'd hazard a guess that the tweets you post are annoying because they're uniformly partisan (and I might add, low info in general).
  9. We should also make sure not to confuse disingenuous smears of her positions and beliefs, with genuine disagreement on her actual policies and views. The antisemitic remarks that Ilhan Omar never made have swiftly become a commonly accepted myth.
  10. In much of the corporate media coverage of Iran, they fail to mention how: -Iran has been in the crosshairs of Western imperialism for decades -Iran has seen many of its neighbors invaded/destroyed/occupied by U.S. forces -sanctions make life hell for ordinary Iranians
  11. By the way, I never had a problem with you posting tweets on here. I think Twitter's a useful platform for information. It's kind of weak to post about Maddow's ratings, or whatever clapback one of your slay kweens did, but I never had a problem with it. Abunimah is the editor for electronicintifada, and has spent most of his career covering the Palestine/Israel issue. It's an issue that the actual left has been coming around on for a long time now. But because he criticizes Democrats you're going to write him off rather than engage on substance. Very lame
  12. The attacks on @IlhanMN are of course racist, sexist, xenophobic and Islamophobic. But if she were a Black woman like @condoleezzarice or @ambassadorrice, or Muslim like @realzalmaymk, who served & supported US empire & the status quo, she would be rewarded instead of attacked. In other words, the threat @IlhanMN poses to the system is not that she is Black and Muslim and in Congress. It is that she is Black and Muslim and using her position in Congress to speak out against US militarism and support for Israel. If @IlhanMN were content to be a show piece for "diversity," quietly going along with whatever garbage @SpeakerPelosi told her to go along with, she would be celebrated and rewarded. But her unforgiveable crime in eyes of regime elites is actually to represent people. I don't support every position @IlhanMN takes, but her courage is real and she's getting bolder. I hope she's realizing that the price they make you pay for 1/100th of your convictions is the same as they make you pay for all your convictions. So might as well stand for something
  13. The consensus appears to be that Trump is far and away the worst president of all time, and should get landslid by any reasonably palatable Dem in 2020. But I think he's extremely formidable going into 2020. He's the most popular president within his own party since WWII, with the exception of George Bush after 9/11. He will have the support of a multibillion dollar political machine. He's played the media like a fiddle; they're rolling in cash thanks to him and they appreciate it. They don't challenge him in a serious way so much as bathe in the ratings bonanza he gives them every night. Our culture is forever saturated with Trump. We're careening through a reality show and the press is asleep at the wheel. I'm convinced the Democratic party is so feckless, so unmoored by belief in an actual principle, that they would rather lose to Trump and please their mutual donor base than run someone that would actually challenge the system. The game is rigged and they're ok with it. Remember, the debates are just a thin veneer over a backroom process. The winner of the 2020 election will be the candidate seen as more populist, more antiestablishment. If Democrats run another milquetoast centrist again, they will lose. I don't think there's nearly as many people yearning for the good old days of "norms" as mass media likes to make us think. People will just stay home or vote Trump if they don't see a compelling alternative.