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  1. Julian Assange has been nominated for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize, by 1976 Prize-winner Mairead Maguire: "It is our duty as citizens to protect Julian’s human rights and freedom of speech as he has fought for ours on a global stage."
  2. But really, it’s long past time for Mueller to cut the #### already. We’ve humored this nonsense for long enough.
  3. ren hoek

    Venezuela Thread

    What was false about the program? Where did Dore deny the impact of sanctions? I watched it last night and didn’t notice anything out of line with what I’ve been saying. Mate’ has bylines at Democracy Now, The Nation, The Intercept, Vice. He did a lot of good work at The Real News as well. Maduro has not closed down the border to international aid. The Red Cross and UN have been providing aid for a long time. So have China and Russia. The bridge between VZ and Colombia was never opened since its construction in 2016 due to ongoing tensions between the two. If they actually want to deliver aid to Venezuelan people, and not just use it as a PR stunt to put cruise ships and military planes on the border and militarize the opposition like they’ve done over and over again to other regime change targets, they can go through the Red Cross or UN. They are right to be skeptical of this “aid”. Red Cross and UN have requested that they stop politicizing aid. Not only because it’s a cynical ploy to manufacture consent for an invasion, but because it endangers actual aid workers in high risk areas. Again, maybe you are right that the Maduro admin is collapsing under its own weight. But if they give a #### at all about Venezuelans they need to end the sanctions, return the $1.2 billion stolen by the Bank of England to the Venezuelan treasury, and work through neutral humanitarian orgs to administer aid and broker a peaceful transition. Guaido is just parroting Mike Pence with his ‘it is time for action, not dialogue’ talk. They’re not doing any favors to a diplomatic resolution either.
  4. ren hoek

    2020: The Race For the White House Gillibrand btfo
  5. ren hoek

    Venezuela Thread

    It really isn't. If you're going to mention how the bolivar has collapsed, at least acknowledge the impact western sanctions have had against VZ economy. That was the point of them all along- to economically strangle Venezuela into compliance with US interests. This isn't the first time that mainstream media has advanced a narrative that suited regime change goals. Maybe socialism in Venezuela would have collapsed under its own weight. It could be that Maduro is overwhelmingly unpopular entirely on his own. But the reason Maduro "has to go" all of a sudden (What if he doesn't? What if the Chavistas don't want him to? What is the opposition's real endgame here when their coup doesn't pan out?) is that US imperial interests- represented by Trump/Bolton/Rubio- see blood in the water. The Guaido wing of the opposition- itself opposed by other opposition parties that prefer democratic participation over strongarm tactics, backed by the US, begging for Abrams' "humanitarian aid," and looking to re-establish Venezuelan ties to the apartheid state of Israel- is incredibly unpopular itself. The majority of Venezuelans oppose US intervention, which Guaido is going out of his way to facilitate. Don't delude yourself into thinking an administration that talks about Latinos on the border like a violent infestation and backs Saudi Arabia's death and destruction in Yemen gives a crap about the wellbeing of Venezuelans. They want the oil. They want a US-subservient axis in Latin America. Bolton really couldn't spell it out any harder. That's a far greater threat to peace and stability in the region than Maduro could ever dream of.
  6. ren hoek

    Venezuela Thread

    Do you think this could have something to do with crushing sanctions and financial blockade against Venezuela? The US has no legitimate pretense for further crippling the Venezuelan economy this way. Sanctions kill.
  7. Pretty good thread on this here. It was definitely reported as fact by many outlets including CNN, at least on the surface.
  8. I’m going on record saying that making false attributions to people is wrong and you should stop doing it. Thanks.
  9. I haven’t talked about trump’s border security theatre at all. Care to post a link to what you’ve ascribed to me here? I’ll save you some trouble- you don’t have to bother finding these posts, because they don’t exist. It’s a fairytale in your head that you made up just now. A complete fabrication to assail my character, but really just lazy and ignorant. I’m one of the few people on this board who has expressed opposition to Trump’s regime change coup in Venezuela. For all the talk of how careless and reckless your opponents are with the facts, you sure do play fast and loose with them yourself.
  10. ren hoek

    ***Official*** Free Speech Thread

    Rania Khalek @RaniaKhalek Facebook has suspended all of @IntheNow_tweet's facebook pages, apparently in coordination w/ CNN, on the grounds that In The Now doesn't disclose who funds it (Ruptly). This is an outrageous standard that is not applied to other outlets, like NPR or AJ+. This is after weeks of CNN digging around to find dirt on us. We then reached out to CNN and let them interview us, which felt more like a police interrogation. The interviewer didn’t like my anti war political views, even attacked my criticism of Trump’s coup in Venezuela. CNN says it was alerted to @IntheNow_tweet by The German Marshall Fund, which receives funding from the US government. So here you have a US government funded outfit prompting CNN to help get us kicked off Facebook. This is a case where the US government has found a legal loophole to suppress speech, in this case speech that is critical of destructive US government policies around the world. Even if you hate what I say in my videos, you should be outraged by this speech suppression. CNN should be ashamed for helping the US government suppress speech they don’t like. They claim to be for a free and open media, but their behavior in coordinating with Facebook to shut down @IntheNow_tweet shows what bs that is. CNN isn’t state media, but it sure acts like it. One more thing: Facebook suspended us on the grounds we don’t disclose we receive funding from Ruptly, who’s parent company is RT . But this standard is not applied to NPR, AJ+ or TRT. It’s discrimination, part of a McCarthyist witch-hunt. On a side note, CNN kept asking if I have editorial control at @IntheNow_tweet (I do). The interviewer didn’t believe me. So I asked where Marc Lamont Hill’s editorial freedom was when CNN fired him 4 telling the truth about Israeli occupation of Palestine. Response was crickets
  11. The networks do lean left/centrist for the most part, until it’s Regime Change O’clock. Then they become mocking birds for the national security state, like little bunnies jumping into Trump’s lap. That’s the beauty of pretending they’re bold truthtellers in the age of Trump- people still believe it when they start pushing rank propaganda.
  12. Search function hamster appears to be taking a breather rn
  13. May as well have an ***official*** thread. Wikileaks @wikileaks ANNOUNCEMENT: Assange appoints Hrafnsson Editor-in-Chief after six months of effective incommunicado detention, remains publisher [background:]
  14. Ethereum is comparable to bitcoin. It's a similar makeup- a currency based on blockchain technology- but different in that applications built around it can facilitate smart contracts, tokens (subcurrencies that can denote ownership, stake, or membership), and a decentralized economy in general. "Smart cities," healthcare information, facial recognition apps, and exchanges of many different kinds will revolve around it. It's hard to explain really. One particular ethereum chain I'm fascinated by for example is the Basic Attention Token integrated into the Brave browser. Anyway I've been trading it during the day and following it to the point of being obsessive. Any eth traders around here? What kind of tokens you holdin? discord: coinbase referral shilling: binance referral shill: uphold referral shill: