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  1. Originally the expression "in part because of" was in there. Didn't think it was necessary. I figured people would get the point I was making without specifying Trump didn't win for that alone. Had I known people would interpret it in the most excruciatingly narrow way possible, then dismiss it as if Hillary being too warlike had nothing to do with her losing to a tv show host, I would have probably included it. You discard a well-reasoned study as "cherrypicking" (supported by the fact that military vets overwhelmingly supported Trump over Clinton). But yeah dude, I'm sure people wanted to escalate with russia over her emails!! That's what america craves!👍
  2. Well obviously not just Russia policy. But it was a factor just like anything else. Voters generally don't want war.
  3. The whole pretext for interviewing him was not Turkey or Saudi Arabia, but his contact with the Russian diplomat. But yes, I'd say those things were worthy of investigation. The most incriminating interaction Flynn had with Russia was his attempt to subvert Obama admin on a UN settlement vote, in favor of Israel. Somehow there was never a narrative about Trump's collusion with Israel. Well Trump is morally rudderless in general- whatever belief system might inform his views appears to play second fiddle to his own personal vanity. In Washington, the path of least resistance is to along with the national security state. There is a natsec/intelligence bureaucracy that is a lot bigger than the sitting president. Whatever resistance Trump might have posed to that was easily done in by public pressure of Russia conspiracy, which was out of control by that point. I don't know if you remember how pervasive that climate was around March of 17 but I do. It didn't really let up for 2 years. Of course he was bringing in people like Giuliani, Pompeo and Sheldon Adelson to the White House, so he was well predisposed to being a hawk. But he correctly recognized that ISIS/AQ were common enemies for US/Russia in Syria. They're a nuclear state with tons of strategic power in the region- why not pursue a friendlier relationship? It was one of the few areas where his foreign policy was a sensible departure from Washington consensus. So much for that.
  4. It's clear there was no reason for that call to raise suspicions. As incoming NSA, Flynn already knew it was being recorded. He was so unconcerned with the nature of the call that he allowed federal agents to blindside him about it without a lawyer. It was unthinkable to him that he was the target of an investigation over it. The incoming administration was allowed to have a different foreign policy approach. Trump won because he rejected Hillary Clinton's hawkish rhetoric on Russia- which was always a pet project of the same neocon circles that got us into Iraq. That's how Dems/Centrists found themselves carrying water for neocons like Bill Kristol & David Frum, apparently they have the memory and critical thinking skills of a goldfish. The net takeaway from the phone call is that Flynn was trying to ease tensions with a nuclear power. Wow, what a crime. The transition admin was set to assume control in 20~ or so days anyway. Barring some absurd application of the Logan Act, there was nothing criminal about Flynn's conversation with Kislyak. What the FBI & intelligence apparatus that leaked Flynn's phone call to David Ignatius did (presumably to push bogus narrative about Trump being a Russian agent- which again was being peddled by Hillary neocons long before mainstream Democrats fell for it) was criminalize foreign policy dissent. But a lot of people didn't feel like it was such a bright idea to dredge up confrontation with a nuclear power over emails & unproven "interference". Diplomacy with a nuclear power is more important than holding sour grapes for political elites that got embarrassed by true emails. Now that Trump is abandoning every arms control measure standing between us and another nuclear arms race with Russia, hopefully people have the intellectual honesty to see that. Hopefully they understand how dangerous it was to badger Trump by painting him as a Russian puppet- in effect pushing him to become a far right national security hawk. How any of this got twisted into some "treason" plot is completely delusional.
  5. @GravelInstitute George Floyd was murdered over a counterfeit $20 bill.
  6. Really cool playlist of lo-fi Nintendo songs with hiphop beats: Nintendo & Chill: Lo-Fi Hip Hop Beats Marcus D - Ghost Gang
  7. "Don Lemon and CNN are currently showing images of protests in Louisville & characterizing them as an extension of the protests that have grown in the wake of the murder of #GeorgeFloyd. There was no mention of #BreonnaTaylor or #KennethWalker, who are from Louisville." "@donlemon the protest in Louisville KY, is about Brianna Taylor" "Don Lemon just fumbled completely on CNN now, attributing the protests in Louisville Kentucky to George Floyd and not mentioning #BreonnaTaylor." This was last night when Don Lemon incorrectly attributed the Louisville protests to George Floyd's death. He was wrong- the protests were a response to Breonna Taylor's death.
  8. I had forgotten that she tore up some pieces of paper and pointed at him from across a table. I take it all back!
  9. @fightfortheftr URGENT: Late last night we defeated an attempt by @SpeakerPelosi to ram through a reauthorization of #FISA and #PatriotAct surveillance authorities. Now she's trying to use a "Conference Committee" in an end-run around her own party. TAKE ACTION: By moving this to conference,@SpeakerPelosi is explicitly threatening to weaken the bill even further, most likely by gutting the Lee/Leahy amendment. So to be clear, House Democrats are threatening to blow up protections specifically for journalists and religious minorities. This is an absolute disgrace. We know that #PatriotAct and #FISA surveillance programs have been repeatedly abused to target immigrant communities, journalists, activists, and religious groups. But @SpeakerPelosi and @RepAdamSchiff want to reauthorize them so bad they don't care. But here's the deal. WE CAN STILL STOP THIS. The House will have to vote on a procedural motion to allow @SpeakerPelosi to move to conference committee with the version the House passed in March (which has no added protections at all.) WE HAVE TO STOP THAT VOTE. Contact your House Reps RIGHT NOW and tell them to vote against allowing the the USA Freedom Reauthorization Act to go to conference committee. Don't let House leadership sneak this through and make surveillance even worse. Retweet and sound the alarm! // Sucks we have to jump through hoops to stop corrupt, out of touch millionaires like Nancy Pelosi from destroying the 4th Amendment (and handing unreal surveillance powers to Trump), but consider taking the time to contact your congressional reps about this.
  10. As VP, @JoeBiden called Julian Assange a "high-tech terrorist," helping set the stage for the US-UK prosecution of the publisher and the most pernicious assault on a free press in recent years.
  11. Matt McDonough @mattymcd The origin of 'when the looting starts, the shooting starts' is the notoriously racist Miami chief of police Walter Headley, from 1967.
  12. Libertarian Party nominated Jo Jorgensen on Saturday. Never heard of her until today. Would like to see a few more issues fleshed out but she certainly seems interesting.
  13. CNN falsely reports that people in Louisville are protesting over George Floyd. That's important too of course, but they are protesting the killing of Breanna Taylor- a medic killed in her own home by police officer serving a no-knock warrant on the wrong address.
  14. He told people to go vote in a pandemic. There’s no such thing as ‘not at risk of being exposed to covid-19.’ The elections were not “safe.” There were several reports that precincts weren’t given appropriate cleaning supplies, were understaffed, didn’t have enough polling locations (thereby centralizing hundreds of voters into small venues), weren’t sanitizing the voting booths. Now we find that in-person voting made the crisis worse, which everyone but Joe Biden could see coming a mile away. He’s in no position to lecture anyone about covid response.