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  1. The stuff about wearing a 'Make Speech Free Again' hat as her "small protest against cancel culture" was pretty cringe too. Not sure what to make of her motives or anything, I think she's genuine enough, but that stuck out in a "look at me" sense.
  2. That's because everyone already had an opinion of Trump. It's not like he could act like JFK or Obama and people would suddenly believe that's who he was- he was typecast to a very specific mold and played up the "outsider" role as best he could. He's been this way for 30 years, the womanizing, the real estate dealing, the outrageous comments, none of it was really out of character for him. But he tapped into a lot of popular resentment that people were feeling in a way George Bush's brother & a Clinton never could. It was because of that that people were willing to overlook his flaws. Even at his rallies he still rails against Official Washington, people love it.
  3. Bloomberg is worse than Trump
  4. Looks like a for the petehaters today Remember the golden age my friends, it was fun while it lasted
  5. This is really fascinating. I want it to be real, it would just be too comical. I wouldn't put it real far past a former Cuomo aide to pull some stunt like this. They already got caught using a stock photo of a Kenyan woman, and lying about the 400 black supporters for their Douglass Plan. But it's only fair to temper our expectations when countervailing evidence appears. I searched Lis Smith's timeline for instances of the word 'phase'. Apparently #PhaseFour is their 'go all out' strategy, outlined in this email. Nothing too crazy. I suppose it's conceivable that this Nigerian man is REALLY a huge Pete fan, and cut and pasted the first line of text from the campaign email and added 'Team Pete' before it, and just happens to really, really like Lis Smith a lot, and awaken at odd hours for a Nigerian, and post yiddish slang. It'd just be very bizarre. For what it's worth, two of the three workers at the IT firm that employs a Chinedu Ikpechukwu are Nigerian. Though Chinedu doesn't say anything to that effect on his 'about' page. I dunno- I look forward to hearing from our man Chinedu, hopefully he can clear this up!
  6. Walker Bragman @WalkerBragman Pete Buttigieg’s campaign falsely claimed the endorsements of 400 black South Carolinians. It falsely claimed the endorsement of Keegan-Michael Key. Now, senior advisor Lis Smith has been accused of engaging in digital blackface—running a fake Nigerian I mean, this is pretty bad.
  7. Could it be real? The lionheart...2@gmail fits the password reset. What to make of the 'Hey. It's Lis.' stuff though.
  8. Miguel Bloombergo @CarlDrogosen Come on David! Nigerians sprinkle Yiddish into their speech all the time! tonys ducks look, the nigerian jews have been through enough
  9. Joe Biden (Text Join to 30330) @JoeBiden No one needs an AR-15. Period. We have to get these weapons of war out of our communities. Vermin Supreme (TM) @VerminSupreme Text ok boomer to 30330
  10. I remember when people told us we were scared of Biden
  11. For all intents and purposes, he has joined the party. He backs the party's downticket candidates, he campaigns with its leadership, he always endorses the official D nominee. The artificial "D" designation doesn't have any bearing on his policies or actions in office, or his consistent backing for the party going back 30 years. I just don't follow why it's supposed to matter. It's a dumb, pointless qualifier that doesn't mean anything.
  12. If the stuff in that article is true- the Congressional Black Caucus members and any other lefty outfit he's paid off should withdraw their endorsement.
  13. Eric Umansky @ericuman “It’s a ####### baby! It doesn’t know the difference between you and anyone else,” Bloomberg yelled at an employee trying to find childcare. “All you need is some black who doesn’t have to speak English to rescue it from a burning building.”
  14. Sanders, for all his independent posturing, has actually been a pretty loyal servant of the Democratic party. He's endorsed the Democratic nominee for president every year since 1996. He builds grassroots support, then pushes it toward the Democratic establishment. The DNC doesn't attempt to primary him, and he hasn't lent his support to any kind of serious 3rd party movements going back to the early 90's. But most importantly, Sanders' policy views are much closer to the idea of traditional 'left' politics than Bloomberg. Party affiliation is a superficial nametag. Even I registered as a Democrat to vote for a candidate in the primary. It is completely meaningless. And to the extent people think it isn't, Bloomberg was a longtime Republican before going Independent. He spent $12 million to re-elect a Republican senator in 2016. It wasn't until 2018 that he registered as a Democrat. You don't find it cynical for Democratic leaders to endorse rightwing billionaires who give them money- on the strength of filling out a piece of paper to register with their political party- over progressives that have stood by the party for 30 years?
  15. Bloomberg’s Billions: How the Candidate Built an Empire of Influence Impressive reporting and visualization of the influence Bloomberg has bought over the years. This is what people mean when they say ‘buying the election.’ Impossible to downplay the amount of political power he has amassed, and the criticism he has muted, by simply throwing billions of dollars around.