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  1. Frank Zappa - You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore Volume 2
  2. 10 team .5ppr 1qb league A) 2020 1.2 & Tyler Lockett For B) 2020 1.3 & Courtland Sutton
  3. Sting- Until
  4. Ray LaMontagne- Shelter
  5. Never heard of this cat until this morning. John Wright, pianist out of Chicago. Recorded 5 records for Prestige in the early 60’s.
  6. Last show I saw at the I-beam was Meat Beat Manifesto..good times.
  7. Highlight will always be playing with Larry Bird as an 8th grader (summer pick up game). Later was honorable mention street and smith all American in high school. Was a member of an NCAA championship team. Had offers to play in Europe, but was done at that time. Played against 4-5 hall of famers. Wasn’t great, but wasn’t bad:) second best memory is meeting Jerry West after college and him remembering me and telling me my strengths and weaknesses. I was very honored.
  8. Sorry to hear about Bosley. I will miss reading about him at the tail end of your posts. The Dylan thread was a favorite of mine, both because I am a Dylan fan and I enjoyed Bosley’s daily antics. He put a smile on my face, and I thank you for sharing him with us.
  9. I have met Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr, Bob Dole, Dan Quayle, Bill Parcells, Bill Belichick, Sam Wyche, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, John Mellencamp, Charles Barkley, Isiah Thomas, Reggie Miller, Hakeem Olajuwan, Michael Franti, Mark Gastineau, Brigitte Nielsen, Larry Bird, Jerry West, Lee Corso, Johnny Bench, John Havlicek, Lou Reed, Brian Bosworth. Most of them were a simple handshake. A few others were conversations, and couple of them I knew pretty well. There are many more famous people that I have met, or know (that most everyone’s heard of), but these would be the biggest names.