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  1. As did Burgermeister Meisterburger
  2. What the..just stumbled on these..can’t stop laughing. 😂
  3. Go through a bundle of the stuff every week. Love it.
  4. I was living on the corner of Euclid and Arguello at the time. Was at the counter of a Footlocker (on Clement) purchasing a pair of shoes when the quake hit. It seemed to take a long time, and I distinctly remember the entire street going up and down like a bouncing off the ground. I was just stuck in my tracks, but I do remember a dude yelling ‘get out’, as we were on the first floor of an older, multi level building. He jumped through the opening where a large glass wall had just shattered, but I couldn’t move. It was eerie that night as people were partying everywhere in the dark. A couple months later I moved to Kauai, where I had to endure hurricane Iniki in 92’. Natural disasters seemed to follow me for a while there.
  5. Little known fact: Mclaurin’s qb at Ohio State was Haskins.
  6. 12 team .5 PPR full IDP league (start 2 dls, 2-3 lbs, 2-3 dbs). Have been offered terry mcLaurin for shaq Thompson. My team is a complete rebuild, as the previous owner was not good. After wheeling and dealing I have a wr core of: Chris Godwin, AJ Brown, Brandin Cooks, Arcega-Whiteside, Boykin, Preston Williams, Isabella and Marvin Jones. My linebackers are okay without shaq. What’s the outlook for McLaurin compared to what I’ve got? I feel with him, Godwin, cooks and Brown, (not to mention the other rookies), I’ve got a solid foundation. He looks good to me. Thanks
  7. Assuming this is redraft, i’d probably make that deal. I agree that Kelce is an upgrade over Kittle, and you’re right that things should open up more when Hill (and Watkins) return. Sutton is preferable over Williams, and it’s not like you need either one of them this season. If this is a dynasty league however, losing Sutton would be a negative. It really comes down to Kelce versus Kittle (again assuming redraft). If you like Kelce more then do the deal. This is probably a better deal for the other team, as Sutton is a pretty big upgrade over Samuels and Williams. Good luck
  8. Real simple..Courtland Sutton or Calvin Ridley in 12 team .5 PPR dynasty league? Thanks in advance
  9. 12 team .5 PPR..gave up Jaylen Samuels and 2nd round 2020 pick (likely an early 2nd) for Brandin Cooks. The other owner has James Conner, so he offered the deal as he wanted Samuels. Feel pretty good about the trade. My team is really bad, and Cooks is immediately my #1 wr.
  10. Well that didn’t work, but the same guy wants Jaylen Samuels and my 2nd round pick (should be very early 2nd round pick in 12 team league) for Brandin Cooks. I’m rebuilding, but Cooks seems worth Samuels and a second rounder to me..thoughts are appreciated.
  11. Thinking about moving Jaylen Samuels to the guy who has Conner (and he’s a Steeler fan), in exchange for Darrell Henderson. I took over a team that is a few years from being any good, and am wanting to stockpile talent for 2-5 years out. Is this decent value for Samuels?