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  1. Not surprised efactor is the one in here showing his rear end.
  2. Now, if Clowney's hit looked like this, people might have a point. Way worse hit, where is the outrage? Oh Lamar didn't get hurt, so no one is going to say anything.
  3. Yep, total disconnect from reality, literally watching a video of the hit and ignoring what actually happened on the play. Amazes me how wrong people can be.
  4. The beauty of this is, we have the video evidence -- we know this isn't true. He doesn't "drill him" helmet to helmet, his shoulder hits first, and he starts his tackle while Wentz is still lunging. As the poster said above, NFL throws fines at everything now and with how high profile this hit was, if there was anything even slightly off about the hit it would have been fined. It wasn't, enough said, case closed.
  5. Yep, safety on an extra point. Almost happened a couple of years ago.
  6. UPDATE: NFL made the correct call.
  7. I don't believe I called anyone blind homers, not sure why a couple people can't stop with the pot shots. We don't have to agree, but you don't have to be insulting either.
  8. This was exactly my take a page or two ago. Some people are too emotionally invested in the outcome to see the objective truth.
  9. We've gone over this, it is clear Clowney initiates his tackle while Wentz is still in the air diving.
  10. He didn't choose, Bills traded him to Seattle. Rumor was that GB was in talks to trade from him early on in the season, but negotiations fell through.