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  1. Not surprised efactor is the one in here showing his rear end.
  2. Now, if Clowney's hit looked like this, people might have a point. Way worse hit, where is the outrage? Oh Lamar didn't get hurt, so no one is going to say anything.
  3. Yep, total disconnect from reality, literally watching a video of the hit and ignoring what actually happened on the play. Amazes me how wrong people can be.
  4. The beauty of this is, we have the video evidence -- we know this isn't true. He doesn't "drill him" helmet to helmet, his shoulder hits first, and he starts his tackle while Wentz is still lunging. As the poster said above, NFL throws fines at everything now and with how high profile this hit was, if there was anything even slightly off about the hit it would have been fined. It wasn't, enough said, case closed.
  5. Yep, safety on an extra point. Almost happened a couple of years ago.
  6. UPDATE: NFL made the correct call.
  7. I don't believe I called anyone blind homers, not sure why a couple people can't stop with the pot shots. We don't have to agree, but you don't have to be insulting either.
  8. This was exactly my take a page or two ago. Some people are too emotionally invested in the outcome to see the objective truth.
  9. We've gone over this, it is clear Clowney initiates his tackle while Wentz is still in the air diving.
  10. He didn't choose, Bills traded him to Seattle. Rumor was that GB was in talks to trade from him early on in the season, but negotiations fell through.
  11. People are saying he lead with his helmet, some of them even saying he lead with the crown of his helmet. Neither of those are true. Also, Wentz wasn't on the ground when he initiated the tackle.
  12. The alternate takes are so reactionary, it is hard to take honestly. We have clear video evidence of exactly what happened, and still people insist it was blatant, cheap, disgusting, etc etc. Under no rule is that play a penalty, clear cut. If it was a RB or WRs no one would have cared. We see hits 10x worse in games all the time.
  13. Not at all. Think it is great you immediately start name calling. Keep it classy.
  14. He actually clearly dips his shoulder down to initiate contact, helmets hitting was incidental. NFL saw it the same way both on the field and in review. QBs don't have protection when they are running the ball. Hence why no flag was thrown.
  15. You can clearly see his shoulder hit Wentz first. I keep repeating it because people keep missing it.
  16. It wasn't helmet first: he led with his shoulder. It wasn't a penalty under any rule in the NFL. If Wentz was a RB, no one would have said a word.
  17. That's one way to look at it. He definitely was trying to hit him, no different than any defensive player would try to hit a QB in that situation.
  18. His shoulder clearly hits first: But apparently you've never seen someone make a shoulder tackle.
  19. And if Wentz stumbles there but doesn't touch his knee down, and gets up running, Clowney would look like a fool. The play was still going, whistle had not blown. You are expecting guys to stop playing mid play just because it LOOKS like a player is going down from our perspective. That's not how the game is played or coached. You can see from the video post here, Clowney is actively turning his shoulder to Wentz and that is what hits first. He wasn't trying to spear him.