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  1. I think it's beyond evident he's intentionally trying to sack his campaign. Right?
  3. "Google 'loose change 911' and watch the video for yourself"
  4. Skip Bayless likes this.
  5. Agree. I don't understand why Phelps needs to race in a final and then hop in the pool 30 minutes later for a semifinal heat.
  6. Avid zero hedge reader?
  7. Makes you wonder what else you're missing.
  8. Never discuss salary in an interview. Unless this is for a job at Arby's.
  9. Was just going to post this. The one that just murdered her floor routine probably is. The rest.. not so much.
  10. Full spud.
  11. And gold's the reason for the wars we wage.
  12. Wow. All I can say is we are all pulling for you. There is a mountain of good karma you've built up over the years. Here's hoping you can cash that in. There is probably no one more respected around here. I'm glad to hear the surgery went so well. You're a strong rational guy. I know you'll handle this as well as you do anything else. You deserve many more decades of enlightening the world with your thoughtfulness and intelligence.