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  1. I don't really care about the 4th and 1. I want to see the probabilities firing back at me, kicking off up 8 or defending up 5 from that field position. I can use those to figure out the break even point I need for converting that 4th and 1.
  2. Tough to stream this season. The lurking covid cancellations is forcing everyone to carry a minimum of 2 QB's. Slim pickens left on the WW.
  3. How specific are they with the parameters though? If they are exact, then I would think sample could skew the results one way or the other. How many times has a team had the ball with that field position, with that much time on the clock, with that down and distance, with that deficit?
  4. Why would Dak negotiate now? It is clearly in his best interest to hear out other suitors if the Cowboy offer doesn't cut it.
  5. Next level? They should have been 0-4 heading into this week if not for the ineptitude of the Falcons hands team.
  6. No, had they kicked the FG, they would have had to drive ~75 yards AND hit the 2 point-conversion AND win the figurative OT coin flip.
  7. Naw, you just need to upgrade to the platinum membership
  8. Sometimes, what is in the best interest of the league is more important than adhering to some archaic precedent. Especially so when we are in an unprecedented situation.
  9. Why don't you take this tired act to the FFA/PSF. We don't need this here. I admittedly took the stinky bait and helped enable it and for that I apologize.
  10. Easy to brute force it I guess when the players have zero leverage. Don't worry about the downstream effects. Next man up!
  11. Chances are the owners voting against it are doing so only because they are not immediately affected, which is even more short sighted.
  12. We are on CBS so everyone is defaulting to Eisenberg's weekly ranking as a default. If you want to prioritize differently, you need to do so via dm to your opponent and the commish. If a game is canceled/rescheduled then next man up is taken and inserted.
  13. And? You actually think this is an acceptable solution?
  14. A nightmare? A pencil and paper that intimidating for people?