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  1. So masks are innefectual? There are still half the cases. [/sarcasm]
  2. We just had our first practice Thursday. Had to be outside and I had to have two groups of 4, one on the court and one in the volleyball pit doing ladder drills and such. Each kid had to have their own ball, no passing or rebounding for others allowed, so lots of ball handling/shooting. Did 3 one-hour sessions.
  3. Hard to find that sweet spot where it doesn't fog up my glasses. If it's already on and I just have a short trip, I'll leave it on in the car.
  4. Did the curfew order specify that you couldn't be outside or that you couldn't be in a public place? They are on private property. LEO continuing to reinforce the stereotype. Repeatedly.
  5. We need to be able to complain about the goalposts moving though.
  6. Almost as predictable as the lack of self awareness.
  7. In his defense he didn't have to spin this one at all. You walked right into it
  8. If only there were a way to accept the subsidy and avoid the price gouging.
  9. Wouldn't surprise me given the presence in this forum of 'my party right or wrong' sheep.
  10. Most individual books have a hard time translating into 120 minutes on screen. Was pretty easy to see that train wreck coming.
  11. It is definitely going to change YT's behavior in regard to how it monetizes content providers that don't align with them politically. TJDS had ad breaks in it for the first time in weeks (months?) yesterday.
  12. They can localize ads. Simmons did a podcast a few months ago with some tech guy and the consensus was that Apple dropped the ball big time by not cornering the podcast market early on when they were the only big player.
  13. Good god, how do they come up with that ####?