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  1. If you don't like heavy bells, I probably don't like you. It is a fantastic jam.
  2. I also think the remake of Dropkick Murphy's "rose tattoo" with Bruce Springsteen is pretty good.
  4. I am torn between three songs to post up. I'll go with "Lonely Boy" by Black Keys. I am sure someone else has already mentioned "I ain't a real man" by Wax and "Cell Out" by NOFX, so I don't need to bring them up.
  5. Baby's on fire. "I fink u freeky" is another one to check out from them.
  6. Jesse will seek revenge on Walt by offering to cook for the Phoenix distributors if they kill Walt. Not sure how that plays with Walt trying to off Mike's guys in lock up. Jesse and Hank still have unfinished business. That will play out in the last 8 episodes. I can see Walt trying to protect Jesse and falling on the sword in place of Jesse. This ends with Walt going to prison, getting killed, or something happening to Hank. Jesse gets away clean.
  7. Just watched this movie based on your recommendation. Yeah, it was dusty in the room.
  8. Nice fish. For a fly-fisherman I'm surprised you harvest so many fish. Like I mentioned before, I normally don't keep but one or two a year. The lake trout are a catch and keep deal though. We were not flyfishing for those, it was out of the norm for me. I ended up with over thirty pounds of filets. I ended up giving several pounds away to a few neighbors. I can only eat so much fish before I hit my limit.
  9. The ultimate conclusion of this series has to end with Hank and Walt, IMO. That is not going to happen in the next two episodes.
  10. Disclaimer: I've never done meth, but I think you are wrong on this one. Meth is not like heroin where the drug has such an immediate affect as to prevent you from having a cogent conversation.
  11. Excellent episode. More Walt and Jesse, less Skylar and Walt Jr. Hank will smoke the two taquitos.
  12. Here are a couple of pics from last week. LINK LINK I got back to my flyfishing ways today. The fish were cruising the shallows. I only got to fish for a couple of hours, but I put a few good ones in the net. LINK LINK LINK