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  1. @The Fungi so would you start Mack or Perriman over Gordon? Thanks
  2. Any advice or tweaks to my lineup would be great appreciated. Still going back and forth with my flex with Gordon- Mack- or Perriman....any thoughts? Thanks! PPR Qb: Brees vs Ten WR: T. Hill vs chi WR. W. Fuller vs TB RB: CMC vs Indi RB: M. Ingram vs Cle TE: Z. Ertz vs Dal FLEX: M. Gordon vs Oak K: W. Lutz DEF: Pitt Bench: B. Perriman vs Hou M. Mack vs Car M. Gallup vs Phi D. Waller vs LAC
  3. Full PPR who to start? M. Mack vs Jax or M. Ingram vs Hou? SF vs Ari or Pitt vs Cle tonight?
  4. Start 2 RB full PPR M. Gordon vs Oak M. Mack vs Miami M. Ingram vs Cinci
  5. Niner4life9


    Pick 1 to start. J. Allen vs NE or K. Murray vs Sea
  6. Full PPR T. Boyd vs Pitt or D. Robinson vs Det?
  7. Yea @npkilian51 was leaning brissett but if TY is a no go then I might lean towards Allen. Thanks
  8. J. Allen vs NE or J. Brissett vs Oak?
  9. Michel and Barber Watkins, Diggs, Boyd GL
  10. Full PPR pick 1: T. Boyd vs Buf J. Brown vs Cinci E. Sanders vs GB
  11. Half PPR pick 1 RB: K. Johnson vs Phili M. Breida vs Pitt Thanks!
  12. Half PPR who would you start at RB? K. Johnson vs Phili M. Breida vs Pitt Full PPR who would you start at WR? T. Boyd vs Buff J. Brown vs Cini E. Sanders vs GB D. Robinson vs KC Thanks!