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  1. Doing a Google search, the first list of "American Values" that popped up is: Independence Privacy Directness Equality Informality Competition Time and efficiency Consumerism 2nd Google hit: Liberty Self-government Equality Individualism Diversity Unity Regarding the 4 congresswomen in question, can someone say in what way they have demonstrated they do not value these things?
  2. I have the same choice (sat Titans D for this choice, wish I hadn't done that!) I am leaning towards Pats as they seemed to have turned it up a notch last week or two, but keep flipping back and forth...
  3. If you haven't already, you might want to try watching The Good Place - i think you might enjoy the show
  4. When doves cry came in both 4th and 8th. Does that make it tied for 2nd?
  5. Ok to watch this without watching Iron Fist, or should I watch Iron Fist first even though I heard it was bad?
  6. Ok to watch this without watching Iron Fist, or should I watch Iron Fist first even though I heard it was bad?
  7. Not like pandemic, but castle panic is good coop to play with kids that age
  8. Spending a couple of nights in Oklahoma City and want to get a good steak dinner. Reviews on yelp, etc., are inconsistent. Can any footballguys weigh in on which is best?
  9. Not sure if a serious question or not, but in some neighborhoods, sneakers hanging on a wire like that is a signal that drugs are available for sale nearby
  10. Guidance counselor in our high school stresses that while our minimum requirement is to take 3 years of language (typically in 8th, 9th, 10th grade), it is important for students to take at least 4 years of foreign language (through 11th grade) to get considered by many colleges. We were considering dropping language after 3 years to take AP Psych junior year instead (to see if that is a possible interest for career) but guidance counselor is trying to talk us out of it, saying without taking 4th year of language it would be very challenging to go into admissions process. Anyone have any knowledge of this subject?
  11. no, but they should all practice throwing every practice any kids who want to try pitching should be given an opportunity (in practice) with one of the assistant coaches, away from everyone else
  12. things that worked for me when coaching kids in the games rotate so all kids get to play different positions / bat different positions but 2 exceptions 1) tell kids ahead of time that any kid who wants to pitch has to first show in a practice that they can throw x% strikes out of x pitchers thrown 2) 1B should be limited to the kids least likely to hurt themselves when a ball is thrown to them if having kids in field during batting practice, kids should never pitch to other kids when doing batting practice as don't want fielders waiting around for strikes (or have another coach hit a ball to fielders every time the batter fails to do so, so every pitch results in a play) have one of the coaches keep detailed stats, of anything you can think of - I would send an email to the whole team after every game and be able to quote a positive stat or something for every kid, the kids enjoyed getting the recognition team pizza party at the end of the year
  13. If I am drafting in a keeper league and want to identify players that might have more value in 2017 than in 2016, is there anything in the app that would help with that?