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  1. Aria really doesn't work like that. It doesn't really calibrate to anything. It has what amounts to a VLookup table baked in that leans very heavily on the height/weight figure and much less on the electro figure. So if you weigh more than you did yesterday with the same water content it's going to read you up on fat a bit. If losing fat most of what the Aria is going to read back to you is just whatever the table shows. It can go +/-5-10% of the total body fat total based on the R value it calculates but this is extremely dependent on your water retention and glycogen stores, both o f which the Aria will read as lean mass because it has low resistance. To test this theory just try to stand on the scale, then pickup a gallon of milk and stand on the scale again the same way. This will tell you how "Sensitive" the scale is to your overall weight by the % of the gallon of milk it reads as fat/lean.
  2. It's just possible that the age of a decade long dominant golfer may not exist anymore. Competition is just too intense and tough to maintain the form. A 5 year run may just be what is considered an "era" in today's golf world. This is bad for the sport because it doesn't give them a Phil to tune in for casually over the years.
  3. Appears this bill is RIP. There are about 10 GOP senators either saying they won't vote for it or they have reservations and want more time to consider their options (i.e. handouts). No way this goes before the July 4th holiday. Plus you have to get it back to the house, unless the goal post here is a senate resolution only before the 4th with final bill later. The way the stupid political process works in this country you've got about 4 months before re-election starts in earnest and nothing will happen. I think barring something crazy happening you can just forget about this congress doing anything on this legislation.
  4. Mexican is super easy. Shark move is carne asada which is basically exactly that above except usually a better cut of meat with them not intending you to make a taco out of it. But most do anyways.
  5. You've explained your point of view many times. Its simple. If you dont have either cash or insurance you die. I'm willing to hear your plan.
  6. Bootie pop pose with extreme back arch at 30 degrees to a mirror with indirect lighting. Thats pro level Insta right there.
  7. RenCare(tm) would be awesome. Under that would the hospitals kick you out to the curb, or at least call you an uber to the nearest morgue?
  8. Show does a complete 180 from episode 1. Just fyi
  9. Philips body groomer ftw. Not putting a mach 3 on my junk.
  10. What is with these guys. How can two ####tards yield so much power
  11. This makes no sense. And this sentiment is why this country is probably ####ed. If you total someone's car they are out the value of that car, they might have insurance for the fact that your deadbeat ### has no insurance. If you go to a hospital with no insurance because you don't think you require it then all the people that gave you care are now out of a "car" and there is no recourse. People simply cannot be allowed to not have health insurance from birth onwards. Period.
  12. Did they do a second season? I only see 8 episodes on imdb.
  13. Yeah they do all the action scenes mostly with doubles. In this way a single actress or actor might only need to do about a week of camera work for the whole season. Many scenes with multiple major cast members are not even shot with them in the same place. Alot cheaper that way.