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  1. I still cant really wrap my head around how he got out flanked on his right. The magnitude of this part of this is really the beat part
  2. If don wants to re push this legislation in 2018 does he push for more left or right gop house members? This is an important question.
  3. I think there is some framing of that. If you look at the globe for example. There is only so much money to be circulated. People working harder isn't going to necessarily create equality, but it will go a long way to flattening the curve Now obviously wealth is created in this world by taking things the environment gives you and converting into goods. So over time by pulling oil and whatever out of the earth we create more total wealth across the globe. Ok. I don't think there's much disagreement there. Problem is that you either focus efforts on getting people to achieve a certain bar in life, for today the bar appears to be a plumber. If the goal is to have the entire able bodied workforce at or above the level of a plumber you haven't really done much to grow the wealth of the world. You've just ensured people's backed up ####ters get unclogged quickly. If we brought everyone up to just the tradesman standard as a minimum the world will look a heck of a lot like the communist utopia. Everyone just works for the community, serves themselves, goes home. Instead of 50,000 plumbers making $100k a year we now have perhaps 125,000 making $65k a year. This benefits a few people, yes. But have we advanced society? To continue the actual growth of the wealth of this world takes more than just "skilled tradesman" it takes people with true skills developed from a young age. And saying that this takes responsibility is correct, but if you aren't providing a framework for people to either meet, or exceed the bar ultimately there's less wealth to go around for all of us. In 1970 you didn't need a large work force of creators, but now you do. Those creators aren't armed with plungers either. So when you say you want more labor participation what do you want? More plumbers making less money? Or more people out creating wealth so we can deal with paying plumbers 100k a year?
  4. Has someone told him his tax reform can't pass without this bill? I assume the answer is a no. He had to have this Rec. Bill go thru so that he could do his tax reform, otherwise you are talking needing 60 votes in the senate to get a upper class tax cut. Now there might be another trick I'm not aware of to get his tax stuff done with 50 in the senate, but I don't think whatever that is gets by the freedom caucus either.
  5. Contractor/repair output does not drive GDP. In fact, I would believe they would be placed in the same category of lawyers in that they would be a subtractor though tbh I'm not sure how the accounting works there. Training people to do maintenance/install/construction type work is certainly not going to help exports, that much we can agree on. If the idea is to promote isolationism then trade schools has benefits. If idea is to promote a global workforce then the way forward is technology skills.
  6. I asked this on day 1. It had nothing in it he promised during his campaign whatsoever and in many ways acted against it.
  7. This was a RECONCILIATION BILL. I know the average trumpkin doesn't know what that means, but I mean they have passed #### stains on underoos as rec. bills to get the agenda moving and they can't even do THAT.
  8. I think meta wise at the CWL level you basically have this: TH9 is basically a dead TH level. Hit rate isn't 100% but it was I think in the 71-79% range. What is hurting TH9 right now is that in a 35/35 war if there is only like 12 TH9 bases your total margin is low, but in a 40 person war TH9 is for all intents useless. Th9 is being asked to hit up for 2 and % now similar to TH10 on TH10 just in case #### goes bad. TH10 hit rates were below 20%. 25% would be epic at this point. 10 on 11 hit rate to 2 stars is at about 70% and that tends to be where they go early. Th11 dip rates and TH10 up hit rates are roughly equal and they tend to roughly equal the th9 hit rate. So if you take all this out depending on the breakdown you are looking at most 2-3 free Th11 hits late in the war. Over time I hope that number goes up, but not counting on it anytime soon. I'm mainly happy you can get fair breakdowns and relatively equal skills coming together like this. It's also less stressful for me since I really only have to give it half the attention by sharing my account, and everyone else drives the bus. Honestly, if TH10 got easier and things came down to th11 it's going to be much more an investment in time. As it is I can just pick and choose when to be active, do a dip and get off. Not a huge timesuck. The Th10 have to put in hours and hours in to wars, it's a drag and burns people out.
  9. That's fine, but there's still a finite economic window for which to work in. Increasing capacity here isn't exactly going to raise GDP, for example. Shoot for the stars, settle for the moon and all that.
  10. The threat of nuclear war has really hurt the poverty situation. Previously we'd just put spears in their hands and ask them to walk in a straight line till they ran into someone that wanted to kill them. And after that we'd pay the survivors to clean up.
  11. The entire point of this article is to say that this demographic is regressing towards 3rd world lifestyles. For much of the same reasons. All this while the rest of the western world has gotten better at this metric. Maybe you didn't read the article.
  12. We took OneHive 2.0 behind the woodshed yesterday in a random spin. 9/13/X vs 9/11/X Some really nice hits got captured on stream. Including one I did which ran off the rails, but I managed to save it. 4 11v11 caught on stream and a few 10v10 including a miner 10v10. It's not super easy to watch a stream replay like this and not waste a ton of time. The miner hit is at like 45 minutes to go. I think I went in about 1hr5 to go right after someone failed a dip on the same base. Had he gotten that I was going to go for a 11. My queen didn't go in and I had to flip the loon deployment around just to keep her alive for cleanup, still worked out because there is a lot of bandwidth to #### up on a 11v10 with max everything. My first hit wasn't on stream and ####### ruined another 10 with a qw lalo. We have PWC this weekend. My account was in the war last weekend but I didn't make the hits. I think I'll be making the hits this weekend, but not sure yet. Clans are getting better and it will be a challenge to just stay in invite for us.
  13. Putting technology in schools helped accomplish much of what we see today. Other areas of the world that didn't make that push or waited were left behind. For awhile. What happened to follow up on that was in the follow-up the early success gave in to waste, now much of the technology spend is just throwing tablets at kids and praying they figure it out. Early technology pushes were some of the best education ROI the world has ever seen. We need to get back to that now that the hardware is really in place. It's lazy to just throw out that people are responsible for items like this, nobody makes schools teach Spanish while it's damn near useless compared to C++ or Java. The world is totally different now and we need to recognize that you can't expect people to be dumped out in the world with a H.S. degree and just bootstrap themselves to a 100k salary. What is put forward in middle/high schools needs to be re-evaluated. It's not teaching people to set an o-ring on a toilet that will create jobs, it's people that are sufficiently skilled enough to debug a robot or maintain a control system and service jobs become the fallback, not what people that aren't "lazy" should strive for.