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  1. It does? I can't even think of a single song I associate with Christmas.
  2. I'm wondering when someone will question if the crypts are really safe.
  3. Remember for 3 seasons we had a post a page on how bran would one day warg into the dragons and make them do ####. That off the table now or nah?
  4. Really aren't we looking at only two possible outcomes here? NK dead at end of Ep3. This army turns and marches to KL. Gets a little awkward if Jon/Dany both survive NK battle. NK alive at end of Ep3. Certain surviving characters flee, regroup further south. Assumption is Bran would be among these, but remainder is TBD. What would be the third most plausible outcome?
  5. Maybe Lord Umber killed the NK and the remaining WW tacked him up to the wall in revenge.
  6. Anyone think it's a little bit shaky that they will setup Theon and his bros as the last line of defense for Bran? I mean I would have thought they would have had a few major characters also in on this or the lord of light flame sword guy
  7. I could see a situation where the NK lives thru to the end of the season. This episode clears off a boatload of characters leaving a handful to fall back to kings landing w what I suppose is bran and ???? That guy maybe has more wildfire and #### like that to theow at it. They win and everything is happy. Maybe.
  8. Battle isn't supposed to go multiple episodes right? Leaves 3 for.... something. Somebody gotta make it out alive because the zombies don't really talk or look good naked.
  9. Most likely outcome that makes sense is NK loses battle but survives and takes most every main character down with it. Leaves meli to enter stage left and finish it in E4.