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  1. It's easy if you pay it out to russians from the back of the cage. I sense a Ocean's 14.
  2. I mean I'm suggesting that there could be a laundering ring setup where they funnel cash into the casino, would be some hollwood #### but I mean epic.
  3. But it would be some next level #### if he literally laundered money thru his AC casino to get sweetheart RE deals done. I'd be inclined to let him off.
  4. What makes anyone think that this would show up on his tax returns. If he's involved or in deep with the russian mob on some sort of laundering thing I have to think he's not dumb enough to let it creep into his returns.
  5. I'm currently in Russian airspace. Pray for me.
  6. You think they aren't? Ratings were headed down at all the cable networks and off bigly in the under 35 demographic.
  7. I'm all in on the "Trump wants to run a network to the right of fox news" theory. I just don't think being the actual president was part of this plan, and probably kills it really.
  8. So someone lit a trash can on fire in Sweeden a long time ago, and Trump thought that was a under-reported terror incident? I can't really get a read on this at all.
  9. Travelling this week, actually in air right now to Seoul. Usually on trips my issue is never having enough time to eat or ending up with some crippling squirts.
  10. I have stopped reading this thread. Its too fast. Ill drop in and read the last five posts. Most of the stuff here is way behind reddit and other sites that don't unithread like this. Matsuki is somewhat common out there. A moderate conservative that hasn't actually seen anything all that bad yet of real substance and is convinced the worst of it will be stopppable.
  11. Peso to dollar rate getting slaughtered.
  12. I read the books and can't get into the show. I gave it a bit and bailed about the time Westwood came out. Might go back but watching the Americans