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  1. That's great, it's one of those great things about the internet. Showing your work isn't really required. You can ascribe all sorts of holier than thou assertions, and who is anyone to challenge you on what a great guy you are. On the internet people can be a great tipper, sort all their recycling perfectly, pay for porn, and surely they'd just let their neighbor destroy their #### and let it go because who needs stress of a bad neighbor, right? It takes no courage to project this, and you walk away with the perceived moral high ground. Congrats.
  2. I like how half the board think we are somehow radioactive.
  3. 50 still seems high to me. Probably as I have solid antenna support and have simply quit giving a #### about any sports that don't happen to air on an antenna.
  4. Respiration. Which is why all the fatties are helping with climate change. It's carbon capture at it's most vile.
  5. Because they love to push things on others they would never do themselves, but it's perfect because such a situation is impossible to fact check.
  6. The way I see the shake it off crowd is the same way as the "I drop a 20 for a maid for a one night hotel stay"
  7. Bro, start your own thread about your stupid pine trees. This is serious business.
  8. What do you dvr? You probably will find that once you don't have it you'll wonder why you ever bothered using it.
  9. Acorns? I thought the guy hadnt even moved in yet? Acorns?
  10. No camera footage pointing out at the parking lot. Odds of me figuring this out are basically zero.
  11. Estimate 1100-1400. Won't car fax on a cash payment at the place I usually go to. Probably just eat it and move on
  12. This happened on the wife maybe 2nd or 3rd one if I follow what you are saying. It healed fine, ultimately, and if anything the best of all of hers. She never did more than 4 teeth though at one time, however.
  13. I asked about this. On a no fault they won't stack you like that. Almost have the clock run out on the at fault.