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  1. The bill for this will be $7,453,679.23. Cash or Charge?
  2. Be more careful than me. I mean reality is if in more than one of the risk factors you should keep a dramatically lower profile.
  3. Friday comes and there aren't any bad indicators I think this thing is for all intents contained. Stay away from crowded indoor spaces, planes, public ####ters, and nursing homes. Wear masks indoors and stuff. Profit. If I was black, fat, or old I'd have a different attitude. Any combination of those and I'd have a REALLY different attitude.
  4. Cases keep going up but hospital stays and death down in Texas. I'm generally ok with that.
  5. New case counts still flat post "opening" in Texas. Death counts are flat to down. The thought that Texas will ever get close to the 700/100k case count that would push toward another "closing" seems very unrealistic at this point. At least not until the fall, if we think this thing comes back in the fall stronger in some way.
  6. I'm not high risk and I'm not interested in flying. Who said you are paranoid?
  7. Just barely ok. I think certain news events require us to take a step back from hobbies. I think this is one of them though I don't really have a great idea where the line is.
  8. Yup. I saw the Zulu time and thought it was eastern or something. Bout an hour out.
  9. And then a 2000ft long dolphin jumped out of the water.
  10. Kanakuk 11 and 14. This will be the 14yo 5th such camp. Branson MO. They have 1st term there now but we are going 2nd
  11. I don't know what the rules are. Sounds very unlikely for today
  12. Nursing home *deaths The population doesn't concern me. And no I don't know how to get the exact figures per state of LTC death rate. I'm just guessing based on the info we do have.