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  1. I'm pretty sure I can pay nothing to anyone and finish middle of the pack like dodds has me the last few years. Remember when he was nails picking stocks? Now he's genuinely lost his mind. I really feel for the guy.
  2. I consistently find it odd that the biggest cowboys fans on here have never even connected thru dfw airport it seems. I don't get that at all. And here in Dallas we had the kc chiefs here for like 3 years 40 years ago and there are a #### ton of them still here. Its strange. Is it like that elsewhere? Odd town.
  3. I'm gonna assume they didn't have sprinklers
  4. Well, bye.
  5. Good no call?
  6. This game was so good gonna be pinned forever?
  7. College football is over. Cancelled sling. Its pretty good. May pick it back up for baseball season. Leaves me with HBO right now as my only subscription. Amazon has been plenty lately.
  8. What's the current odds for Bama to win it all? -250? Higher? If inclined to take OSU for the title now probably is your best shot imo.
  9. Nate Silver does it again, he's a genius.
  10. Odd. Not sure that happens. At 10 wins they would be in big boy territory. What if they get a major bowl and take a dump next week?
  11. What happens to navy they have 9 wins and another game. Do they get a bowl assuming they win or what?