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  1. Well they certainly don't make it easy to figure that out. From pga site looks like just top 5 get bonus.
  2. Ok so it's just $15M total for all 5 payouts, 1st getting 10. I'm lazy but I thought when they started it the payout was a bit more juiced. Thomas has this thing all locked up from here with Kisner Casey going in the drink.
  3. Was clearly a catch. I wonder if the clock was stopped a little short.
  4. are they not allowed to review the clock? that was really :01?
  5. If you could hypothetically just draft 22 Alabama players off the team and they could replace with 22 hand picked players from D2-D3 what record would they end up with?
  6. Yeah with Spieth and DJ both struggling the door is open for some serious drama.
  8. There's no kneeling in golf. #MAGA
  9. Wonder if you see whole teams kneeling now.
  10. Remember when we told Obama brought new lows to race relations?
  11. The process is. Play an unnecessary game, reduce chances of having your team in a playoff, collect money.