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  1. Yeah, that's high unless they really jack the rate on a long note.
  2. I think this dates back to McCain, they felt like they lost to Obama mostly on the Iraq war, then decided to flip the script and begin nearly immediately blaming Obama for the failure to end and control that affair. The message never quite got on point for the Romney ticket. It's confusing because they want us to be tough on ISIS, but yet were/are against troops in Iraq. I just don't get it.
  3. The party of Lincoln brought us Trump. Pretty sure you won't hear that again in the next few weeks.
  4. But you have no path forward to accomplish this. You are upside down even trading in the high mileage vehicle, and I would assume nothing in savings to afford a used car on cash terms.
  5. These are the people that should be leasing, honestly.
  6. I'm not sure why the scaling doesn't seem to be linear. But just at a glance that doesn't seem to be so far into the note as to want to avoid consolidation.
  7. Well good, he had one day before people had a chance to change their minds.
  8. Had he had this little outburst before the debate he might be ok. Not now, I fully expect her to show 90%+ on 538 by the end of next week and never again dip below 75%. You guys do realize that people start voting next Tuesday right, for reals.
  9. How much principal and interest you have if you were to continue to make payments on time thru the end of the loan. Your statement should indicate the total loan balance and how much you paid down toward's principal last month. If you say how many payments you have left the rest of us can take it from there. If the total interest you still owe is relatively small you could end up in a situation where you owe more total interest per month at least for a year or two, which isn't ideal. (but often unavoidable given bad credit or something)
  10. Wait, who suggested this idea, and to what end? Do we really have an idea of the amortization of the current loan you have? That seems to be critical in determining if this is the correct path.
  11. This is a huge percentage of his voting base. I can find dozens of people like this without trying hard.
  12. Lots of people are saying he's on snow. Would explain a lot really.
  13. I think most laptops aren't going to have dedicated graphics. The cost of these cards doesn't meet needs of 99% of people.
  14. So a little bit of googling in safe mode finds at worst she posed topless. This is going to be khan v2.0
  15. So is there a sex tape or not. Asking for a friend.