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  1. Been trying to get my refi done. Killing my apps.
  2. This seems short sighted on the scope. In a world where covid tests were as easy as pregnancy test we'd be done with this thing by Christmas. It's still too difficult to get anything that resembles a rapid test. Have zero plans do do anything but completely discard this advice, if we travel over holidays on negative tests to people with negative tests and get it and die because some positive took a deuce in the next stall. Well that's a bad beat.
  3. Figured, it's funny. Every time I see something new my kids are into you've already commented about it. I should just have you @ me or something as you are more or less a time machine.
  4. @AcerFC. Your kid and mine seem to always be on these trends at same time. This is for all intents online wolf right? V @Otis @Bob Sacamano
  5. Being in a northern latitude that didn't see a strong first wave is going to suck. Sorry.
  6. Sorry saw your edit. So what is the narrative tomorrow? Teams didn't have enough time to get ready for the season?
  7. Made paper planes last weekend. Was way better than I anticipated. Gonna hit those up again. Any other solid use for the amario nonio(spelling is off sue me.)