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  1. Well, my wife is struggling a bit as of late. She's actually cut down quite a bit in the last 6 months or so. Dropped 6-7 pounds and this seems to be making the treatment a bit more finicky. Plan right now is to drop the omnipod and get on the priority waitlist for the 670g. I think ultimately we will be swapping back and forth from omnipod/670g depending on the circumstances. Omnipod has been much more reliable as of late, but the general control has gotten to the point where need a CGM system. Dexcom, while effective just doesn't quite have the value since it doesn't "talk" to the meter leading to some treatment confusion. The 670g having the ability to stop both highs and lows automatically seems like a great reason to wear two sites, while there isn't a compelling reason to do a Dexcom+Omnipod combo at this time.
  2. Expectations are way down for this year, not sure I get that.
  3. I don't care to read 16 pages. I thought Texas had some level of drug testing, how would this pass their testing parameters?
  4. You can find a lot of elements of Stalin in the brand of extremism the Alt-Right is pushing. Top on their agenda is pushing non-nationals out to advance an economic plan. This was tops on his as well. It's wrong to compare alt-right to Hitler/Nazi because they aren't specifically targeting one ethnic group. They are equally pushing out Muslims and Mexicans and most any other group they can readily identify.
  5. The problem is that nobody watches movies anymore. Serial dramas is where all the talent is in writing and production. I would bet the average person has heard of at most 3 of the movies on the best picture list and watched perhaps just 1. I can only identify 3 on the list and, watched 45 minutes of 1 (Hacksaw, got bored and turned off) and have no interest in even knowing what the rest are even about. There are simply too many good serials to catch up on now to be bothered with a poorly developed plot rushed to fit in a 2 to 3 hour format. Serials like The Crown, Z, GoT, Poldark, Transparent, Call the Midwives, Narcos, hell even Westworld....and on and on....All vastly outperform a 2 hour format show done to near perfection. It just is what it is now. I can name a half dozen serials I'd like to watch soon, but can't find the time for. I can't name the last 5 best pictures on a bet and that's with not even really caring enough to figure out who actually won last night. Golden Globes are really a bit more interesting now because it covers all the relevant formats, not the one nearly dead one.
  6. How did that ESPN OJ thing win? It wasn't a movie. Did their 30 for 30 things get nominated too from time to time?
  7. They probably never really thought he'd win and when the Comney stuff came out it was too late. You don't want to damage your legacy like that.
  8. It's sad, but I think some addicts best work are done before the drug doesn't quite take complete control of them. At his peak he was approaching Gordon levels of wit. The station, and for sure the hardline, never really recovered and now is just waiting for Rhynes to pay off his 5th divorce and retire.
  9. The sum total of losses here is getting fairly impressive as a group. If there was 100% participation could have probably gotten in the ballpark of a ton.
  11. No clue. Dont think that sounds like a gordon thing.
  12. Butterface