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  1. So if the NSA cracks the encryption scheme for any of these coins value goes to 0, amirite?
  2. 1) Yes, but with private party I would expect them to do some sort of validation if they are smart. There are different options here, among them just meeting at a branch location where you have funds and drawing it with the seller present if it comes to that. 2) You need to get the state to issue off the signed title into your name however this done where you live, this is where you pay sales tax and other fees. 3) Carfax just tells you if the car has had serious issues in the past, won't give you a sense if the guy is underwater 4) In general, yes. An offer to private party should be in the ball park of mid range KBB if condition is good. Carmax offers basically the mid point between mid/high KBB so even at the mid range you will likely be considered a baller. 5) The title is in the lienholder name until it is paid off, if there is a loan you will have to go to where the car was financed from to do the transaction if the seller doesn't have the cash to pay it off.
  3. :confetti:
  4. So I take it you are not going to be a buyer in my ICO.
  5. I also wonder how many counterfeit are out there. Printing tech has come a long way.
  6. Well this is why investing in a derivative is stupid. One trader buys/sells stuff to get a longer maturity and it throws the whole spread off.
  7. I haven't fully thought this thought out so sue me. Let's say crypto's purpose (and this may or may not be true) is to reduce processing costs for credit cards, MONEX fees, and ACH fees. Also, by it's very nature, speed. The float time is reduced for overnight money market funds as well as overseas money transfers within a corporation. All of these have tremendous potential to take cost out of the finance system. If there is any value in crypto it is cutting costs. The thing is you don't need an exchange to do this, you don't need a currency that increases in value only as much as it costs to support the infrastructure to manage the above transaction types. 24/7/365. There should be no coin that is invented that requires a vertical price appreciation to justify its existence. The fact that people buy this currency to simply hold it means it is nothing more than gambling. You can't deposit it in a bank and draw on it (Well BTC anyways). So I propose this. A world coin that mines while you are on pr0n site could likely support all the world's blockchain needs. Would pay the porn stars off in coins, and help all of us get better transaction fees and more credit card rewards and stuff like that passed downstream. You don't need to hold anything and world wide underfunded pron actresses have an incentive to work. Who is with me?
  8. basically As always I recommend turning safe search off and googling VIX images. Far more +EV than chasing this stock and will turn things up.
  9. VIX is based on the spread of futures contracts. Yesterday was the 16th following the 15th of the first week of the quarter. Probably had to do with this.
  10. The collectible industry is just in a freefall. Ebay has made things just so easy to transfer to collectors now, and in general people place less value on rare non monetary items. Only the rarest of the rare stuff has any value whatsoever and the condition needs to be absolutely perfect, and graded in a slab. I took on my grandfathers coin collection to try and liquidate it, he had some old baseball cards and for the most part those were not even worth wiping my ### with. He was a huge Nolan Ryan guy and had some Mets stuff that graded so ####ty I gave up on some of the rest of it and donated it for a charity auction. I'm still trying to get some of the coins moved, but at some point I'm just gonna go to ####### coinstar. ### #### millennials and their avocado toast.
  11. Candle chart is crazy. Looks like a huge resistance building at 9200. Where are futures contract volumes listed by strike? The warning sign was there at 15k when these contracts started. Big squeeze gonna catch people with pants down. Not advising anyone but if it was my balls on the line I would wait for the first batch of contracts to settle.
  12. At once or separately?
  13. Wait, so you all started a private discord to talk about bitcoins? You all VC on there or what? How is ShukeCoin coming?
  14. Quietly, WTI is on a huge run.