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  1. Mcconnel has to be out as leader post recess right?
  2. So why would foxconn build a plant here then? It costs about as much as a stuffed crust pizza to get a container of flat screens across the ocean.
  3. Dxy is for all intents the same thing. A currency index vs the dollar.
  4. Here's mine. You can see where the previous owner SWG stained the #### out of the sandstone if you know where to look. I would never drop this kind of cash on a pool. All in I think this cost about $82,000.
  5. The 21k to replaster bid seems super high to me.
  6. USX off more than 10% since inauguration, and has been in something of a freefall erasing about half of Obama's gains. I hate to think what we'd look like if Trump was weak dollar.
  7. 400 is cheap. Around here the resort style pool areas are like 150/month. That's nearly a country club due for pool only. 400 would maybe get you a rectangle with pebble cast concrete coping with some fat moms squeezing into a target one piece that's two sizes too small.
  8. Plus if I get naked in an neighborhood pool I'm looking at 15-40 years
  9. Not as much, but saltwater has drawbacks. There is no free lunch. Saltwater comes out of the exchanger at a PH of 14. This requires some muriatic to balance periodically. Salt is harder on your system, filter, fittings, and heater coils and wear all those parts out faster, as much as 2x. You also should lube your gaskets 2x as much with salt due to the ph issue. Salt exchangers are expensive as #### to replace. Depending on the size and tons of factors the exchanger will burn out every few years at costs that are stupid high. Salt also is hard on sandstone and natural stone coping. At end of the day salt is just a different way to get bleach in your pool. You can run a lower overall FC level with a SWG and still not turn green, that's the main benefit. It is at least as expensive as regular stuff, and if you think about the entire loop is perhaps far more expensive. YMMV.
  10. HOA fees for a HOA pool is nearly certainly far more than even having a full service maintenance provider.
  11. I'm the same for natalie dormer and got called all sorts of names. There's no accounting for taste.
  12. Question for book readers. Is winter a push or a pull situation? Does the proximity of the white walkers bring winter to a certain radius from their location, or are they restricted in some way to staying within the boundaries of what is winter?
  13. When does the 20hr clock run out?
  14. documenting chlorinator adjustments? 'Starlog June 18 - Turned dial up from 1.754 to 1.826. -Saw a leaf in the back corner. Can't be too cautious.