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  1. The world is failing because we would rather listen to people like SAS, Hannity, etc. loud opinion hacks/trolls that only goal is to shock people. Then it bleeds over into the real world and you get Trump.
  2. Seems irrelevant to the topic at hand. Trying to scope the number of family farms impacted. You haven't done anything to disprove that. If the focus is farms, there is a number at which this becomes a red herring. This might vary depending on your point of view. 20 to me seems minor and not worth worrying about. How is it bull####? Do you have a better figure or link? To me 1% seems high. I would have thought it would have been more like 0.1% or at most 0.5%. 1% is a bit of a surprise. That might be because so many people now don't get a dime. Ok. So your proposal is to just eliminate it. I can't really figure out what you are going for here unless that. Which is fine, but I don't see why the facts can't be discussed or disputed.
  3. During one of the debates someone posted a link that indicated only 20 family farms paid estate taxes in 2013. The whole family farm thing seems like a red herring, but I'm open to being proven wrong here. Also figures I recall being thrown around is that less than 1% of wealth inherited is subject to any taxation whatsoever totaling less than 10 Billion a year in revenue. Drop in bucket sort of level. Seems to me that as a source of revenue it's pretty minor as it is.
  4. He's going to claim they gave him a bag of peanuts, and some vouchers for domestic travel.
  5. Well you just went from a 5th round ILB selection to #doyouevenlift in 3 lines.
  6. Is Marc Stein on the list? His kids go to my wife's school.
  7. Very nice. Did he test B12? Low D is usually heavily correlated with low B12 in diabetics.
  8. Good thing ESPN has a channel dedicated to a single sports program that hasn't been relevant since before the Obama administration.
  9. When I did my 3x20 I started to feel myself getting out over my toes a bit on about rep 12. I started giggling thinking of otis. Other than that I lived. My legs might fall off.
  10. Did that one girl that wrnt off on the tow truck keep her job too?
  11. They cut basically no hot girls.
  12. Bosch is expensive because they have wafer fabs and tons of other diverse manufacturing. Their Auto side is in the ballpark of GM/F. BTW Bosch was the one that was behind the VW Diesel thing.