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  1. What was Floyd's biggest spread so far. It isnt unusual to see a line retrace its steps this far out.
  2. If I had a boat, and money to fill that boat, and gas money to sail that boat to Vegas I'd use the money in that boat to bet Floyd. -400 is the most absurd line i've ever seen. Should be like -4000
  3. I sort of worked for a event center and did some scalp work to make extra money. It was nice. Things were way different before the internet so YMMV. Most scalping now is an inside job with the event center, they will do some hold backs and VIP type stuff where they convert people from SRO to seats after the event starts, on an as needed basis for a fixed rate, usually half face, or less. So the scalpers nearly certainly will have a higher floor than you think they would. That method was the way we would unload stuff after post time in the past, so I assume it's even easier now with internet, you don't even need to have the physical ticket to transfer it back to the house.
  4. Yardbird ripped off Thomas Keller. Or so I've been told to believe. The formula isn't all that complex. Buy small chickens, brine them, dry them out, fry them. There are some small tweaks that he did but the recipe is out there I'll see if I can find it.
  5. I'm curious, during the late stages of Obama we heard constantly "Race relations have never been worse". Do people actually think Trump is helping this?
  6. There is a museum in Vegas for all the old neon signs. They wanted to keep them maintained so people could remember what old vegas was like. I would think a similar effort could be undertaken here. Move the monuments to one site and preserve their history while also dedicating parts of it to those who suffered and died as a result of the actions taken. A battlefield park is probably the best place, rather than melting them down for wheatpennies.
  7. She is a member at Augusta National, just saying.
  8. Well hopefully i didn't violate the forum manifesto just there, I have HBO GO so i figure I hold the moral highground here.
  9. What quality is the leaked episode? Is it subtitled? Audio ok? I will be busy Sunday night and might just get it for Saturday night if it's solid.
  10. Keep in mind the Vicksburg battlefield is about to be sold off. Nobody goes and it costs a ton of money to maintain. I imagine over time other sites will suffer the same fate.
  11. Am I supposed to thumb up this video because it is awesome, or thumb down the video because the guy is a monster?
  12. He just disbanded it so nobody else could resign.
  13. I have an idea. We invade Venezuela and set him up a dictatorship there. May be an improvement for them.
  14. No risk but I am not a lawyer