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  1. The schedule change for sure doesn't help tiger. Nobody gives AF about the FedEx cup. Whose idea was this?
  2. Read a bit more. UR and MR are both transferrable currencies and you need to decide how to get the most value out of them. In some cases that will be through a portal.
  3. US Bank is good but it is a regional bank and they won't accept people in certain states.
  4. I mean pretty sure you can get your carrier to hard block a number. But that's not fun.
  5. 4chan will know what to do. They probably have some way to flood him with texts all night long.
  6. Looked like pretty good intensification late pm but Barry seems to get drunk overnight and can't keep the momentum up.
  7. There's a lot to unpack here. But let's keep eyes on the prize. You need a card with an instant number. That leaves you with Citi and amex. If active duty not sure why you wouldn't get the amex gold biz card. Much later, get the Schwab platinum card and move your MR out at 1.25cpp. Alternatively Citi has decent public offer on as biz cards that kick an instant.
  8. U will blow your 5/24 for what 100 bucks in Amazon discount?
  9. Don't do this. Please. Begging you. Any of this.
  10. I suppose he could have had a heart attack due to traffic.