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  1. I'm too lazy to look, didn't they have 2 or 3 40/40 with no inferno? At least AQ40 if not 40/40.
  2. I was always impressed with Dak Prescott while at MSU, but it was really hard to tell if he was outperforming his competition or it was a function of the level of play around him vs. Bama and others. Still have no idea what to make of the guy, or if he's a franchise guy. Guess is he's as good of a bridge to the next franchise guy as any. But the draft so far looks to be as hopeless as ever outside of that really. Feel like this is at best an 8-8 season no matter what. 12-4 would likely mean Romo is playing at his career best +10%.
  3. I find it interesting they called that an overmatch. That was about as close as you can get. We had 2 more inferno bases. They had more 40/40/20s. They failed to trip a single TH11 or TH10 on level and used a substantial amount of dips to clear 9s. They had their fair share of engineered bases as well. Same as us I think. The bottom 5 of the map doesn't count nearly at all. They want to match 9s don't run 5 th8s. Just run with 5 less bases.
  4. At this point I mainly use heroes to funnel dragons to kill the queen for them after zapping off two air d. Was on an insane streak of like 9 in a row, then have cooled off a bit trying to hit bases that are a little tough to manage without spells to push through the tough parts and sweepers..
  5. Last 3 hours in fbgs will be interesting. They are probably done, but have 15 max queen hits to go. If they are really on their game they have a shot to steal #19 in a row. We have a ton of firepower too and had a clutch 11 on 11 trip earlier this morning already.
  6. I don't have a 10 anymore. I would bring a few wizards just to funnel a bit.
  7. 4 new pages, who are the groomsmen?
  8. 10 on 9 dips should be shattered air now. Don't overthink it.
  9. Maybe, but the old mantra of build it and don't upgrade it is really over for any practical war weight sense. They claim they will try to patch this in some future change, but I'm dubious they can ever manage this issue any better than they are now.
  10. upgrading tower weight increase went way, way down with the december update. Then they nerfed it again with the inferno upgrade. You are 86. You can only add 3 pounds until you max your walls. That's nothing. War weight management is only possible now in a .5 environment. Once you break that seal you may as well max everything.
  11. Mass miners seem like they are still viable. I just can't seem to get a handle on that just yet. Having two miners barracks will work. Then the question is do you really want to play a game that the main attack is, send heroes in, release line of miners, collect ???? stars.
  12. Max cannons now do 10% more damage than a max xbow. That's a #### ton.
  13. Right now war weight being war weight being a TH11 without an eagle is probably the most valuable base in clash next to a base like shuke or jr. Max everything else, but don't set the eagle down. That is, if you care about war weight and don't want to do meta wars.
  14. Wierd that I never saw this thread till now. What an amazingly sad story. I'm so very sorry for you and your family. I don't have any great words and thanks to those here that do and express my sentiments 100x better than I ever could.