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  1. That failed 2 pt has some major spread implications.
  2. Is there really a need for a playoff this year?
  3. Watching trump you can see how people went in lockstep so easily and sent the Jews to death without even raising a fuss. To me that's the worst part of the whole thing. That really for a brief moment we had a xenophobic demagogue that got a half step from our presidency. I thought we were above that since the time of Lincoln at least for the most part. (Internment camps and mccarthy among others excluded)
  4. This seems useful, of course I have no idea what any of it means:
  5. When I got really into 4 I was playing the civfanatics GOTM, I think even once or twice we had a group together here to crowdsource our playstyle. It is a nice pace to play one single game per month and everyone else plays the same map. Gives you a bit of competition and can see where people are making decisions that you didn't to lead to a quick victory or one of the more exotic conditions.
  6. What exactly were your video specs?
  7. Maybe Mark Warner, but he would get hounded about his ethics violation. Charlie Baker also seems like a decent choice. Has some budget shortfall issues that would be a problem.
  8. I hate every one of you.
  9. What's funny is that the TPP does have some carve outs for the US Steel industry to protect dumping and swaps. Yet, that's too fine a line for both of them to walk for her to say, oh by the way under the TPP Trump would have been more driven to use US steel. But let's leave that aside since the TPP has been considered such a hot topic and nobody really knows what the #### it even says or set out to do.
  10. I suppose that someone has pointed out that he shifted even more left last night on a whole host of topics.
  11. So what was the final word on the steel thing.
  12. Struggle bus at anything above TH9.