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  1. Still gonna build that wall, or no? Sounds like a major backpedal is in progress.
  2. The other thing you gotta think about is ratios. Once you end up with more 11s than 10s you can get severe mismatches in both directions. A 2 to 5 ratio of eagles to inferno is ideal. 1 to 1 is ok but worse than that can be a mess. Not exactly sure what our count is right now.
  3. Look, no it isn't. Get your damn facts straight. The number looks to me to be at about 6250 depending on the source of it whether it be short or long term. There's a worksheet that manages all this.
  4. I'm probably leaving shuke as is. Haven't raided on it in a few weeks. Dipping on th10s with an 11 army still takes pretty decent heroes. Don't think it's worth the time and I'm just gonna bully 9s till the game dies out.
  5. This isn't remotely true. You will have to show this as ordinary income in this situation. I don't know exactly what the number is to trigger that scenario, but I am 100% sure 75k would be over that line.
  6. Well you are doing a horrible job of explaining it then.
  7. Who cares about tax brackets? It's not like you magically get some break if you make 124999.99, but that extra penny costs you like 6 grand in taxes.
  8. Wait, what? I don't think any of this is right.
  9. major backpedal in progress. I'm trying to keep the relevant stuff updated in gme, this board is really hard to use unless on a desktop and even then I find it very difficult to use.
  10. High level war players are probably .01% of players and maybe cost them more money than they bring in. This game is funded by noobs, and whales, war guys don't fall into either of those. Noobs hate superqueen. They killed it. That about covers it. Hope people like getting no shield from a gigob.
  11. There were a lot better ways to slow down the bowler+healer attacks than nerfing the #### out of healers. I really think they want to understand the game other than a trophy pushing contest, but simply can't wrap their head around it. Every single interaction with the community has been focused on making the trophy game a 2 star affair. Sometimes this hurts war, sometimes it helps. I'd argue the witch nerf helped. Seems they find that to have been a negative experience. I can't really remember a truly impressive 3 star raid I've seen that didn't involve healers in some time. I don't think you can just will a CB Lalo to come back at TH10. Base design is just too tough with the extra walls, more wiz damage, more xbow damage, and now everyone has 40/40 heroes and a harder clan castle. (return of cc hounds) It isn't clear whether the miner change will hurt, some will say it will help. And they are setting up for an anti miner defense. Personally, it sucks. I didn't see this coming at all. I was looking forward to trying out these queen charges into XYZ troops. Forget that.
  12. Autocorrect issue. Fixed.
  13. Of course, meditation releases dopamine which is critical for sleep, sleep is critical for life function and repair of cells. It's certainly not by accident every religion man has ever come up with has had some prayer or meditation element to it. Some get addicted to this feeling to the point of it being a source of endorphin not unlike heroin. It's important up to the point where you try to force it on me through stupid laws, deny science, or blow people up in the name of your own flavor of dopamine release.
  14. Well yes, that's the point. For competitive wars there is concern that if the TH11 to TH10 ratio is off then all you get are dips from 11 to 10 and up hits from 10 to 11 with a handful of 3 star attempts at th11 on th11. A ratio of lets say 4x11 to 12x10 makes it that TH10 have to carry their own water or else settle for few to no TH11 on TH11 three star attempts. It's not an issue of whether dips should or should not be easy. At a prior, happier, time TH9 would clear and then TH10 would fight to the death with a few TH9 on TH10 up hits. The level of scrutiny and demand on TH10 right now is insane.
  15. Base design is a little bit of a trainwreck now. They really need to fix miners Basically meta right now is: Compact base with most defenses touching- 6 healers and mass bowlers 2 Jump 3 rage Spread out base with few things touching - 52 miners 5 heals derp derp Hybrid base with inferno moats surrounded with denser compartments - AQ walk into miners rage queen 2x to kill a good 30% of base Anti2 base - AQ walk into miners with 5 heals most likely depending on inferno placement The only hope you have is to make base tight enough that 52 miners won't work and if they do a queen walk or charge the funnel doesn't work and the queen and queen's healers get killed. For fairplay clans right now they are combating the imbalance at TH11 by limiting the number of th11 they allow in war. A ratio of 50% more TH10 to TH11 is deemed the best way to demonstrate a clan's actual skill level argument being that TH11 is just too easy right now until the upcoming miner nerf coming and TH11 on TH10 dips are simply too easy.