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  1. Was just rebalancing things a bit.
  2. This is overblown. The theory that your liver stops everything to filter booze is a flawed one. The one thing it does do is supress release of glucose in response to lower insulin levels, this, may be the real benefit. But everything in moderation etc etc.
  3. They changed this literally on the first day to a more normal permission. In any situation a phone user can always revoke permissions like this.
  4. They use the same engine to ban people that ingress had. Risky.
  5. pecan lodge
  6. There are alot of people that consider war the game. I mean I'd say a good 40 percent of people quit farming over a year ago at the high levels .
  7. Why? If you war seriously and farm seriously. You can easily drop a hundred in gems to keep heroes awake at th10. With serious wars being what they are nobody wants to be out of the game for 3 or 4 months waiting on stupid heroes and labs. And you can buy pokemon go accts also.
  8. I assume th8 dies the same way. But not sure anyone has tried it.
  9. So she really got Rick rolled? Is this true?
  10. Yeah, the lab time at th10 is stupid. This is why anyone with a max 9 is just selling or keeping it at 9 forever and buying a 10. This is the central issue the game has right now. The more content they add the more they add to the insane time to actually carry someone thru it. It's a feedback loop that will prevent new people from coming into the fold. And if you are done farming there's not a real incentive to stay active farming. You can build an army and practice in FC for a bit, attack in war, go away. This was a huge issue in onehive genesis where I was for a bit. The th9s are all basically done. There's no reason for them to do anything but show up for the first 6 hours of a war, collect their two 3 star raids and check back for the last hour of the war to see if it was won. None of them have any interest at all in moving their accounts up. They realize how stupid a 9 to 10 move is right now. That has to change, but I feel like it won't. And not everyone wants to go thru the hassle of buying accounts either, I mean it's not like you paypal someone some cash and boom. There's alot to it. I don't want to make it seem that simple, but trading with a known person it is quite easy. Especially on android.
  11. Romney people focused far too much on national polling after the convention and lost all their momentum in swing states. He got a huge bounce and the vegas and intrade odds went against him. I think intrade is dead, but there was a lot of money to be made right then for those that want to do so.
  12. I'll see what the update looks like. If they make some changes to the way the th11 scene works that isn't just "Add another level of archer tower" and a couple of barch troop levels I might consider sticking with what I have. If they look to be throwing up their hands then I might try to get a th10 and get back in the mix.