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  1. apples/oranges Here's a good video on the topic with sources linked
  2. I mean getting your elbows out past your forehead is a good way to dramatically raise the difficulty. It shouldn't cause balance issues if a simple plank is mastered.
  3. seems pointless to do this for longer than 60 seconds. If you can hold a low plank for 60s start moving your arms out in front of you and then start adding plates to your back.
  4. So they will let you trade in virtually any working phone and get the min-spec Iphone 8 for $329 no-contract unlocked. This seems like a crazy good deal, not sure how they make money on a phone that used to cost you what? A grand?
  5. Sean Lee looks like he's ready for a broadcast gig that Witten abandoned.
  6. yeah, i looked at shots from the philly game and they didn't wear the blues. I assure you I'll put my best people on this and get this sorted out.
  7. It's been sort of a thing on primetime games for awhile. Except Thanksgiving. And vs. the Redskins.
  8. I thought they moved the game threads somewhere, can someone edit the title so it's easier to find? Sheesh
  9. Has anyone ever looked slower on a 68 yard run?
  10. Why do we want Bud light drinkers to be even more drunk driving home?