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  1. Basically what I did to get my pullups going was just start with the assist machine at the gym. Started doing 3x10 with 50, then dropped 5 pounds each session till I could get 3x10 at the next weight. Once got to like 10 pounds of assist started doing jumping pull ups to assist on the concentric, but really once I was off the assist I started doing them raw as much as I could, then would use the assist as a finisher. Not sure what I could do now for one set with strict form raw, probably 10 no issue. I'm not one of those guys that can corn on the cob for days or crap like that.
  2. Oh, yeah inverted rows. Those are typically done without reciprocating the hands. Not sure if that would flip over if you tried to do it like that (use two hands on one side) Dumbell rows don't have as much carry over as dumbbell pullovers to doing pullups. When I am trying to pick up my pull up volume I simply use the big straps. It took me awhile to be able to rack out pullups. I now do them with kettlebells hanging off my feet and drop them at some point. It's an absolute staple for me.
  3. So just for the hell of it I've been doing ab ripper x weekly, I went down the rabbit hole of what happened to Audra after that. Seems like everyone else that has ever done a BB video as a demonstrator she's knee deep in a MLM, but still smoking hot.
  4. Wrong link? Confused how this helps with pull ups. If you've been doing a lot of pushups your dip game should be strong.
  5. There are fundamental issues that no coach can solve. The largest might be the rapid breakdown of the Texas High School athlete. Nobody saw this coming. Their entire recruiting network has simply crumbled. It doesn't do you any good to have bagmen for every 4 and 5A Texas school pegged, if they have nobody to drop on.
  6. Texas is just Nebraska at this point. Their records since 2010 are eerily similar.
  7. Do you use the DPD powder to test? That is the gold standard. What's the ph doing? My guess is I had to guess is you didn't fully get rid of the algae and it's there just enough to tie up your FC level. That or switch to DPD to get a true reading.
  8. This is more or less what the poolschool at troublefreepool teaches. That the issue with traditional chemistry is lack of understanding of the conditioner that rides along in the pucks and shock bags is what ultimately makes them horrible to even be around much less swim in. The profit margin on conditioned shock is super high, so here we are.
  9. Exchanged chlorine is at least as expensive as liquid chlorine. There's no free lunch. Having a pool that could do either I went with liquid. The biggest mistake pool owners make is to shock exclusively with Tri-Chor and Bi-Chlor which ends up spiking the stabilizer level, higher stabilizer means you need more free chlorine and this becomes a vicious cycle until you have a pool of chloramines (which is the smell). Exchanged chlorine reduces the need for shock because it provides a more constant exchange of chlorine. This helps. You also need to add a lot of acid back to the pool, but exchanged pool owners have figured out that swimmers prefer a PH up to 7.8, rather than the 7.566 level that has been in the books for ages. It comes down to your available time, if you can check and treat 2-3x a week then exchanged makes less sense. If you absolutely hate messing with your pool then having an exchanger makes some sense, but expect the cost to be somewhere in the range of having a home service for liquid.
  10. It varies, but by and large the grades K-8 are as before with masks. Grades 9-12 is a little variable, some are hybrid by design, some have a lot of opt outs. It's going well, except for the sub issues that are popping up here and there from cases that are generally attributed to being gathered outside of school.
  11. I guess looking here at these stories I didn't realize how being in a red state things were quite so different in blue ones. I'd taken my eye off the ball and simply assumed, that most districts/schools had at least some in-person at this point.
  12. The next level logic leap is something to the effect that they are testing too much. The word casedemic might be used. Or something to that effect to reflect that only seriously ill need to be tested and counted and asymptomatic do not.
  13. I have a hard time buying that CVdz/Kidney disease are independent of BMI. There is a lot of data skewing right now born out of the fact that 60% of this country is simply fat as hell. It's going to be hard to find a normal weight CVdz person anywhere in the US, let alone one with kidney disease. The same issues abounded when trying to de-skew smoking from heart disease in the 90s/00s as people were quitting smoking.
  14. Additional news on how we've gotten better at treating this thing.
  15. Yeah, take the 5 starting cards and just take one pass one till done. Starting hand has so much variance so it really helps. Do this every time. We've tried the deal where each get 15 extra cards to sift down to 5 cards then shuffle back into the next 15 cards per player thing. Not really worth the effort, but it could be for 3+ players. The EE has more mechanics where the deck gets cleared off. It's sort of a bummer with 2p when the up cards blow for a round.
  16. The role of science in public policy has been subverted. And humans are really poor at risk assessments when it comes to their own personal risk, preferring at all times to keep even small risks at more than arms length. Couple the two together and you get this situation. In parallel, those deciding the public policy were wholly untrained to make these types of decisions, not to mention underfunded to apply what seemed to be minimum standards (like spacing). so here we are.
  17. lol, quickly changed this to international travel only.
  18. Reasons to doubt this: Noting that this is adult asthmatics: Again, adults One reason why you might not see many children studies, is simply they are going to have issues getting enough enrollment. There is growing evidence that risk factors are independent of breathing issues, notably that smoking would appear to have at times a protective quality to it, despite such an assertion being absurd in this context, yet it keeps showing up in the literature as protective. This thing really boils down to. Are you old? Are you fat? Are you fat and old? Teasing out any other risks hasn't shown anything useful for behavior changes.
  19. The problem is people are taking the culture of sweeden to = their government intervention and extrapolating it to the US where we have people just foaming at the mouth to post the latest little tidbit that masks don't work.
  20. The problem is people are taking the culture of sweeden to = their government intervention and extrapolating it to the US where we have people just foaming at the mouth to post the latest little tidbit that masks don't work.
  21. Then pick the most Sweeden like states and compare to the ones that are less like Sweeden. I imagine the unemployment rate, tax receipts, foreclosures and things are indistinguishable across the different state policies, and like in Europe the infection rate and economic ruin are independent. That this disease is more or less driven by personal responsibility.
  22. Splitting hairs, but we are just like Sweden. If your local area doesn't put kids in seats, that's on them. You have far more power at the local level than to petition the federal government. If you really want kids back, go sit in the board meetings and local city meetings. The overwhelming pressure of involved parents get kids back, the ones that DGAF will let kids stay remote. JMO.