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  1. Is there a place you can get anything else? If so I think I'm seeing the possibility of a breakthrough.
  2. I'd much rather see Bernie (or anyone other than Bloomberg) take down a clear win than have my favorite candidate win 30% of a 5-way split of the field.
  3. Reminder that Iowa and Nevada are caucuses -- where a smaller, more-dedicated supporter base can lift a candidate. And NH is home turf for Sanders. He'll probably still take more votes than anyone else on Super Tuesday, but it's not a conspiracy or "the DNC" if he doesn't. He didn't do nearly as well in states where people actually voted.
  4. Well, IMO the DNC's role is to help smooth things over or handle a contested/brokered convention. And they have very limited power anyhow as long as people are voting. I think what they really should be doing is figuring out a process to handle the convention if no one gets a majority - something everyone agrees to ahead of time. Also, a top-secret effort to create a list of candidates that might be drafted as compromise choices in a truly brokered convention.
  5. I'd be waiting until March 4th to see where things stand. Does Biden rally? Does Warren capitalize on her strong showing? Does Bernie come out with 50% of the delegates on Super Tuesday? Is Bloomberg still breathing? etc. Things will be a lot clearer in two weeks.
  6. Very cool. Happy that dude's alive and upright. Seeing him get t-boned upside down was hard to watch.
  7. Go figure: Liverpool have lost once in the league over the last two seasons, but didn't win the league. And they've lost more away games than any other team in the Champions League (4-0-6) in the same time frame, but are defending champions.
  8. Assume the last-minute goals were on three penalties, with the first one retaken twice and the last one off a rebound by a guy five yards early into the box?
  9. I see this reported everywhere on Twitter, but nothing that looks like it came from Ch2. Did you actually see it? Does seem to be a lot of chatter than an announcement is pending.
  10. Up until now I've assumed no news was bad news, but we're pushing 2hrs. I'd think if it was a simple as he'd passed they'd say something to that effect fairly soon. The longer it goes the more it might be that they're still fighting to save him and just don't know where things are going to shake out.
  11. Hamlin's spotter with a series of tweets. Feel for the guy -- sounds like criticism of Hamlin is hitting him hard and he's taking the blame for it onto himself.
  12. Right... that's what I was saying. Only an idiot would believe he knew and just didn't care.