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  1. Hey all... in case we don't connect again I just wanted to say a farewell and wish nothing but goodness for all of you I've gotten to know over the years. Even Spurs fans.
  2. I should have read the rest of the thread I guess. No way he didn't know what he was doing. At this point I'd pursue every legal remedy available and throw out the possibility of ever having a good neighbor. He's going to try to get away with whatever he thinks he can, so might as well let him know the price is high where you're concerned.
  3. The guy's in construction. And in my experience a bad neighbor on day one doesn't stop being a bad neighbor without intervention.
  4. The idea that Trump can win if he's 14 points under water is just cowardly D's and blinkered Rs exposing their inner monologues. Dems crushed the midterms with #s slightly less favorable than today's. Whoever the Russians run as a 3rd Party candidate will have a tall task in front of them to carry Trump over the finish line.
  5. They have no problems with the approach -- they just want to distract people from the facts of the inquiry. It's not meant to be taken seriously.
  6. Not a transcript you say? Bet he brought the receipts with him.
  7. Mauriles plan will absolutely work IMO. It's certainly worth a try at least.
  8. So we'll withdraw. Russia, you keep your puppet in place and regional dominance. Turkey, you get the Kurdish genocide you've dreamt of for a century. Just give me Al Baghdadi for my campaign. QPQ, QED
  9. Incredible news. The next manager will have some great pieces to work with.
  10. Tulsi is a great value pick. She's never dropping out.
  11. Probably time to schedule another rally in West Pennsyltucky.
  12. He'll be cool with it I bet. Like 1000x more contact than the PK Pamela won at Anfield a couple years ago -- which was totes legit IIRC. Now excuse me while I go adjust my mask. ETA: Lamela, but if the typo fits you must leave it.
  13. It's a relative scale. By Spurs' standards that was a mass shooting.