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  1. Seems like this should be true for all the big clubs. Maybe Werner's release clause makes him affordable today, but there's probably some big bargains out there once things start to move in the transfer market.
  2. It's "the quiet part out loud" in the context of the Court.
  3. Guy starts Twitter feed that does nothing but repeat Donald Trump Tweets. Account is suspended by Twitter.
  4. We're 30+ days from "reopenings" and 10+ days from Memorial Day already when many more people around the country crammed into boardwalks and beaches. And there's no uptick at all so far. I share your concerns, but my money is on we won't see much of an increase from the protests.
  5. Masks + mostly young people + infinite volume of fresh air may completely offset this IMO. Or largely offset it. Seems like we'd already be seeing dramatic increases if outdoor activity drove infections. Cautiously optimistic about the next three months. Not so much for the Fall.
  6. The hype will be so high the first time we see the full team on the field at the same time they'll probably lay an egg. And they haven't had any time together at all. Assuming Berhalter even starts all of them.
  7. With Red Bull behind him it's hard to put him in this category since he has a lot of resources, but Marsch has them playing really interesting soccer. I love the guys who do a lot with teams that aren't already powerhouses: Ferguson winning three Scottish League titles and a European Cup Winners Cup at Aberdeen; Mou taking down a UEFA Cup and CL at Porto; Klopp getting Mainz into the BL then winning two league titles and a CL runners-up at Dortmund and now turning Liverpool around.
  8. Sensitivity (also called the true positive rate, the recall, or probability of detection[1] in some fields) measures the proportion of actual positives that are correctly identified as such (e.g., the percentage of sick people who are correctly identified as having the condition). Specificity (also called the true negative rate) measures the proportion of actual negatives that are correctly identified as such (e.g., the percentage of healthy people who are correctly identified as not having the condition).
  9. Guessing all of it was throwing a bone to Randy and the kid knew the score.
  10. John McClain✔@McClain_on_NFL Texans had a deal with Detroit for the 90th pick but Lions backed out at last instant and Bill O’Brien was furious. You could tell by his reaction on TV. They selected OLB Jonathan Greenard with their pick.
  11. Also not sure you can argue Guice, Love, Gramps, McKissic and Barber are really "hell". If Guice can't stay on the field (42 carries in two years) that looks wide open to me.