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  1. lost my fantasy matchup bc i listened to people instead of playing kenyan drake 😢
  2. i dropped boone, he was useless. abdullah or whatever his name took more snaps when boone started!
  3. Some questions answered here:
  4. yup ill keep him and bench him next week, but winston scares me with turnovers. lets see how dj moore does this week
  5. Marquette King Practicing with St.Louis Battlehawks:
  6. it is better to wait and see so i did the same, may the fantasy football Gods be with us
  7. id go with jones he's been healthy all year and is number 3 RB
  8. i would go with badgley, i had him as my backup kicker in the beginning and he was ranked number 15 even when he didnt play. could you answer my question please:
  9. So i had Jamaal Williams and he has been pretty consistent with points up until last week. Kenyan drake is the main rb force for SF now and if chase edmonds comes back im sure he will be still useful. David Johnson has fell off like Frank Gore now. Drake is considered a 3rd string but i think he can earn a spot above David Johnson. Who would you guys choose? 1 ppr league Roster: QB:D Watson, Brissett RB: McCaffrey,Singletary, J.Williams, J white WR: Aj Green,K Golladay, C Sutton, ju ju, D.Moore TE: E.Engram, D.Fells K:G Zuerlin
  10. Pat McAfee on being a field analyst for XFL: