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  1. I think that is the issue at hand though. The guy is saying... he changed him out right away and it appeared to have saved. He thought everything was kosher and then checked his phone for whatever reason and Evans is in. He actually told me, a list of moves he had made with his roster. His starters are the exact same as last week... it is just an unlikely move. I know it is difficult to say, but - he has never sat idle even when losing. It's difficult to navigate. The lowest points for subbed player is interesting... does anyone else go by that?
  2. Yeah, it doesn't look good from a proof standpoint. This is a dynasty league, so... options are pretty endless. The dynasty owner is a little more... seasoned and into the injury report versus a redraft filled with slaps, which is why... I believe him. It was pretty common knowledge, Evans was out. I just think he probably would have subbed ANYONE in over Evans. It gets more dicey, because even down a man - he lost by just .18 points. That sucks for him. Looking back on the text, it was originally - him freaking out saying none of his lineup changes were saved. Then, it is showing an error of Kenyan Drake not being subbed in for Devonta Freeman. He then said, he had Mike Evans out for Perriman, but that was after the first touchdown... Just a ####ty situation with faulty equipment/apps? I have had a ton of issues with ESPN, personally. I think it is the worst fantasy platform, but was recommended for Dynasty. I want to do the right thing and everyone in the playoffs is glad he lost, because now other teams have a chance. The difficult thing is literally anyone could have been in his lineup for an injured Mike Evans and he wins... then he is having trouble getting Drake in his lineup, which was supposedly a part of the change he made earlier in the morning. I think it's impossible for me to reverse but maybe the owner of TEAM A shames the winner enough to get a forfeit? I don't know if I want to touch the topic and I think it has to be worked out within the league, no? Text was sent at 2PM** edit
  3. For all intents and purposes I am going to layout a scenario that occurred this weekend and it really sucks, because I guarantee it to be true. Team A is the #1 team in the league. He has Mike Evans on his team. Picks up Breshad Perriman after the Evans injury. Owner of Team A, claims to have put in Perriman before the game but ESPN doesn't save the roster changes. He sends out a text after the games started saying the issue and sends screens of him trying to update his roster that won't update. Games playout, buddy loses by .18 points and could have put anyone in place of Mike Evans to win the game. Does the league have reason to vote on this? Just call it sour grapes and say better luck next time. It's fairly high stakes, but as the commissioner - I feel damned if I do and damned if I don't. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
  4. I think this is the potential and nothing from Ty Johnson has shown promise. I believe he has elevated himself to the top of the depth chart and am considering dropping McKissic (who hasn't done a damn thing) for him.
  5. Out of the stable of workhorses in Detroit, who is your prime candidate for the ROS. Ty Johnson/McKissic or Bo Scarbrough? I think it is safe to say Ty Johnson is the odd man out, because of the comparable skillset or lackof versus Bo.
  6. Are you guys accepting new owners? Kerryon Johnson/Miles Sanders don't equal Ezekiel Elliott's production. Unless I am getting gobs of picks, I think I'll keep the guy with a bigger role in a better offense than the other 2.
  7. *Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler have entered the room* - Yeah, I don't think it works that way. Cook is going to command a bunch of money and Mattison could be the insurance that a Cook departure won't leave them with their pants down.
  8. My best advice to you... leave this league. It is not competitive. I'll give you a flier on Daniel Jones, Engram is good... but Gore? 2nd round pick? This is either collusion or you are playing with the worst fantasy league in the history of the game.
  9. Understandable, but that is taking into assumption all teams are equal. Chicago is a top 10 run defense for yardage allowed. Tennessee is top 15. There are variables not being factored into the production/usage change. Injuries to the line and quality of opponent have changed. With that being said, look at the Dolphins game. Ekeler averaged 3.3ypc and was saved by a couple touchdowns. If you thought this production was going to continue after Melvin Gordon's holdout ended... you are more optimistic than I am. If you look at the games both runners have played in... the statistics are not much different. YPC are similar and Ekeler does not have the body type to bang between the tackles 20-30 times a game for 16 games. If I owned Ekeler, I would have been looking to unload him for someone (assuming you were smart enough to draft Ekeler has a RB2 or RB3). Sell them when they're performance has surpassed expectations. Side note: I thought Gordon looked decent running behind a line that couldn't stop a 4 man rush.
  10. Spoken from a true Ekeler owner. I am a Gordon owner and if the season is lost... this favors Gordon more than Ekeler. Gordon is going to be on someone else's roster next year, which means you should run him into the ground. The only thing hampering M. Gordon is the outcome of these football games. Generally speaking, they are in passing situations late in games where Ekeler is the clear favorite for the Chargers. Through my eyes, Melvin Gordon is clearly the better back and anyone asking for more Ekeler volume is an Ekeler owner hoping for his Start of Season production.
  11. This is my first year using ESPN versus Yahoo! - you can view the Auction Report. Players Tab - Auction Report. It will show you who was bidding and how much you overpaid. Hopet his helps.
  12. I'm not trying to make this an attack on you or what you believe; nor am I trying to change your mind. I think the hangup is "stud vs. droppable player". You could have been much more tactful in how you approached the topic. Is Keenan Allen or Adams an every week start? My opinion, yes. However, depending on your depth at the position... you could make the argument for benching Keenan Allen. At the end of the day, I am in a PPR league and Adams is going to get targets. His QB is upper echelon. The point opportunity is too glaring for me to cut bait for a rookie RB, with everything in the world to prove. In dynasty, you never look to cut an underperforming top tier player... you try to find someone willing to trade. Likely, you will not receive top value for the player but you can get something for him.
  13. Singletary is on the waiver wire for a reason. He may be a great addition down the road, but currently doesn't have half the ceiling K. Allen/D. Adams do. They are simply telling you, your logic is failing you. Based on your logic, I hope AJ Green is sitting on waivers in your league. You ride with these perenniel big name players, because they could make a difference in the playoffs. Draft deep and you don't have to make these ridiculous decisions to cut a top 30 pick for a rookie with no reputation.
  14. To the league or to fantasy conversations? I'm a big fan of Gordon's. I think he was dealt a bad hand with the marijuana thing and I have never understood the league's stance on the drug. We would rather get people addicted to opioids than allow them to manage their pain/anxiety through smoking some weed. Fantasy relevance will remain, so long as he is a talented 28 year old wide receiver with potential.