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  1. Realistically, I don't see Fitzpatrick being much of an improvement over Dalton. The offensive line is decimated and we haven't been right since Frederick went down with guillain-barré. Tyron Smith is easily out for 4 games annually. The RT situation has been abysmal. I might be the only one here to believe this, but Zeke seems checked out. I love Zeke and always hoped he would be the fixture of our team but if the only way you are able to get 100 yards is with 5 first rounders in front of you... I'm not opposed to moving on from him and would love a situation where we accumulate some picks/linemen/defensive backs and another QB for him, but it seems unlikely.
  2. Anyone pissed for McCarthy's timeout calling last night? The garbage TD to Amari Cooper? Then bringing in Ben Dinucci to finish the game? No? Just me?
  3. That garbage touchdown saved Drake's night. He still looked like he wanted to bounce stuff outside, when he could have trusted some holes. Kyler Murray is a real threat to Drake's TD numbers, becaue the coach doesn't trust him. Dallas' run defense is abysmal (Dallas fan here) and for most of the game, Drake was held to pretty mediocre numbers. If you can sell him high, do it now. He will probably come crashing back down to RB 50 numbers against Seattle.
  4. I'd have played a stack with the Bucs WR's last year when Jameis was airing it out 50 times a game but not now. I don't love this trade because of Hopkins. I don't think the value of Swift and Mostert is enough for Nuk. Don't you think you could get better value elsewhere for such a big name?
  5. Was just offered this in a 10 team PPR league Get: JuJu Smith-Schuster, Miles Sanders Give: Kenyan Drake, Myles Gaskin, DJ Chark I think it is a good trade for me. The guy offering needs some RB depth, as he only has Miles Sanders, Aaron Jones, Raheem Mostert as viable starters. I am really banking on JuJu bouncing back.
  6. A large part of who Dak is - has to do with his scrambling ability and large frame. If he plays scared and no longer provides the mobility he did - he could be a shell of himself. I just look at players like Dante Culpepper, who sustained lower body injuries and were just never able to provide the same explosiveness on the field again. I'm a Cowboys fan and hope Dak pulls through, but time to prepare for life after Dak Prescott and certainly will not get into a bidding war for him.
  7. When the season began, Andy Dalton was widely considered one of the best backups in the league. With that being said, I love Dak - think he is a great person and is my son's favorite player, but the difference in talent and play from Dak to Dalton isn't as gaping as many of you want to believe. Dak Prescott has often times had terrible decision-making ability. For all the weapons we have on offense, he has thrown balls behind the receivers, etc. I hope Dak has a speedy recovery, but I don't think he is the QB of the future for Dallas (not at the price tag he thought he deserved.)
  8. Yeah, I wish I had more capital to try to move a couple RB's to get into the Saquon owners roster but have CMC and am currently waiting on bids to have a serviceable backup to help free up some players. I can't remember a weekend this rough for injuries in awhile...
  9. Yikes... I need to start poaching Barkley owners other players as he prepares for a rebuild.
  10. Yeah, brutal weekend for injuries. I would be a little more aggressive for Saquon if CMC wasn't out for 4-6 weeks. Saquon owner, in my league, has Rodgers and some decent young WR's but no RB depth. I'd like to capitalize, but don't know if it is in the cards without giving up my entire stable of RB's.
  11. Any insight on the Roster Outlook Barkley is departing from? My Barkley owner is in need of RB's. I have quite a few, but none of them "great" outside of CMC. Drake, Howard, Gibson, Fournette, Melvin Gordon, Freeman... I'd like to pull a similar move to the mentioned trade. Put out a text to the current Saquon owner asking what he is thinking...
  12. Appreciate you looking out. Just thought after weeks and weeks of back and forth on why LF was a bust... it deserved a callout. Dude was an every down back yesterday and the future is looking pretty bright. No ill will, just trying to have some fun. 😎
  13. I'm just checking to see how @JohnnyU is holding up. To all the real ones, who said Leonard Fournette's outlook is significantly better without being hampered by a poor offense like Jacksonville, I see you!
  14. My league would have vetoed that first trade it is that lopsided. I'd understand if Howard was coming off a down year, but Bell is a feature back. The second one is a heads scratcher too because Ekeler isn't a feature back, where David Johnson seems to be (until injury). I also think Godwin is better than Sutton.
  15. Your situation is similar to how I approach kickers and defenses - you just want to look further out in weeks. Kickers are typically moot to me. The defenses are where you will want to look forward a few weeks in advance to ensure you aren't having as many transactions. However, if you know your leaguemates aren't going to drop their defense - you can pick up guys or defenses after they've cleared waivers. Typically, I take the approach of spending half my FAAB by the end of the season and then save the other half to try to poach bigger players. That all goes out the window if a big name comes available.