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  1. Just not sure how excited to get about Johnson. What he did today against a legit SEC defense today was impressive. Will he be the next NFL Calvin Johnson or something closer to James Washington...or somewhere in between? Just not sure....but definitely a guy to watch. GREAT football instincts.
  2. 155 total yards and a TD today against the Bears. Dominated touches. We were right all along. Just one of those "weird game script" instances that are beyond our control. The "luck" portion of FF ended our seasons.
  3. I still maintain that it was only a bad call to start Boone in hindsight. It was simply a classic case of "any given Sunday" (or Monday, in this instance). Was it a bad idea to start CMac in week 2 when he rushed for 37 yards on 16 carries? How about Barkley in week 10 when he had 13 carries for one yard...against the jets, no less? In hindsight, yes. Yes, I understand that those guys are proven "studs", but the point remains the same. Occasionally game script kills fantasy players, and there isn't a darn thing anyone can do about it. They flop, plain and simple. The writing was on the wall early last night: 1) Rodgers was draining every second of the play clock on every possession 2) Vikings offense was anemic and vanilla. Cousins was laughable. 3) Vikes o-line played their worst game of the year. Several missed blocks/assignments. 4) GB defensive line was in the backfield all evening. LaDarius Smith was a monster and had a career game. It's always risky starting unproven players, and I would never have started him over guys like Mack, Jones, etc. He was my D. Henry replacement, and I don't regret the decision. Boone had scored nearly 20 points just last week in relief duty, and looked good doing it. Seemed to have a great nose for the end zone too. It was a logical replacement that just didn't pan out on THAT particular night. Also, just because the kid had a horrible game does not mean he's completely worthless, or that he wouldn't have had a terrific game under different circumstances. He breaks one 50 yarder to the house last night (which he is capable of doing), and we are all celebrating today. His situation was good, but it just wasn't his night....or ours. It happens. In fact, that's fantasy football 101.
  4. Life is a gamble....but makes it worth living.
  5. Boondoggle, for sure. Booner brought only flaccidity. See y'all next season, Lord-willing.
  6. Wishing Mattison woulda been a go now (owned both)
  7. Would someone mind blocking LaDarius Smith, please?
  8. Well, if there is any bright side, I would point to DeAndre Washington, who had exactly 17 total yards at halftime. Ended with 106 yards and a TD.
  9. Zimmer needs to get his head outta his rear and just start pounding Boone. Play Viking football FCOL Also not helping matters is that Rodgers is taking the full play clock on every play. Time's a burning.