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  1. It does based on your time frame. The other consideration is your tolerance to risk. So if you can handle the “down” swings you should be rewarded in the long term.
  2. Nope. It’s never a bad time to save more. Given your time frame there is no reason to avoid investing in the stock market however you can chose to allocate the Roth however you see fit.
  3. Mutual funds settle at the end of the trading day. Any trades placed outside of normal market operations will have to wait for the market to open and then close. For example, if you place a trade to sell today (Saturday) then it will be liquidated when the market closes Monday. In this example you should be able to purchase a new fund on Tuesday however you won’t be in the fund until the market closes Tuesday. Depending on the account (401k for instance), you may be able to exchange one fund for another. Continuing with my example, you would be out of the old fund after the market closes Monday and into the new fund after the market closes on Monday.
  4. 1 - if you are happy with the funds in the account, I’d keep it in the “old” 401k for now. No hurry to move it. When you transfer funds you will be out of the market for a period of time. With all the volatility in the market I’m not sure I’d be moving funds unless I had a very good reason. Having everything a Fidelity will make it easy to manage. 2 - you have time to ride this out and reallocate to something more conservative later. Hold your current allocation. 3 - I’d buy and hold stocks with your after-tax funds. Amazon and Disney will be good long term plays. Use fidelity to open a brokerage account. Free trades and everything in one place. Don’t allocate more then 5% of you entire portfolio to one stock to be safe. 4 - keep saving and max out if possible. I’d continue to add to equites until we rebound and then switch to your target allocation in bullet point 2
  5. Fannie Mae wouldn’t consider a basement regardless if there is a bathroom and/or bathroom. But it depends on why the appraisal is being done and the state you live in. If you have a realtor or have worked with one in the past, they would be a good person to ask what your state does.
  6. It can and it may in your state/county but that’s more of an exception than a rule. Many lenders only consider the above grade living area in the sq footage. If any wall is below grade then it’s usually consider below grade. Here's what mortgage giant Fannie Mae has to say: "Only finished above-grade areas can be used in calculating and reporting of above-grade room count and square footage for the living space. Fannie Mae considers a level to be below grade if any portion of it is below grade, regardless of the quality of its finish or the window area of any room."
  7. It does not count towards sq footage.
  8. In regards to saving for the down payment, you will just have to deal with the low rates that are offered on bank accounts (savings accounts, money markets and/or short term CDs). Online banks usually have higher rates than brick and mortar banks and are easy to shop for on the web. The rate isn’t really that important though, rather getting your money when you need it (liquidity) and making sure it hasn’t lost value should be your main objectives.
  9. A couple places my wife and I enjoyed eating: DJs Clam Shack - casual walk up stand that’s downtown. Great for a quick lunch. We got the shrimp tacos and a lobster roll. Latitude - we ate lunch here another day though dinner/sunset would be amazing I’d imagine. You take a boat to another island so that’s an experience on it’s own. Awesome food and beautiful views. Make reservations ASAP when you get down there as it was hard to get in (if you decide to go).
  10. Thank you for sharing! My wife made this for us tonight and the whole family loved it. I really dig Indian food and this taste like what I get at the restaurants.
  11. Interest is tax free from federal and can be state tax free as well if bond and bond holder are from the same state.
  12. Have you called you bank (where the mortgage is at)? If your loan isn’t FHA you may be able to drop the PMI without a refi (appraisal would be required).
  13. Cautious is smart. I’d start with half a gummy and smoking before/during is ok but once the gummy kicks in I doubt you’ll find it necessary.
  14. If I had to guess, we will see a Bo Scarbrough and Kerryon tandem which I believe is what they want to do next year. Hopefully that means Kerryon gets the passing work but I doubt he get all or close to all the touches. If Bo doesn’t play then they will just substitute another grinder.
  15. According to Accuweather there is a 81% chance of precipitation. Not very windy and 54 degrees. Doyle is a good pivot. I still like Ertz more but it’s very close.