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  1. So the CDC is wrong now? Everyone loved the CDC before... but now that they are saying things we don’t like, they’re full of it? Got it
  2. I prefer my WRs to play with QBs that can get the ball to him. Godwin and Evans has a QB who threw for 5000 yards. He finished as one of the top fantasy qbs. His issue was INTs, probably because he couldn’t see. The day Tannehill passes for 5000 yards is the day I eat my sock Golladay... I believe there was a stat that Stafford was a top 5 QB before getting hurt. Something like that Kupp and Woods has Goff who was hit or miss, but that offense had volume. Nothing like Tennessee’s offense Allen has Rivers, who isn’t a bad QB Making some very broad generalizations here. Tennessee doesn’t pass, because Tannehill isn’t a good passer. Just like every other team with a below average QB, they will run the ball more. Not pass it more. But go ahead and hope for bad play from the guy A.J. Brown depends on getting the ball to him. Hope it works out for you
  3. That’s a bold strategy, Cotton, let’s see if it pays off for him... Bump NE WRs then I guess. Keenan Allen should shatter records with Tyrod throwing him the ball
  4. I'd snap accept too. A stud WR and Cam Akers for 3 okay guys. Ouch man, you didn't think that one through
  5. Lol you dont even know what you're talking about
  6. WHO praises Sweden as a model for how to handle this in the future. Can't wait to hear the spin on this one from the left...
  7. I imagine it would be something like this "I want to address the allegations of sjam, uh, swalm, uh, you know, the thing! I, uh, in the 1940s we had a saying about this. And you can bet, uh, well, you know my buddy Barrack and I, we support women fully. That is why I will continue my fight to be your choice of candidate for the United States Senate. Play Ball!"
  8. You're a joke. You've lost all credibility here and you keep digging your hole deeper!!!
  9. Woah... Giving up a WR1 and 1.12 for Lamb... Major overpay. This is basically saying Arob is worth a 2nd. On Dynasty Trade Analyzer (which is the most current and best judge of value out there) Allen Robinson +3.03 is worth CeeDee Lamb + 3.10. You basically gave a free 1.12. Ouch.
  10. All I see in here is "well trump..." Trump has nothing to do with this. According to liberals, Republicans are immoral, dont stand up for women, etc. So... why would a liberal use a defense of "well trump..." for Biden? Are they suggesting that democrats should be immoral and not for women? I thought liberals were more evolved, moral, etc. If that were true they'd be demanding Quid Pro Joe drop out immediately
  11. Those were Creepy Uncle Joe's own words... I wonder if he still believes them... or even remembers he said them