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  1. I'll assume that knowing if other animals can in fact get it and spread it, and which ones, is of significant importance to protecting humans.
  2. BECAUSE... this is about Political Spocks viewpoint.
  3. It means you didnt catch it in the past 15 days. Buying yourself, and others in your sphere, a little bit more time for this virus to be figured out or medical responses to be more capable of inhibiting any damage.
  4. Solid offerings. Not perfect. But they put more into their study time than most anyone else.
  5. Wasnt for a post apparently. Just using the like button.
  6. BST got some forced utopia vacay time currently. For pressing a like/sad/thinking/laughing/love/thanks button, not even a reply, to a post apparently.
  7. --Polls matter and reflect accurately again.-- Forward the memo.
  8. BILLS MUST START IN THE HOUSE. Not the Senate. Republicans are withholding aid from Americans! Pass the house bill already!
  9. Wtf is with this insane mental gymnastics? jfc
  10. Ty, thought I was going nuts. They have a multitude of ways of working it out on Capitol hill.
  11. There arent any reports saying this current, correct?
  12. Didnt they say this waived right at the onset? Under oath even.
  13. Not really in some places. Ppl are 6 inches apart and the lines can go for miles.
  14. While I would agree... he literally said he did not know what was going on at the CDC and told people to ask someone else.
  15. Why will they not go the hospital? And is it entirely possible they still wont go in the foreseeable future if even you open up shops?
  16. All it took was news that we will to dump 4 Trillion dollars into the system. 😭
  17. The Doctors and Scientist, including their overriding organizations, including those geared specifically towards global health and pandemics were the lead on the shut it all down. Not just a crowd.
  18. If Trump wouldn't have been pushing that stuff, they wouldn't have ingested it. They'd still be dumb as rocks though.
  19. Which business and how do we know they are in need ... before they get handed our money? Otherwise it dont effing matter if you call it slush, theft, idiocy or flaffernwugen.
  20. Hows does that square with Trump saying he knew nothing about the pandemic teams when directly questioned. Surely if anything like that was to be cut they would have to inform Trump. Or he would assuredly fire them if not. *is this just a make believe narrative/response by matsuki? If so I apologize for my reply.