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  1. I think this really comes down to two players Perriman and AJ Brown I go Perriman based on volume and ceiling, Brown if you want a higher floor
  2. I only have Dak in one league and I have Jimmy G as a backup That said, I am starting Dak but hedging my bets and benching Cooper (for Perriman)
  3. Cooper didn't get you there last week. He has only gotten double digits 2 of the last 5 weeks and only 1 TD over that span. Winston is playing for his job and he is playing significantly better. Evans and Godwin were both legit WR1 all year. He has to throw it somewhere.
  4. I think with Dak's injury and the ups and downs with DAL, you play Boone, but only if he is going to be THE MAN this week.
  5. I think you listen to everyone saying DEN. Detroit is a complete disaster right now, which is why DEN is projected higher. 2 things with KC vs CHI 1) CHI has been doing really well over the last few weeks on offense 2) KC will make them at least attempt to put up points, DEN may not
  6. My main question is, who else are you starting? I definitely think Kamara is your only proven RB of this bunch. Therefore he is your safest play and still has the highest potential for a breakout game... which he has to do eventually right?
  7. As many others have stated, there is a prize (regardless of how trivial it is) and people are going to want to keep playing for whatever they can get. Maybe there was some confusion on how this would play out or people didn't really consider about how terrible it would be not to be able to actually participate in the final few weeks. I think this year is complete and you finish the season with the way it was voted on. Open up the discussion on how your future seasons will go though, should be positive discussion for such a seasoned league of owners.
  8. RB Kamara Chubb WR Parker Perriman Flex Sanders, simply because of the matchups of your other options You really can't justify sitting the RBs and WRs here. They are you highest floor and highest ceiling players
  9. Full PPR league, I am in the championship. Limited to 5 RBs on my roster Currently have: Kamara Chubb Mack A Jones Gordon Would you drop any of these for Boone?
  10. I would start both over Gordon I feel like Mack is the safer start, but if you think you need points and want to go for the hail mary, go Perriman
  11. I like Perriman and Mack more than Gordon Pretty sure CAR gives up the most points to RBs Perriman has a lot of upside (see last week)
  12. I agree with starting all 3 RBs. I also agree that Lockett and Brown should start. Higher floor and similar ceiling.
  13. Yeah, wow what a difference a day has made. Perriman is currently in there.
  14. 8 team league, standard scoring, standard lineup (QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, Flex, K, DEF/ST) QB: I am starting Tanny over Rodgers... still feels super wrong RB: D Cook and D Henry ... not sure I trust Cook much with 2 straight weeks of injury, but he has been amazing this year WR: Julio and Hopkins... nuff said TE: Hooper... he's all I have, dropped Doyle Flex: J Jacobs... this spot is what gets tricky Bench options: M Gordon: Hasn't been that great this year DJ Chark: Not looking the same as earlier this year Sutton: Good matchup, been pretty good all year AJ Brown: On a tear, but not sure I should put too much Tanny dependency in my lineup Parker: Somehow the number 12 WR this year Perriman: He is likely my flex if Godwin doesn't play right?
  15. I think Wentz is the safer play here. Even without anyone to throw to. Dallas essentially has no LB, and with the skilled TEs as one of the only options... might be a route to take for Philly. As you said, Fitzmagik can quickly turn into Fitztragik at any moment. You don't want that moment to be now.