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  1. But wasn't the left defending Obama when he was doing it?
  2. This should open up everyone's eyes to the agenda that the media has. That agenda is set by the Democrat party. Anyone who thinks that the media is unbiased at this point it's just unwilling to see the truth.
  3. You guys have no idea how many would have died. It's all guesses based on fear.
  4. OR the republicans. That is also fact.
  5. If you can't figure it out then i can't help you. It's not difficult to figure it out - but you're purposefully playing obtuse so you can get some likes here.
  6. Negative. This is what i'm talking about when I saw you're making stuff up. Your lies need to stop. The civil rights act would not have passed had it not been for republicans. Also, it would not have gotten as far as it did without a key republican - I can't remember his name offhand. This revision history about Democrats suddenly becoming republicans when they take some of the most atrocious positions in our nations history is just that - revisionist. Sorry, pal. You ain't gonna' spread that stink on me - that belongs to you and your party exclusively.
  7. Oh, man, that's awesome. He's telling the truth.
  8. You can have them both!
  9. Get a load of those guys complaining about being called racist. The irony is spectacular.
  10. The Democratic Party? The party that fought FOR Slavery, started the KKK and moved blacks form a physical plantation to a virtual one with their welfare policies? THOSE Democrats? Please. The revisionist history is bad around here, but this takes the cake. The biggest lie ever told was that Democrats care about black people. They care about their vote every 4 years, that's it. Otherwise, it's back to the virtual plantation.