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  1. It's simple - the GOP has a majority in the senate. To nominate and vote on a senator all they need is 50 votes, with the VP being the tie breaker. Even if all Democrats disappeared and didn't vote, the GOP could still push one thru. No single democrat has any power to stop a nomination and a vote UNLESS they can convince 3 or 4 GOP Senators to vote "nay".
  2. Is there a thread in here for when Scalia died? I'd like to go read that and see just how "respectful" everyone was in there.
  3. No they didn't. And I don't know how any Democrat can stop a Senate vote unless some GOP Senators defect to their side.
  4. Not really. You think people who die really want people to be sad for them? Or happy and laughing? Comedy lightens the heart and helps the healing process. However, I'm sure sure somebody has already reported me because they can't take a joke.
  5. So then why did you ask if you wanted a canned response and already "knew" the answer? You were disingenuous in the first place - that makes you the dishonest one, not me. The problem is, you think I'm a rabid Trump supporter - I'm not. I vote for him and hold my nose because I see the bigger picture and what nominating Democrats has done to this country. I wish we had someone better than him in there to represent the GOP. But we don't. I'm more anti-Democrat than I am pro-Trump.
  6. And you got it. But that's not actually what you were expecting anyways.
  7. Those are all American companies. None of them are owned by "the State" like TikTok and WeChat are. The Chinese military has complete access to all of that data.
  8. The line is where the US Constitution draws it. So, from a legal perspective that is exactly where the GOP needs to stop.
  9. Dude - you asked. And now you're going to roll your eyes? Why ask the question if all you wanted was the answer you wanted to hear?
  10. I disagree, but maybe I could have said, "Who cares that she said that (if true)?". Of course people like her family care. I was talking about it from a political perspective. But that was a totally made up quote. I refuse to believe she said that.
  11. It's all part of the game both sides play with each other. I would accept it for what it is.
  12. I'm not going to belabor the point with you any further, but needles to say you are incorrect in your assessment because you're all emotional right now. We can talk about this later when you've calmed down a bit. Ping me when you're ready.
  13. Well, that very well could be, but someone smart like Ginsburg who understand the Constitution wouldn't be so non-chalant about it like that. No way would she make an emotional appeal like that.
  14. Because if she's as smart as everyone claims, she wouldn't say that.