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  1. They don't want to hear that the market takes care of it. I'm absolutely astounded that NCCommish already admitted that 80% of businesses already pay above minimum. It's called the MINIMUM WAGE. Not THE Wage. Not the MAXIMUM Wage. Not the LIVING Wage. Minimum.
  2. When I read the thread title I was hopeful. After reading the content I think the title should be "Democrats STILL Not Getting the Message?" 2/3 of small business owners agree? ? D'okay.
  3. Recently stayed at Caesars Palace for an annual conference there and was taken aback at how good their house coffee tastes. La Vazza apparently. Haven't tried it at home yet.
  4. Related?
  5. I'm aware that it's the nature of headlines. When I think of Campaign Chair I envision the top campaign advisor for the whole country. Not one of 3,100 local dudes. With Human Trafficking, I envision an organized, ongoing network of bad people transporting many people continuously over time for illicit purposes. Common semantics no doubt. Just found it interesting.
  6. So a "Campbell County Campaign Chair" and one minor (even one is still shocking and deplorable but I'm speaking solely to the outrageous headline) = "Campaign Chair" and "Human Trafficking?"
  7. Why would the new property management company issue new parking stickers to every resident? I bet only new tenants and expiring sticker-holders were handled once the new co. got their act together after closing on the deal. I doubt (although it's possible) that every tenant got three notices to get a new sticker. What a cluster that would be. Should RNR have checked back on getting a new sticker earlier? Yes. But I don't believe he was given proper notice. His new sticker request was during the shakeup period and got forgotten about.
  8. Let the emp choose an item to provide a splash of color to their liking, such as a red cap, and I think it would be cool.
  9. Why so much iBullying? Every.damn.time.he.posts. I've been tired of it for a while and it's reaching a new level here.
  10. Privately held majority owner of family company. He's good at the things he's good at. Many other things there are great too. But the meltdowns are sometimes epic and nonsensical.
  11. I didn't check the numbers but seems like it would've depreciated more than the incentive already, even if "new." Plus old tech.
  12. Nice slide by the Babe into second in that clip.
  13. Let nature take its course. Maybe he was a pedo or murderer himself. Maybe he took out an eye and they were taking out his.
  14. There's lots of google examples that say it better than I can. Here's one. Doubling Down for Less in Blackjack Is a Big No-No 9 October 2004 By Fred Renzey The player on my right was betting roughly $100 per hand. I'd say he was in his early twenties - pretty heavy hitting for a youngster. He made the typical basic strategy mistakes of standing with 12 against a 3, doubling with 4/4 against a 4, standing with Ace/7 against a 10, etc. No big deal - even fifty-year-old veterans do that all day long. Then he made a mistake that was a big deal. He had Ace/6 against a 4 for $100 and stuck an extra $50 out there to double down for less than the max. Now there are three basic ways you could play this hand - stand, hit or follow correct basic strategy and double down. Of the three options, here's why doubling is the correct play. Standing, you'll win the hand just 7 times out of 15 - an overall loser. Hitting, you'll win it 8 times out of 15 - a long-term moneymaker. And doubling down, you'll also win it 8 times out of 15 - but for twice the money! That's why doubling down is a must. But if you don't put up the maximum amount when you know you've got the upper hand, you're just giving money back to the house, statistically speaking. Having the upper hand doesn't come that often in blackjack. So what did I do when I saw this player leave half of his double open? You can bet your sweet bippie I tossed him the other 50 bucks and said, "Can I go partners with you on this one?" He obliged, we won the hand and the game went on. As time went by, this player doubled for less several more times. And once the "gentleman's" partnership was initiated, he looked over at me whenever he wanted to double for less and would often ask, "You want some of this?" I took it whenever the hand had a built in edge, which was most of the time. Now it's one thing to double for less on a hand where doubling down can't change the outcome, such as with the Ace/6 vs. 4 example. The outcome won't change on this hand whether you hit or double because there's no card you can catch that will make you want to take a second hit. Your worst card would be a 5 to make you a 12 -- and with 12 against 4 you're going to stand anyway. There are plenty of other hands, however, where doubling down actually wins less often than just hitting - yet doubling is still the correct play. An excellent example would be when you have 9 against a dealer's 3 showing. If you just hit it, you'll win the hand 55% of the time. But if you double down, you'll win only 53% because if you catch a deuce or a 3, you can't hit again. Still, doubling down is the right move because going 53-47 for two bets each makes more money than going 55-45 for one bet apiece. But suppose you're that youngster at the table with the $100 bet up when you're dealt 9 against a 3 -- and you double for just an extra $50. Now you're going to go 53-47 for $150 each. That'll net you $900 on all 100 doubles combined. Problem is, you could've just hit it and gone 55-45 for $100 each, netting $1000! You've gone out of your way to reduce your edge with an advantageous hand! Here's today's lesson. With proper doubling hands where you'd want to take a second hit if your first card was a baby -- doubling down is the best play -- just hitting is second best -- and doubling for less is often the worst of the three! Notice that doubling for the full $200 would go 53-47 and net $1200. So you can opt for the full double, which gains 12 bets every 100 times, or just hit it, which earns 10 bets, or you could double for half, which earns 9 bets. Take your pick.
  15. Doubling down, splitting and BJ are what gives you a chance. If you're going to only take one card you want the maximum payoff for your risk. When the dealer has a bust card and you're doubling, you shouldn't necessarily care what hand you make. You're betting that they bust, not that you get 21 (although of course it's nice). If you want to play it straight or are uneasy, instead of doubling for less, just take cards until you reach 12.