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  1. Some questions for you guys. So we know about Mt. Gox. What about other vulnerabilities, such as Nothing on the internet is secure. What about the transfer fees? Other fees?
  2. Kids are really digging the Acer R13 Chromebook with touch screen. Full HD screen. Great build.
  3. Just need to go to self-serve beverages with more options, and get rid of styrofoam.
  4. No video? There's great fails like this on YouTube where people face-plant.
  5. That was quick!
  6. Did he mention if it can be thrown out completely? This is ridiculous. Your kids were not in danger and they were not abused. Just the fact that you had an emergency plan and that it was known by your son and he told it to the cops is more than 99.5% of families have in place. Easy for me to say, but we need to work to get these silly laws off the books or rewritten to include discretion. This "case" should not include paying one dime, performing one hour of community service or taking any plea whatsoever. You might save another good family that may have slightly worse, but still benign, circumstances. I would check with the ACLU and at least consider spending out of pocket on a defense. Again, easy for me to say. Here's a case I remember seeing before. Like one mom said, it's not free range parenting. It's called parenting. Period.
  7. I never got the link to all the other videos you said you found and needed to transfer. TIA
  8. What's the resale value of that vehicle? To me you need to straight up look at the price of $31k and say is it worth it? I haven't researched that car so I don't know. But once the incentives are gone I don't see many people paying $51k for it. Let the deal stand on it's own. Don't let the tax savings drive the deal.
  9. Such bs. If you have the resources it sounds like this would be an ideal case to fight the law to either get it changed or taken off the books. Maybe the ACLU would help with a landmark case? There's so much wrong done here against her and you. It's similar to the Subway owners that lost business due to a false accusation by a cop that a worker spiked his drink or the Col. who was up for Brigadier General that got awarded $8M dollars from his accuser when he was falsely accused of rape while at West Point and lost his promotion, career and reputation. Like they say, people think you want your reputation back but it's really about an emphatic public denunciation and retraction of the false charges. A win also gives you the ammunition to remove it from public records including search engines like Google.
  10. You'd think they'd be on to this and go by service address.
  11. How much electricity does it take per year?
  12. Leave the stereo and no backup camera as is on this vehicle. Not worth the expense or time. Just wait until your next vehicle.
  13. I'm getting this weird split screen with neither side being legible. When I looked at her actual twitter the tweet looked the same. What am I missing?
  14. Embrace negotiation. I love the challenge and the dance. Don't work down from the price minus the $10,000. Work from dealer cost plus (use whatever language you want). Also, don't fall for the psychological money off pitch. It's so contrived that they advertise things like, "$13,361 Cash Back on this truck! $55,000 MSRP." Why not just say, "Remodel your house with CASH! $57,361 Cash Back off the $99,000 List Price?"
  15. Sounds like they were primed for you to ask about the $200 gift card and $100 instant credit. You did good. But I suggest you fight through your doubts and ask for what you want. I don't know you but I sense a breakthrough. What's the worst that can happen? GL