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  1. My son is almost 12 and is level 140. Joined late in Season 3? I think he’s pretty good. I love watching him play. It’s frustrating how so few have mikes, or leave them on party chat. Working as a team verbally rather than only pinging communication is a game-changer and way more fun. He’s a team player and smart. Fun kid. Very animated. If any of you guys or your kids want to add him he’s CalvinClyne1234. Thanks.
  2. Nice! What kind of camera did you use? That looked nice and sharp and clean. Well done. Great lead in story. Then the movie. Wow! Absolutely compelling! I loved every second of it. I want to see it on the Big Screen! The music. Everything. Just fabulous! 🥤🍿😃 Best post in the thread. So cool. 🇺🇸
  3. Canadian border closing sucks. My first two Canadian fishing trips had to be canceled. ☹️ The first one we moved to Lake Sakakawea in North Dakota. Never fished it. Walleyes and Northern Pike. Anyone ever fished Sakakawea?
  4. If you offer the USA to give up 188 more fatalities per million (Sweden minus Norway) in order to keep trillions in GDP (less of a decrease than lockdown), much lower unemployment, greater freedom, better physical/mental health and much less financial ruin for individuals and businesses, I’d say the USA should take it. There are trade-offs all the time in public policy and we’ve traded far too much for a very, very small difference. Again, I would go to a Twins game tomorrow if you gave me tickets and I’ll probably go to a movie theater and buy popcorn and soda within the first day or two of them opening in my area.
  5. Except the slowdown in growth happened in Sweden too which took a more open approach, although distancing was a part of their strategy too, which I hadn’t read before, so I give you that. Sweden is expecting to get to 30% herd immunity in May. The death rate won’t be exactly the same in all areas. Different populations, percentage of elderly, general health, socio-economic factors, density, etc. Some of the early antibody studies are showing that .1-.2% fatality number.
  6. Don’t the high cases discovered through antibody testing and anecdotal evidence of thousands and thousands of people packing all the stores daily for 5 weeks yet death rates not skyrocketing provide some evidence?
  7. Is Kevin Kline available to step in as his double at the next parade to buy some time?
  8. Would your answer move more toward “Return to normal” if you knew that “Social Distancing,” lockdowns and school closing have no real scientific basis and little to no effect?
  9. I would go out to eat at a restaurant, go to a movie and a casino today if I could. #ReopenAmerica
  10. I am in the same boat. I totally wanted them to take Winfield just for the story lines and legacy. I have no idea if it would have been the right pick.... Winfield Jr is still on the board so I think there’s a decent chance the Vikings make a move for him.
  11. Lots of great character guys. Not seeing many dramatic troublemaker guys which is nice. Reward those who work hard and do it the right way.
  12. 😂 Buyers will like the open concept. And with all the upgrades we did we’re going to list it higher than the market will bear.
  13. Jerry still regretting not taking Randy Moss. Still chasing it despite bigger needs.