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  1. Well, that's still pretty bad. PM me your address and I'll mail you one of my kids. 🤔 Child support included? It’s all good. No bet was made. NOT a cstu situation.
  2. I seem to remember I tried to turn a bold comment you made into a bet but when push came to shove you said you posted drunk and didn’t mean it, so no bet was made. Worked out well for you today iirc.
  3. Or sprinkle some carpet deodorizer on and vacuum it. Then throw a can of Febreze in the foyer. You’ll be considered a god, especially with the ladies if you’re not already.
  4. Still wondering what she’ll earn in social work with a masters vs. undergrad in relation to loan debt from Columbia.
  5. Cameron Smith’s a dead ringer for Alfred E. Newman.
  6. He said he apologized immediately for that. Watch Feherty.
  7. He seems to be quite disliked. Why? If anyone wants to learn more about who DeChambeau is, check out his interview with Feherty. Great stuff. Like many, I was unsure about him, mainly because I didn’t know much about him. Seems like a cool guy. Smart. Thinker. Respect for the game. Measures himself against what he envisions are optimal shots. Not a #### like many seem to think. I’m on board. Tony Finau with Feherty was awesome too. Super cool.
  8. OMG ZJohnson just hit the ball on the tee while taking a practice swing. Unintentional. Wow. 😮
  9. HD had made golf and hockey, especially, so gorgeous. I wish Jack in ‘86 and some of the older footage was as clear. Still amazing to me.
  10. Use the Brave browser and BAT. It’s a start.
  11. It’s cool but they need a Masters TV Channel. No TV coverage until 3:00 EDT. Bring back early coverage on USA Network or whatever!
  12. I know this thread is about done but for others contemplating quitting you should know that you can spend your full FSA (NOT HSA) balance on the first of the year even though it’s funded equally throughout the calendar year from your paychecks. HSA gets funded as you go, so no benefit there. Just sayin.
  13. it's not like guys in the NBA are the best offensive players in the world or anything.  It’s called EFFORT. Most fat cats in the NBA now don’t have time for that, just raining 3’s. We all know they have the greatest athletes and of course they’re better than college players; they’re the best of the best. But the cumulative product called games are not better. Can you imagine NCAA basketball now if all the teams kept players through their senior seasons? It would be unbelievable.