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  1. Wild finally get to play a game after four days off. While it’s a nice refresher to essentially get a bye week and some practice at this stage of the season I’m looking forward to the narrative tonight: a) The Wild are off to a slow start as they haven’t played for five days. b) The Wild should be rarin’ to go after a long layoff and come out hot.
  2. Can AirPods be used with Xbox?
  3. I’ll let him know. Thanks!
  4. Will he be buried in costume?
  5. For those of you solo fishing and/or looking at the kayak fishing setup that some have mentioned, here’s a cool boat I saw on Kickstarter with pedal drive and you can add their motor too.
  6. So do they charge exorbitant room cleaning rates like they would for cigarettes? Asking for a friend.
  7. Gets some cameras up. Shame is a powerful thing. This “My Neighbor From Hell” series is strangely engaging and the homeowner handles it spectacularly. IIRC he’s former CIA.
  8. I went through something similar. You now finally have your permit. Life is too short to extend this right now. Build your house and enjoy it. You won. If he does things later just to piss you off then come up with the good stuff to stick him.
  9. By gully that’s just not right!
  10. My almost-10 yo son and I were playing Monopoly today. His dice game was tight and he consistently avoided landing on my big money makers, round after round. We were laughing about how uncanny it was. So his cash was piling up and I was mortgaging. When I conceded the game at the end he said, “You can’t stand the glimmer of my ka-ching.”
  11. If it’s a refi you should ask about a credit for title insurance from your original loan. If it’s an owners policy and you already have one from the original loan you shouldn’t need to purchase another. I’m just a FBG not a real estate lawyer so don’t quote me. GL.
  12. Restaurant was sold and we FINALLY talked him into not hiring her for the corporate office. It was seemingly a miracle after we discussed it with him numerous times what a it would be. The kicker was he finally understood when we told him he could just pay her COBRA, which the company is now doing for 12 months. Not a juicy update but thank god it’s over.
  13. Thanks for the encouragement. I agree but I don’t have the leverage at this point to push all my chips in the middle. Too much risk without a fallback. I asked his brother today if he had talked about his raise yet. It was a way to toss out there that I was surprised boss didn’t give bonuses already after the way he was throwing money around at his girlfriend. It’s good for him to know I’m not happy about it as they do talk. He’s been so greedy with stock all these years. If I do opt for the big leverage conversation I’ll be going for it, either stock or ghost stock-type deferred compensation plan. It just might work and if it doesn’t I’ll be fine and someone else can deal with the bs. I’ve been casually looking for a while but not desperation-mode-serious which is what it might take to get an offer. My wife wants to move to FL so that’s the focus rather than the Twin Cities.