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  1. Hard to beat the excitement of the Minneapolis/St.Paul sports market right now. That is all.
  2. I would say no if it was me. I actually still have a 6+ and I’m waiting for my X to arrive. To me, why bother for the smaller screen and marginal differences elsewhere? eta: Didn’t notice the larger storage size at first. If you’re not thrilled with the plus size and need the extra GB, maybe do it then if you aren’t locked in to a longer contract or more payments. I always buy the largest storage and it’s never enough.
  3. EG, my wife wants to move to FL. Serious question. Any of your neighbors selling?
  4. It’s only a matter of time until this goes away. Unsustainable business model. Virtually all movie theatres are listed as participating because they accept credit cards. Theatres do not have an agreement with mp. I suspect the “paying in advance” is another way for them to get cash up front, cuts down on cancellation losses and they hope people forget that they’re paying for yet another monthly subscription.
  5. Kind of odd that the arresting officer took a picture of her when he arrived.
  6. Are people excluding others from group texts because they’re not on the same platform? I don’t get it.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. Please set an alarm for a few years from now to remind me.
  8. It took a while for the Wild to get used to the speed game that the Predators brought. Their last few games especially were slow. This game reminded me of the game where Toronto was noticeably faster too. But what a comeback down three goals at one point and down two in the 3rd. Then Spurgeon-Staal-Zucker backhanded laser shot-Spurgeon ENG for the regulation win 6-4 against a team on a 5 game WS. Great energy in the building and a gutty response. 15-4 shots in the 3rd. Needed the 2 points in regulation here.
  9. Is he dead yet?
  10. Sad to hear about your GB. Very cool that you’re helping him think through this. You’re an awesome friend and I’m sure he’s grateful.
  11. That site was posted higher up thread. I had never heard of it and I’m an internetphile. I looked them up and researched a bit. Suffice to say I don’t trust them. No way. YMMV
  12. General Admission has been like $70 plus tax and fees for the last few shows. Best to be on the floor anyway. I don't understand those bashing U2 as money grubbers as they do the tour thing better than most anyone, especially with how huge they are. Verified Fan doesn’t cost anything but you’re next in line after Verified Fan tiers. For those wondering about the subscription, you always get a gift each year such as lithographs or vinyl record set. Sometimes free music. Also, with each tour ticket bought I believe you receive the album free. Let’s not forget we got the free album from Apple too. If only other mega-bands offered as much.