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  1. Looking at French Door fridges to replace our GE that had severe defrosting problems and now more issues. Consumer Reports gives precious little detail on reliability and specific major repair issues. All the fridge selling websites have 5* reviews that are either promoted or written right after they’re bought. How do you like your fridge? How long has it lasted? Any bad/great experiences?
  2. I thought Tomlin used to go for two nearly all the time. What changed his mind?
  3. If Sendejo is out that’s a big dropoff for MN. When he was out earlier this year it hurt the D. Griffen is limping more too. Robison is best situationally as he’s getting up there.
  4. Looked like a forward pass to Dyson from that angle. Funny how that video looks 100 years old already. Thank you HD.
  5. The Sophie’s Choice of Ginger, Pale Babe and Lace.
  6. The emails between his accounts, where they think he was talking to himself, present what seems like an obvious explanation to me. SPAM emails that seemingly came from one of his accounts, sent to others in his contact list or email system. I’ve received emails from my work email address, addressed to my work email address. They read like SPAM too.
  7. Cool. Good for him. He should set up cameras in case the feds knock down his door cuz they think he’s growing weed.
  8. And...we’ll see you...tomorrow night! #puckett
  9. Wrong title imo. Jags defense takes out Brady this year. Eagles were not special vs Falcons. Jaguars at Vikings. At home.
  10. Is Sendejo going to be ok? Underrated. Brees really took off after he went out.
  11. Manti Te’o looking for his gf on the sideline.
  12. The old i’m Going to blow him up with a shoulder instead of tackling him comes back to haunt again. Lol
  13. Saints punter POTG for playing with broken ribs and bruised sternum.