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  1. When do you move your coins from the Uphold exchange into a wallet, such as Ledger Nano S? Once your balance is higher? Do you pay a fee to do so? Then if you want to sell do you need to place them back on the exchange and pay another fee to sell? How do you get a blockchain address or is it generated automatically? TIA
  2. Do all the exchanges require this level of verification? DL, pic, First-born, etc.? What’s the chain of events from verification to purchase that ends with placing in a wallet?
  3. Goodnight sweet prince. We hardly knew ye.
  4. Don’t forget about them also voting for limits on Class Action Lawsuits and businesses right to force arbitration in their terms and conditions. I received a heck of a letter from my Representative Emmer (R) that actually tried to explain how it was a good thing for consumers. Condescending as hell.
  5. They should at least proofread it. 1) Whose, not who’s. 2) Isn’t it “fat stacks of cash?” It says “fat sacks.” I doubt Pai has a fat sack.
  6. I’ve had the X about a week. Anybody else see their older iPhone videos cut off at the top, whether in portrait or landscape mode?
  7. Well it passed. I’ve already contacted my Senators and Representatives. Have you? Pai sure loves saying “heavy-handedness.” What a joke. As if Net Neutrality stifles innovation or investment.
  8. Was just watching the devil Pai’s speech online and he interrupted after he received a note from a woman who entered the screen, “Due to security we need to take a brief break.” Then video offline.
  9. Can’t go wrong with an Ugly Stik either. Underrated rods perfect for situations such as this. Have fun catching fish with your son! It’s awesome.
  10. Love hearing about success! Helps us all appreciate our lives and loved ones.
  11. Three Billboards. Heard it’s great. And Wonder. Excellent.
  12. Thanks for the offer! Unfortunately our logo is pretty complex so I'm somehow thinking it would be hard to convert to a stencil effect, but if possible that would be great! Logo Red.pdf?dl=0 I guess maybe check and see what his thoughts were? Thanks! @[icon] BIL couldn’t get it done in time for 2017 but I have a 10"H x 9-3/8"W stainless steel cutout "Usual Saucepects" logo in hand for you to review. Can I post pics or send them to you first? I think it’s pretty sick!
  13. Agree with Squid. You get what you pay for. Despite what someone else said, a $50 helmet is not just as good as the rest. I weld just occasionally but I still bought a $100+ auto dim. If your son is serious about this as a possible career ask the instructors what is best. You only get one set of eyes. Also, there are other factors such as lighter weight when you wear it all day, etc.
  14. I guess that’s what you get when you put the 4th of July Committee ?? in charge of Christmas ?☃️.