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  1. The teacher is teaching from home but the students show up? Oof.
  2. Agreed. With this buying frenzy there are no doubt scammers doing #### like that. I let it pass. It went unsold. Too much risk for an unproven Seller. Thanks for the input.
  3. Would you guys buy a used like-new gun on for $1,200+ from a Seller with only 1 feedback and it was a few years ago, so no details? Over $500 so no buyer protection. Wants USPS Money Order so no credit card protection. Seems legit and no red flags on the listing but wary due to value.
  4. Sell the soft-sided bag and get a Thule. You won’t regret it. You can’t get the key out unless it’s closed properly and tight. Foolproof. Only open one side at a time. One rainstorm with the bag and you’re screwed. Plus, is it REALLY secure to the roof as items inside jostle around?
  5. Paging @Dentist or others with personal experience. I did find one other thread where Dentist was talking veneers but it was years ago and didn’t apply exactly. I have a chipped front tooth. When this happened my dentist said he could fix it but it could happen again due to misalignment, etc. So I decided to get braces at age 50 and do it right with a plan for veneers later. Now it’s 2+ years later; the braces are off and everything looks great. It’s time to fix the tooth. 1) Is doing porcelain veneers on just the front two teeth okay cosmetically, or will the color difference be obvious? How about over the years ahead? 2) My dentist is saying if I do all six top front teeth they will all be the same color but if I do only two or four now and more are done later it will be harder to match color. 3) He’s quoting his usual crown cost, which is $1,350 per tooth. Are veneers usually less than crowns or since it’s the same process, same price? Thoughts on best course of action for the long-term?
  6. DD Online (DDO) doesn't work for my Hybrid drafts so I've used DD Classic (DDC) forever. This year we're adding .5 PPR and I compared the DDO & DDC rankings and they're SO DIFFERENT! I get that Simon touts the advanced algorithms in DDO but how can they be so off from DDC? In DDC, VBD Baseline...which do you prefer that produces the best rankings pre-draft? Joe's Secret Formula. Worst Starter Method. User Configurable by POS Rank. In conjunction with that, what FBG Expert % do you use in PD to import with the above Method? Historically in here I seem to remember it's been said: Dodds 40%, Tremblay 30%, Wood 30%. Which yields the most realistic projections?
  7. I like to disconnect my cables so when they shut me off I can still watch DVR programs before getting turned back on.
  8. Maybe some of the ventilator factories can switch to ammunition? 🇺🇸
  9. Yes I agree if new. But there’s a used gun that posted the marketing description of the gun then added USED at the end. Real photos but nothing else in any of the three tabs. No confirmation that everything in the original box is there, maybe how many rounds were put through it, scratches, wear, known history, etc. Just surprised it’s not more like eBay where people are used to giving tons of information upfront so it leaves less to interpretation. I’ve seen this from multiple dealers. Doesn’t inspire confidence to buy an $800-$1,600 gun sight unseen online. I’ll probably lurk there for a while first before purchasing anything.
  10. Anybody buy guns through gunbroker? I’m all registered But just watching some at this time. I’m not liking how weak the item descriptions are. I’m watching some pistols where the hole description is the stock item description. That’s it. No other comments. Who wants to ask a ton of questions to get basic information that should be in the initial post?
  11. 40 acres will be great for your growth. It just happens. Embrace it. You’ll find yourself coming up with new and creative ways to solve problems. Make friends up there. I bet you’ll meet some awesome people. The bonus is they’ll likely help you with projects and borrowing tools. They’ll help you get started and provide guidance. Your tool collection starts now.
  12. I did not yet. Hard to find. Was hoping to pay a bit less than full retail but deals are long gone with the state of the country. Still planning to get one though.
  13. After doing a bunch of research this is the one I will get for the same purpose.