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  1. Why another Equifax thread?
  2. Make them eat the regular pieces plain. When they complain teach them about "everything in moderation."
  3. If you come to MN you should hit Itasca State Park, headwaters of the Mississippi River. Haven't been there since I was a kid but pretty impressive claim. Sounds fun!
  4. They should have a law that citizens need to stay at least 20 feet back from an Officer that's handling a situation. Those people are way too close and are interfering with their ability to do their job.
  5. Nobody has any fishing reports since the last post, August 18th? I'm heading up to Lake of the Woods again this week, NW Angle, Canadian side. This is the fall crappie and walleye trip with 9 guys. You can't bring live minnows into Canada so today I salted and froze about 125 dozen fatheads for the group. Added a nice assortment of Rapala Jigging Raps and Snap Raps. Heard they're deadly for crappies (#5) and walleyes (#7 & #9). We'll try them out.
  6. I'm out in the boonies. Only chance to have it picked up is if I had bought a new one at a store and had it delivered. It's worth the $30 fee with the massive online savings.
  7. I have a Stihl MS260. I prefer to get top of the line and buy once. Big enough to take on most any job but not overboard.
  8. Never had to haul a mattress away before. Gonna take it to a recycler on a trailer Monday. Sucks.
  9. Some day he'll google himself and his mind will be blown when he finds this thread. And then he will read this post quoting your post and he'll really be blown away.
  10. A woman at work has a new grandson named Huxley. Unique and not terrible I guess. Plus a cool nickname option with Hux? What say you?
  11. Gotta throw a few workouts in there.
  12. Sounds expensive. Can I ask why you didn't buy online?
  13. Tired of Baldwin as Trump. It's played out. Weekend Update used to be fun and was often the only watchable bit during the "lean" SNL years. Now it's all Trump. Again, played out. Fliplets was a cool premise but went in a weird direction. Could've been a great semi-regular skit if not for the dark turn that made it a one-timer imo. Jay-Z is terrible. Both "songs" were horrendous.
  14. Is Mr. Clown Car in on this? Interesting dinner table convo.