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  1. Yep. Too cool to jump in on the fumbled snap. Just stood there like a doosh. Same look after the game as the camera was on him with nobody around that wanted to shake his hand. 🤣 Maybe 10 guys came up to him after the camera moved but I didn’t see it.
  2. It’s sad that the Hard Rock Casino Hotel in Vegas is closing. Great times there, especially during March Madness. Hopefully Virgin brings something cool to the table.
  3. 9 digits can accommodate 1 billion people. So far the U.S. has issued ~480 million SS numbers. We won't start to run out for another ~70 years. The Feds should be getting rid of static Social Security numbers and move to one-time use numbers in a tokenization system. Should’ve used the money from the Equifax breach and others to fund it rather than give it to lawyers. 🙄
  4. *Searched a ton and didn’t find anything close. What are some of the best practices for selling a car nowadays? Mainly dealing with money. $20,000? $10,000? $5,000? Meeting the buyer at the their bank and cashing their cashier’s check there? What are you private buyer’s doing to close the sale?
  5. Shark move is to go through the whole process online, choosing which docs you intend to bring, etc. It gives you a confirmation number. Then when you go in it’s a snap. Not sure every state has this preregistration but MN does and it saves a lot of time and likely aggravation.
  6. I'm not going to wait for it to come down in price and also the burn in has me worried. I have 4 kids ranging from 11 to 3. All it would take is one weekend of me out of town and one of those kids leaving it on pause for 2 days... I get it. I didn’t know you were looking at 75” now. Definitely that’s price prohibitive. I don’t know anything about burn in on OLED; goes into power saving mode after a bit.
  7. How has the reffing been on the road for teams you guys have watched? MN @ Purdue was ridiculous as MN got severely jobbed at the end of regulation and lost in OT. B1G trying to keep all the hometown fans happy. Just call the games fair both ways. 🙄
  8. I thought you were getting an LG OLED? You won’t be sorry if you do.
  9. Passport has always been okay to use for air travel. MN drivers license is finally getting on board and requires Real ID compliant license for air travel by October 2020.
  10. 🙄 There’s a reason why we’re the 6 seed and -7 vs SF. It’s fun to beat NO as the underdog and have a shot at another game. Not cursed. Also SF got fully healthy this game. They only allowed 12 ppg with full complement.