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  1. Something’s off in this article. Sounds made up. Musk never went to Thailand and thus was never in the cave. Nonetheless, those of us who followed the rescue fairly closely knew a submarine wasn’t the answer in this case due to the tight corners. That doesn’t mean such a device couldn’t be helpful in water rescues of a different nature but it seems unlikely.
  2. Put ‘em in the trunk like at the drive-in.
  3. If Jessup can keep posting the good ones I’m fine just entering those. Thanks NRJ!
  4. Kudos! Your gardens are so clean!!! Just perfect ?
  5. Very poor choice of words. “I’ve told them once this has died down let’s really sit down and have a more in-depth interview on what’s really happening,” he said.
  6. Some of the best deals are on the street right at the start of the event.
  7. Tomo arigato Mr. Roboto.
  8. I don’t think so. They named the three players and the goalie’s friend who wasn’t on the team. I’ll stick with actual news agencies over twitter until proven otherwise.
  9. Still good to have an umbrella liability policy for the whole family even though it doesn’t cover losses in the commission of a felony.
  10. That's even worse than the current one. I actually really like the 2014. Simple. Kind of rain-foresty in Brasil’s colors and tree-like shape. Curved hands in the shape of a ball and symbolism of coming together. Trophy shaped. Cool font that fits. Lots of different inferences and interpretations but jointly simplistic, which is nearly always key.
  11. Awesome so far. The pumping of the water helped tremendously. I originally envisioned these kids diving for nearly the whole trip which I didn’t see as feasible. Now it appears that it was diving initially through a tight spot and mostly walking and climbing. Huge difference. Hoping the rest goes well 100%.
  12. Awesome. Good luck. Love following along.
  13. That’s terrible. Good thing it’s trademarked so nobody steals the design!
  14. Opens tonight! I’m taking my family. Looks super fun.
  15. Even very experienced divers with rescue training experience and multiple zero-visibility dives say they wouldn’t make those dives. Now imagine these age 11-16 year old kids who cannot even swim. I don’t see them swimming out. Too many risks. Panic attacks, vertigo, nausea, free diving in spots without a tank, length of the route, etc.