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  1. Saw that she was out with Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian's ex. Ugh.
  2. If you didn't know, Gander Mountain is closing. They're early into the closing sale. Fishing rods are still only 10% off and tackle is 15% near me. Basically still regular price because the % is off msrp. Percentages will continue to increase.
  3. No
  4. "Show up."
  5. Check AAA and other discount searches.
  6. Decent fishing. Not much for walleyes though which sucks. Big enough to tube, ski, swim and watch/listen to wildlife. Nothing beats listening to the loons at night.
  7. A small, private lake under 100 acres.
  8. Based on this I started a cursory look into Cambria as I think I can pull off working from home and living virtually anywhere in the U.S. Thing is I'm on a lake now and I can't afford water in Cambria. Schools seem just ok there. I don't know. From another thread I've also considered Sanibel, Captiva and Seaside, FL. MN is so awesome for almost the whole time from spring through fall, much like those raving about Michigan in summer. Hard to downgrade from that due to cost of living/waterfront adjustment.
  9. $10k chip, chair and a chance. Can't wait to hear your updates.
  10. We are using Webroot now. It's the only software that I know of directly that has actually stopped ransomware attacks during the attack. RW usually disables antivirus/anti-malware. But webroot runs in the cloud so once it is disabled the computer immediately recognizes it and reinstalls, shutting down the RW.
  11. on both counts. Why would you say such things? Great finishing holes and great vehicles.
  12. First off, how are you?
  13. Your bank is doing both sides of the thre transaction and they have an appraisal from you when you bought it and now another appraisal from him a month later? Maybe it's a drive-by. Also, did you consult any other sources when setting your price? Appraisals usually trail an ascending market.
  14. Nice! You sure had that getaway car fueled up and ready!