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  1. His girlfriend has been training at another store location for a week. Boss said it's going well but no details. Background check came back pretty solid. The main problems at the store happen at night with no real supervision. Lots of drama. So the night crew needs to be shored up and held accountable. When we talked about a training checklist I started out with the basics, opening/closing, cash, POS system, scheduling, purchase orders, etc. Boss tossed out that he doesn't really want her to close because of safety reasons. I was like, how can she train closers and evaluate them if she never works nights? My guess is no weekends either. For restaurants that's a winning formula. Any amount of leadership at this point will be a step in the right direction and should make the store stable and profitable. Question is will he still want to get rid of the store? One other funny exchange I had with boss that showed how p-whipped he is. We were talking about his concerns for her safety and the risks to their personal relationship and stuff. He says, I didn't even want to have her to do this, she said she really wanted to. I was incredulous! I said you're the CEO! Why did you offer her the job then? ?
  2. Dear CEO, I posted this passive aggressive note in our bathroom for you. You probably know it was me but you can't ask me. Hasn't happened since and the note is still up. Thanks!
  3. Avoid bad hombres with machine guns.
  4. It's good that he turned down your offer, otherwise you'd have to put up with the vine tearing up your fence again. Now you can cut it back each time it takes hold.
  5. @Bucky86 or other Ultimate Dreams Supreme Gel or Ultimate Dreams EuroTop Latex owners, How is your mattress holding up? Still like it?
  6. Can they move the show to L.A.?
  7. Something like this would be a fun side project, even if you have a job. None of the higher levels sold so maybe do some smaller rewards. Including a custom sketch for stretch goals or higher levels would be cool. I think people would also pay for a reward that had the regular digital magazine or pdf like an erotic comic, plus a custom avatar given a few of the Backers parameters (doesn't need to be erotic). The thing about Kickstarter is you need to perform. If you take their money you need to deliver. Could be fairly lucrative for you. With your talent I think this is a no-brainer. A good plan is critical on the front end.
  8. Rok, why no avatar? You're an artist.
  9. Box of condoms. Were the boys invited? Who's going to watch them if you're not there?
  10. We need federal legislation authorizing free credit freezes/thaws/cancels, double authentication and immediate processing of said actions when the above are requested. Oh, and give me a new SS#.
  11. See the TedTalk on monetizing art in the digital age. Might be worth a watch for you. Then the next step is action. One small step at a time. I don't know why you don't draw porn for a living.
  12. This is why Chik-fil-a is closed on Sundays.
  13. Wall to wall screen looks more futuristic to me. Wish they would've overcome two things: Waterproof and Touch ID in the front screen (in addition to the Facial Rec).
  14. Besides the 210 number here's the second number I had written down from earlier in the thread. 866 284 2816
  15. I suggested above that freezing be the default and people didn't like that. Double authentication should be the norm. Just give me the starter Freeze password when I register my infant for her SS #.