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  1. You’re only going to sue them to repair the ditch if they don’t drop the lien? You shouldn’t be out of pocket for that. Nice work overall on this.
  2. Johnny Rock

    Yet another Pitt Bull attack

    Why kill the thread pit bull-like? What’s wrong with keeping awareness alive?
  3. So another email today with a movie mixups theme. TRex chasing a DeLorean. I need to start pushing for answers on the ACME Gold.
  4. Johnny Rock

    Golds Gym is crooked

    Can you swing by there to check and let us know anyway? Thanks!
  5. Johnny Rock

    Products you believe in - Let's hear 'em

    Cool. Which system do you use?
  6. Or saved the packaging and sold it later on eBay in the original box, slightly used.
  7. I don’t see that you said how long the trip will be. Have any of them traveled to Europe before? I assume your daughter has quite a bit of travel experience, no? I’m concerned about drama too. Seven is too many it seems. This would need to be discussed. Does she have one or two friends who can all stick together with her no matter what? Otherwise what happens when two girls want to stay behind with the cute guys at a bar and five want to move on to the next thing that night? Definitely no on the fake ID. It’s one thing to use one to get into a college bar in podunk USA but Europe isn’t in Kansas anymore Dorothy. You’re going to start off a trip with lying built in and an ID on your person that doesn’t match your passport? Seems dumb. Just wait a year if it’s that important to be 18.
  8. Johnny Rock

    ::: The Apple iPhone X :::

    I have a X with 256gb. I wanted 512gb then but they didn’t offer it. They do on the XS. Not sure what other game changers there are...selfie camera has Portrait Mode? I wouldn’t mind having a XS Max as I loved my 6+ besides the bs Touch Disease that happened due to lack of structural integrity and Apple screwing up. The X size is great but I like the extra real estate.
  9. Johnny Rock

    Funny things your kid has said

    My 13-yo daughter told me today how appreciative she is for all the little things I teach her about life, being independent, thinking, manners, me, just being a dad. 😘 We were talking about my youngest son staying home alone for a short time by himself as he stretches his independence, and she said she used to plan for the day when she stayed home alone for the first time. She said she wanted to bang pots and pans together. I had never heard this before and we laughed even as she said it. So I go, “Did you do it?” YES! ~more laughter~ 😂
  10. Johnny Rock

    anyone here into fishing?

    Going to the Northwest Angle tomorrow to fish Lake of the Woods in Canada for crappies and walleyes. Nine guys and three boats. High temps will be in the low to mid 30’s with one day at 40. Snowing multiple days. Hoping the fishing is great.
  11. Johnny Rock

    Unorthodox Things You Do

    Your 2 and 4-yo boys are still breastfeeding, aren’t they.
  12. Johnny Rock

    Cavalier Crypto 101

    I figured might as well throw it out there.
  13. Johnny Rock

    ::: The Apple iPhone X :::

    listening.....i don't care about color, will put in case with screen protector. hoping for fbg professional courtesy price too. I’m listening too. Just sayin.
  14. Johnny Rock

    Cavalier Crypto 101

    I’ll buy some shares if anyone is bored with this or just wants out.
  15. Johnny Rock

    Fence crap...

    Do you even need a fence? Can you throw some coupons at him in lieu?