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  1. So you weren't offered a FBG staff position? Lame.
  2. LP covered Adele in 2011. Very good.
  3. Listened to about 3-4 hours of Linkin Park on YouTube last night. Lots of official videos. Adele's Rolling in the Deep. Studio stuff. And the whole HD concert in Germany 2017 at the Southside Festival. Magnificent.
  4. Get back to me when it's statistically meaningful. I see why they did it, because those are the brains they have to work with. But bad science can be damaging.
  5. Why do you think your kids will appreciate you fully funding college but not appreciating a head start on retirement? Seems if they're so inclined, they will waste the 529 on crack whores during college instead of later in life. Also, my kid isn't being handed a Roth IRA. Also, who's to say they will want to go to college? I've aways been a staunch go-to-college guy. But the compounding cost of college just doesn't seem like it has the return it once did. I've advocated for my kids to start a business, possibly instead of college.
  6. I couldn't be more surprised by your posts Dentist. You're advocating a taxable account over a Roth IRA? I already told my kids if they get all A's in school they can have a car.
  7. Bump. Ethereum? Cryptocurrency Index? Rare metals? GOOGL? Solar? Bio?
  8. Agreed. It won't be 100%. She suggested 50% but I think it should be higher. $1,500 is only the current earnings. She started this when she was 13. Once she gets a regular pt job that amount will jump.
  9. But at least she may have a little cash in retirement to support her habit.
  10. That's the thing. She's not worried about money. Open the account and forget about it.
  11. Thanks. I'll look at this further. Higher balances above say $50k give more perks. It seems Vanguard isn't catering to these types of beginner products as much as others. We'll see.
  12. She agreed to it. And she's a smart girl so she gets it. She's not a spender and could care less if she has $100 or $3,000 in her bank account. She also trusts me and knows that if I'm recommending this it's probably a smart decision even if she doesn't fully understand. In fact, she didn't even really need to think about it and I didn't have to go for a hard sell.
  13. Two days a month. About 4 hours each time.
  14. Mmmm...Craft Steak. Medium Rare.