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  1. This is good. You haven’t even met the COO yet. Don’t get ahead of yourself. You’ve thought it through to this point and you know what questions to ask and the tipping points. Have fun exploring the opportunities and let it play out.
  2. Excellent! Good to hear some success before many of us kick into renewal mode. I was worried that AT&T wouldn’t give as much this year. Hopefully that continues. It looks like we have a new catch phrase for renewal conversations, boys...”I got an email that you want to make it up to me.”
  3. Anyone have a mint iPhone X AT&T they’d like to sell? Preferably 256gb.
  4. This is a good sign. Which number did they email you and did they have a new name for the “Winback” program? See what they offer first. Then get into “my wife likes to watch movies,” for free movie channels. ’Do you like football?” For free Sunday Ticket if you like that. ”Bill is still higher than I want to spend,” to make sure the discounts are all reviewed hard. If they don’t bring the gift card up then ask about it last. “One of my buddies mentioned that he got...”
  5. I loved my Silhouettes too for years. So light and comfortable. Went a little thicker and bolder (for me) a number of years ago and have changed the lenses a few times on these Banana Republic Garrick’s I’m about ready to try something new again for my everyday glasses so it’s cool to see the ideas here. For prescription sunglasses I have these sweet Rayban 3534’s in Gunmetal MALE 004-rb3534-gunmetal/8053672497724?cid=PM-FGS_300419-PLAUS_8053672497724&cid=PM-FGS_300419-PLA+-+Smart+Shopping+-+All+Products+-+June+2019-8053672497724&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIi63gtdC_4wIVl5OzCh0a4Az7EAQYAiABEgL4MvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds with custom mirror coating (Chicago Collection- Pastel Mirror 2) from Opticote
  6. I believe one of the main responsibilities of being a good parent is raising kids to think and be independent. As such, most of the time on week long fishing trips to Canada I don’t talk to my wife or kids at all. They know I love them. They’re good. We text once in a while or call if it’s something important, but they’ll be ok and it teaches them that they don’t need to rely on me to solve their problems.
  7.  TBD, but I don't know that she didn't consider it. I think she may have, at least to some degree. She just made the decision and turned it down before talking to me. She came home frustrated with work and just threw a bunch of stuff at me at once. This was one of the many things. I didn't have 382 consecutive hours to actually get into the specifics of all her issues of the moment, so we didn't dive as deep into this one as I wanted. What I don’t get is why interview for another Principal job at all? I can see saying I’ll talk to them and see what happens but I’m not switching unless it’s at least an xx% bump, but that number probably wouldn’t be higher than 50%. And even THEN, how about discuss all this with your spouse?! Maybe that the decision in the end anyway but at least talk to me about it.
  8. Beautiful fish! Always a great day when you limit out on snapper amirite?!
  9. Apple should give you enough free iCloud storage with automatic backup for the Apple devices you own. Enough bs.
  10. The mere fact that the word “Owner” is now in question (for the vocal minority) shows that we’ve jumped the shark.
  11. Love how quiet the announcers are. Less is more and they let the tennis speak for itself.
  12. This is crazy that shadows are a huge factor at this point of the Championship match.
  13. Djokovic bouncing the ball 11x is looking like Serg Garcia’s regripping. Oof.