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  1. Why wait?
  2. Short for Nath@niel?
  3. If by JV you mean the Antithesis of Three Racks then you're right.
  4. How about ####? Not f###, just ####. Or maybe f###, wth.
  5. I expected some hotties at UT. Didn't see one in the video. How much do 4,000 dildo's cost?
  6. Please update the thread title when something actually happens....IRL. No offense but was your first wife the only GF you've had?
  7. Ridley cut. Bump Doc.
  8. Just because you met her kids doesn't mean they have to be there on HER date. Take her out and have fun. SHE will decide whether she wants you in her kids lives as "more than a neighbor." I would even go as far as saying this. If she suggests something with both families for the first date, say "I'm very protective of my children and I want to set a good example for them. Let's have some fun and get to know each other. We can get the kids together when the time is right."
  9. Exactly. Too soon. Women don't want to parade a string of guys through their kids' lives. She will find a babysitter.
  10. You've given out hundreds of likes in this thread. Use that energy to do something. Imagine if you wait until Friday to ask her out and you see her drive off in a convertible with some db? That would ####.
  11. My heart aches for you and your family, Shady. I'm so happy that Justin was able to say goodbye. Please give your family a big group hug for me.
  12. What ever happened to the "return the cookie plate" idea, and if it was a paper plate, then return a paper plate? Brilliant and funny. Do it!
  13. Some good dancing sideboob video clip of Bella on Reddit.