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  1. 120 minimum. 240 preferred, especially for serious gaming.
  2. Give the Gophers credit too. Played great and now 6 straight wins. Now 9-6 in conference with a lot of weapons and good D. The refs were terrible again as usual.
  3. I think you're giving government a bit too much credit here as the morality police.
  4. People with PhD's who insist on being addressed as "Doctor."
  5. I saw his note too and offered encouragement. Seems like a good dude.
  6. For good measure hide a second slightly opened yogurt in one of his desk drawers.
  7. You gotta get that app down to one page.
  8. After all that it's odd that you felt the need to touch him and go over the situation some more.
  9. Pass. Those ideas are huge red flags to me and are a recipe for disaster. What do you gain by knowing, that couldn't be accomplished by simply assuming all your emails have been compromised?
  10. Just saw this happen. I would've honked if I'd been behind him. Dude was at a left turn signal. It turns green and about 5 cars went through and he's still sitting there in his original spot in line with one car behind him. He finally realizes it's go time and floors it, running the red left turn light about two seconds late. I didn't see a cell phone in his hand as I passed by. Dude, we get it. You're embarrassed and want to get the hell out of there. But no reason to cause an accident. Take your medicine and enjoy the mocking as you wait for the next green arrow.
  11. Who said the babysitter lied?
  12. I don't believe that your wife cheated nor is she an alcoholic.
  13. Pierced. Too bad.
  14. I have employees down South who call me Bossman all the time. Annoying.