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  1. You're not being forced to buy a new car. Why don't you get a car comparable to what was lost and maybe ask Toyota to pay your deductible? You're made whole and had a few free months use of a loaner.
  2. When does the update come that your wife rode off with Crazy and you went back to the tree farm to relax in peace?
  3. 93 Premium is such a ripoff. You should've told them to F Off then run out of gas a few miles down the road. Eventually you could've gotten 87 Regular for a better price, I bet!
  4. Nice win. Vikings hold serve. Nothing more. On to next week. Skol.
  5. When the Vikings used to have great offensive lines in the past it seemed like we always heard how great they graded out each week. The last number of years not so much. Oof.
  6. Redemption for Waynes!
  7. Probably because he gets a 13 yd run then needs a series off to catch his breath.
  8. About the first time I remember Locke coming through when we need it. Selective memory?
  9. Great play by Robison! Coverage gave him the extra second to get in there. Good contain on both sides.
  10. Danielle Hunter knee injury worries me more. Meanwhile, obligatory handoff th C Patterson. Diggs needs to just play. Sick of the strutting after every first down and being "disrespected."
  11. Zimmer has the Vikings ready to play. Their defense is legit. As someone said above, I couldn't be happier with Bradford so far. I thought he would have a rougher go than this with so little prep time. 16/23/175/1 in first half.
  12. Let's draft some OLine!
  13. Nothing against you. I understand that's what they wanted to happen. I'm just pointing out the problems with that approach.
  14. Excellent MT. I concur that this format is much better.
  15. This is shaping up to be a hell of an event and experience. Lots of cool things planned and more that are undisclosed. I'm betting that the on-field 3D video like they do at hockey and basketball games will be unreal. The Vikings hired the closing ceremonies guy from the Sochi Olympics to put together the program. New chant. Orchestra. Game of Thrones ties. Can't wait!