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  1. Dire Strait of Hormuz Trip Advisor Gee Bees Kidney Stones
  2. Good idea
  3. On Delta if they expect to bump some people you can volunteer at the kiosk, but you have to type in your offer. I've bid high a few times and never got picked. Some loser probably took a flight 5 hours later for $100.
  4. If your wife is out of town do you need the spot? Does she have her car with her? If it hasn't been a problem in the year he's lived there just let it play out. Once he sees your wife parking in front of his house he'll probably take the next opportunity to switch his spot. Or the next time he moves the truck slide the Ferrari in there. Much prettier to look at that through your front window than glancing at it in the garage as you take the daily driver.
  5. Didn't anyone else notice that the FIL said he would back out? Accept that offer and put this shameful deal to rest.
  6. It's crazy that she found out by them accusing her of theft of her own images.
  7. I'll take an invite and check it out.
  8. If he offered to not go through with it take him up on it and tell him to bring it up to your wife that it's not going to work. Reinforce it one more time with him and it's done. Unless he reneges.
  9. Wow. That's nice of him. Why did you say nothing? Why do you have to wait until tomorrow to give him YOUR answer? Tell him all the reasons why this is a terrible idea, why you're pissed off and raise your voice/swear at the appropriate times. He needs to know you're irate but your actions show calm and contemplative. The time for outrage is NOW. Preferably in person.
  10. Isn't this a case of "one to buy and two to sell?" She can buy without Steadymobbin 22 on the note.
  11. Willie Neslon ended up naming his band Goldenplane. Thus the derivative.
  12. Can't you just dictate the next post to Keara as her first "official" task as your new Assistant?
  13. Obviously I agree that this is a trainwreck of the highest velocity. But for the sake of helping you build ammunition, speak to a CPA as well as the aforementioned lawyer. You need objectivity on your side. This is a business decision and there is no place for emotions. Like somone mentioned, why doesn't he rent? Why doesn't he buy a mobile home and rent a lot? Why doesn't he buy a fifth-wheel trailer and live in that? This is insanity, with nothing to gain for you or your wife. I'm speechless that your wife seems to be moving forward despite your objections.
  14. GREATDEAL1 still? Other keywords?