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  1. That's pretty much the most important thing about that story. Are you guys suggesting that it's feminine to get your hair cut by a woman? That's ludicrous.
  2. Calling it Trumpcare is dumb. They're trying to fix Obama's monumental failure. I'm surprised but not surprised that the Democrats are against obviously needed reform. Why are they defending this terrible legislation rather than helping to make it better?
  3. This could be a great bit after you're done with the comics and FBG pics. Just take random posts from threads you visit and illustrate them and post them in said thread.
  4. I've heard of that chef.
  5. Torch did a good job changing some things up. To say it was the same game is silly. The Wild would not have made the playoffs if Yeo had stayed. I like Yeo, but he got too stuck in his ways. Same guys on the PP through the whole season. Pominville couldn't score last year yet still always on the PP tells it all.
  6. Yay! The Wild gain a point on the Blackhawks! Happy to see them get off the schnide although they have played some good hockey in a few losses. Plus the Wild still have the coveted "game in hand" still .
  7. Get ready for some #JellyFam next year at MN! Can't wait to see what PG Isaiah Washington brings to the Gophers. New York's Mr. Basketball.
  8. Couldn't they have had Alford last time if they wanted him? I don't see him leaving UCLA but what do I know? No offense but I think it's a step down to leave UCLA for Indiana.
  9. My wife picked SMU to go all the way because she likes to call the Smoo (no FBG reference). She uses quips like that to piss off the guys in her office. Last year she won their pool and told them she picked Villanova because she liked the name.
  10. I think those people are crazy. I think I have MI in the Final Four and I'm from MN. That may be pushing it but they've been awesome. I can see Wagner being in the running for B1G POY in 2017.
  11. Gophers are going to prove all the Experts wrong who are picking MT. It's amazing how many imo; like a goregone conclusion that they lose apparently. MN by 8 to 10. Let's play. ETA: MIddle TN favored by 1 now.
  12. "Just clean it and I'll get that looked at. Thanks!"