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  1. Did you go to their website on your own or through a link in an email? I just cannot imagine a scenario where you have to prove to your phone carrier that you have malware protection on your device. People go on the internet from pc's without antivirus protection all the time. This has to be a scam.
  2. Sounds like you just gave a scammer answers to security questions that they're going to try to use to hack your actual life. Call Capital One immediately to a phone number on your card or statement and see what's up.
  3. Wouldn't it be easier for her to ask around and find the best carrier to be on and let you know?
  4. This. And it's worded well, because there's no reason to mention that you've been talking to B all along. I would add that if it's a professional job, give 30 days notice if you can, but I realize that you've only been there a few months so that doesn't really apply as much.
  5. My advice in the other thread still stands.
  6. Two weeks ago I went to the Ryder Cup every day but Thursday (Tuesday - Sunday), plus took the day off before and the day off after. Then worked Tuesday - Friday and this past Monday. This week I took Tuesday through next Monday off for my second fishing trip to Ontario, Canada, this year. I'm currently here and leaving Sunday. The first day we fished it was cold and snowing but no big deal because we were dressed for it. I caught the biggest walleye at 26" and the biggest crappie at 14" out of 15 people that day. The next day I had the two largest walleyes at 23" and 23 1/2". The cabin next door to the lodge has a black bear up in a tree. First time I've seen a bear in the wild and I got some pics. Pretty young cub whose Momma was shot, but still cool. Last night I saw the Northern Lights for the first time, mainly green and dancing. Absolutely incredible. So I will have had 17 of the last 22 days off and my birthday is next week too.
  7. Can you believe that was almost 20 years ago?!
  8. Maybe he'll go back to the old Titleist 975D driver.
  9. No more credit card rewards unless Visa/MasterCard/American Express cover it 100%. Retailers are getting screwed and it affects the whole economy. One simple, small fee for retailers and no interchange bs. Consumers win too.
  10. New people qualify for Masters tickets every year.
  11. Tax churches. Eliminate death taxes.
  12. I think you're thinking of Angie's List.
  13. I thought Timeless was alright for a pilot. We'll see. Giving it time to develop.
  14. Going to LOW next week for my second Canadian fishing trip this season. Walleyes and crappies. All geared up and ready to go. Added a second St.Croix Avid (7' MLF) to the repertoire.
  15. I thought we all had a gentlemen's agreement not to use this?