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  1. Anybody know about telescopes? One for the kids/family. $200-$300
  2. Not a fan of the mom-jean shorts.
  3. I'm a biased Vikings fan but the Cowboys could be one and done if they face a decent defense. Teddy would be Dak behind the DAL line. Even Bradford would be a top 10 QB behind that line.
  4. Bubba -7 thru 9 with 2 eagles. Nice little round going there too.
  5. He has more time than he thinks but he's gun shy now. Many times the last few weeks he threw it early with only phantom pressure.
  6. 3-0 Vikes. Time to go to the 4-corners offense and milk the clock all the way to a win.
  7. Gatling Gun
  8. Might as well withdraw. :ghostguy123:
  9. Why wouldn't he compete in the big tourneys? That's what he does. Of course if he doesn't qualify for a WGC then he won't be in that.
  10. SBA loan paperwork is a charliebiotch. Closing takes forever. Banks just don't lend anymore.
  11. Hot schtick. I like the sound effects and the Finishing Moveā„¢.
  12. I wouldn't put this in the Savings category. They lured you into paying an extra $191.94 over six months. My mom was a shopper. She would say things like, "I got 75% off this dress and saved $150." Me: You paid $50 for a dress you didn't need.
  13. Looking forward to seeing him back out there. Hoping to see some good shots and a healthy swing and body language.
  14. Oh boy.