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  1. I've read that one too. No way. The most likely scenario for the Wild is a trade. But having said that, this article is much closer to reality imo: 7-3-1. "It's a tough call. But I think the Wild will be better served going with the 7-3-1 format. If that's the case, which three defensemen will they protect? Suter and Spurgeon, for sure -- which leaves one spot left. Do they go with Dumba, Scandella, Brodin or Folin? Oh, man. It's so hard to choose. I'd probably go with Dumba because he's the youngest, at 22, and his ceiling as an offensive, right-handed defenseman makes him a valuable asset." I'm not convinced Dumba is the best of these four. I'd lean toward protecting Scandella. "If the Wild can convince Pominville to waive his clause, they're looking at protecting Parise, Koivu, Suter, Niederreiter, Eric Staal, Charlie Coyle, Mikael Granlund. And then the final debate would be over either Jason Zucker or Erik Haula, I imagine." Result: Haula exposed. The key is Pominville's no-trade plus Fletcher wheelin' and dealin' with Vegas. Another article three days ago talked about trading high on Staal. I don't see that happening either. His resurgence is more trend than mirage and he makes the team better in so many ways, not the least of which is Koivu moving to #2C.
  2. Almost all of their fabrics are just gorgeous. I like to compliment the hot ones with the quality hijabs, especially when they're with men or their sons.
  3. of Ashley Judd and ScarJo.
  4. I read that PK was back. I don't care what your favorite team is, the game is better for everyone when all the best players are healthy. I want to see the best vs. the best.
  5. And more blacks and latino's than Romney got.
  6. I clicked on the link and the home page does not say one thing about what this event is about. Seems odd. But I thought this line was telling: There will be a number of bathrooms, but be prepared to wait in line. That's a disaster waiting to happen.
  7. Season Two starts in 20 minutes!
  8. Michael Russo from the Strib just said on KFAN in MN that the Redwings are meeting with Vanek's agent and want to re-sign him. It's just up to Vanek whether he wants to stay.
  9. I wonder how Vanek would have done under Boudreau if MN had kept him? He's practically a point per game this year. He's only 32 and his passing is incredible and still criminally underrated. Another highlight reel pass last night.
  10. Fappening is top notch too. Her last SNL was excellent.
  11. My 8-1/2 yo son was talking to me after he laid down in his bed. He asked if he could be an engineer and a scientist, which he reads and talks about a lot. I said sure, you could be both, you're only eight and there are probably jobs that combine the two that we don't even know exist. I want to be an engineer AND a scientist. I replied, "You can be anything you want to be." Without hesitation he laughed and said, "I want to be a taco."
  12. Incredible PP goal by the Wild's Jared Spurgeon! Goal of the year territory due to difficulty level of reaction time and hand/eye coordination. I'm sure video will pop up.
  13. Do your backup lights work? If so, just drive backwards. If you're not good at backing up and prefer to drive forward just use your cell phone flashlight and shine it forward down the road.
  14. Fire Boudreau! He won't win in the playoffs with the Wild in his first year because he never made it past the Conference Finals in other coaching stints! Why did they even bring this loser in?
  15. Wild with another nice 2-goal deficit comeback against the Blackhawks on the road in the second game in back-to-backs. Kane was a monster with 2 goals in the 3-2 loss. Toews had zero shots. Wild finally move into first place outright even after this phenomenal run of 17-1-1 in the last 19. Shows how tough the Hawks are. Still sick of NBCSN not showing SOG on-screen. Oh, but we get the Kane and Parise length of shift clock. So dumb. They already interviewed Parise before the game and he did nothing during the game. So who do they interview afterward? Of course Parise. Love Parise but spread the love Pierre! Go Wild!