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  1. Understand your point but saying almost anytime is still wrong.
  2. This is false. S&P 500 total return in 2019 was 30.43%. A 15% pullback along with the 2% gain already in 2020 and you still are crushing cash returns.
  3. Seems like the proper thread to say you guys love blowing the whistle on semantics
  4. This is why it is hard to converse with you guys. You knew exactly what I meant but you all pile on with condescending remarks and like each others posts. When you play semantics then you know you are losing the argument.
  5. This is where I am at too. The House did a very poor job demonstrating Trump committed an impeachable offense. I don't blame Senators for saying they intend to vote to acquit based as of now, I would too. That being said, if new evidence comes out via new witnesses that is damaging this may change my view. This ultimately falls on Pelosi and Schiff for rushing through a bunch of sham witnesses purely for political gain.
  6. I think we should keep the conspiracy stuff like this in the conspiracy thread.
  7. I wouldn't go that far but yes this makes me sad. All Senators should be willing to look at any new evidence that comes forth and consider if it warrants removing the President, it is their duty. That being said, I am hoping what he meant is that as it stands now no GOP Senators will likely vote for impeachment which I can understand because Democrats have this far failed to demonstrate an impeachable offense.
  8. Ukraine foreign minister Prystaiko just said he doesn't need or trust Lev Parnas. Parnas is under indictment and a sketchy dude that should not be trusted.