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  1. I agreed with almost everyone on these list. I was glad they put Dutch Clark on here. A lot of people overlook him. Red Grange said he was the hardest guy in football to tackle. Bronco Nagurski said his change of pace could fool the best of tacklers. I seen his 1935 Championship run and yes he is great. He started around the 40 yd line in the middle of the field and ran up the gut and stopped and juked to make 4-5 guys miss him then spun around a guy to avoid another one and went all the way to the left of the field then went back all the way to the right of the field thru all the traffic then went forward to about the 5 yard line and juked again to make 4 more miss him and drove it in for the td. In short what Potsy Clark said of him is true. He is like a rabbit that gets in and out of holes. However, he always was a qb. In college he had a game for 381 yds rushing on 20 carries and threw for 200 yds on 8 attempts. That same year he had 1349 yds rushing on only 135 carries. So i understand why they viewed him as a rb but I would list the positions by decade rather than a 100 man roster because there has been so many rules changed over years and how players are used. So, for qbs i would put 20s-Benny Friedman, 30s-Dutch Clark, 40s- Sammy Baugh and Sid Luckman, 50s-Bobby Layne and Otto Graham, 60s-Johnny Unitas and Bart starr, 70s-fran tarkentan and roger staubach, 80s-joe montana and dan Marino, 90s-john elway and brett favre, 00s-today-peyton manning, tom brady and drew brees. I also would do this for all positions. I understand why they did what they did too. Great job by the committee. Thank you. 😀