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  1. Starting Tuesday. Yearly IDP sl9w auction league. We have 13/16 spots filled @$200 each vie with majority apprival. Ebay style, hold the high bid for 8 hours and the player is yours. Anyone want to jump in?
  2. Howat


  3. to the top. These are the best run leagues I've ever been in. Join one and you'll get hooked. Every rule is covered brilliantly
  4. Great league here guys. Don't be afraid to give this on e a go.
  5. 32 teams with IDP and two copies of every player. All open teams will be placed into a dispersal draft once we are filled up, so don't worry too much about the individual rosters. We'll likely create pick packages as well that can be drafted, for any picks outside the 1st and 2nd rds (ie. 1st and 2nd rd picks will be available to draft individually). I ( Texans? Redskins Packers Bears IV ( Patriots Browns Titans Raiders? Bears Packers Bucs VII ( Jets? Broncos Vikings 49'ers XII ( Dolphins Redskins Vikings? Saints Haven't heard from all owners yet, but nothing we can't overcome in terms of filling up each league. To grab a team, you email either Commish at: Cam ( or Tyler ( Let's get them filled ASAP, and get our offseason under way. LeagueSafe link coming shortly.
  6. Wondering if the dfs lineup creator is going to be live this week. Anyone know? Cheers